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  1. Im having trouble with the wheels, no matter where I am the wheels like to clip through the ground on all vehicles
  2. My first run ever i got 404 m/s which is 903 mph
  3. Thanks i found that out last night so now i have a larger reusable craft then the kso mod which those 2 shuttles have been retired and now sit next to the runway I saw another mod like this called space shuttle system but i had such a hard time controlling it on re-entry/landing and could not land it i also had to set the graphics and rendering really high for it but my computer hardly held it but this mod is much easier to fly and i can use low graphics for it
  4. the link to the download is broken
  5. i will after i finish a launch i only have till 12am then i go home
  6. please a little help i dont have all night right now all i have as launchers is the kso mod i need bigger reusable crafts
  7. love the mod but the crew module and the cargo bay/main fuselage are black
  8. when will this be updated to ksp 1.1
  9. Am i tthe only one with this problem the ssme is lit up but it also has the exhaust trail on it and it also doesnt show up at a engine
  10. Yes the guy who made kerbal stuff took down the site just type the normal address www.kerbalstuff.com
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