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  1. Is this available via CKAN? I'm dense & couldn't seem to find it.
  2. I'm playing with the "Corelian" mod (it adds another gas giant in between Duna & Jool, and makes Dres one of its moons), & the scansat big gui lists visual & anomaly as scannable. Do the scanner altitudes get any leeway or bonus? E.g., they still work at 4x listed height?
  3. Well....I've actually only been having this with the Kerbal foundry tracks & wheels... Is this a case where I should post a log or something?
  4. Has anyone had problems with vehicles just Kraken-bouncing when sitting still on the ground?
  5. So..., my comm networks are still kinda cluttered: https://imgur.com/a/w7Co2Qu I know this is 100% due to me. Does this mean I'm using it wrong?
  6. I'm getting ready to start a new game in Science mode (career too grindy for money >_<). I totally don't have a modding addiction and have put together this short list of mods: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pmo21z6683hx9q/Yolosaurus_rex_modlist.txt?dl=0 I'd love feedback on it. What are your thoughts? Would you recommend adding anything? Would you recommend removing anything?
  7. Oh! I remembered my other question: would adding Parallax into an existing game break it, if I'm using GU? The thought being that I start a GU game now, & then re-add Parallax2 later?
  8. Aww, bummer. I'm curious, why? I don't mean to come across accusatory or demanding or whatever. I'm genuinely curious (& a "Grug" when it comes to programming xD).
  9. I've been adding a LOT of mods to my game, and I've recently started getting crashes when I've been switching in between states/views/buildings (i.e., entering a building, leaving a building, going from building to launch, etc). It doesn't happen every switch, but rather it seems to happen after a chunk of time? I've included both the player.log and the crash log. I would really love some help :). https://www.dropbox.com/s/31tvipclhina55n/Bizob_KSP_crash_logs.zip?dl=0
  10. Oh! I had an idea: for another heat consumer (other than radiators), what about having a power reclamation thing? Something that converts some fraction of the input heat into a (reduced) amount of electrical power?
  11. I downloaded/installed both cryo tanks & system heat via CKAN, but I couldn't find the boil-off patch? What did I miss? I'm 100% sure this is me in derp mode
  12. Aww, nuts. I had a hunch it would be incompatibilities :p, bummer. Well, in the off-chance it can be looked at, here's the log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzjm512pfp3649l/Player.log?dl=0 Thank you for the mod(s) btw, I love 'em :).
  13. Hello! I'm having a bit of an issue. I definitely expect it to be because I'm using way too many mods, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced this (and/or knew a work-around). I've got a imgur thing with a bunch of pictures I took. https://imgur.com/a/ecrix4N I upgraded the temperature tolerance of a few parts, only for neither to work. In the VAB, the airbrake shows that the max temperature (in the main info box) is 4800K, but the side/expanded info box shows it's only 1200K/2400K. In flight, it exploded at 1200K. With the waffle-fins, the upgrades don't seem to carry over after leaving the VAB? I distinctly remember upgrading their temperature tolerance only for it to remain at 1600K both in the VAB & in-flight. Any ideas how I can fix or work around this? :p
  14. Is it possible to add an R&D category for part cost reduction?
  15. Any chance there's an updated list/repository somewhere? Are there any other mods that have added in support stuff?
  16. How well would this mod work for automating a shuttle that transfers fuel from the surface of Minmus to a station around Minmus? The page 1 stuff says I'd have to add a home body, but it also says things can get a bit squirrely?
  17. Would it be at all possible to also add the ability to lower a part's cost as an R&D option?
  18. How would I expand this to include stuff from the Mk 3 Stockalike mod? Is that something I would have to change/modify, or is that something one of the mods would need to update? Love the mod, btw!
  19. I'm loving this mod! A question though: is there any way to make it so that add-ons (like Better Burn Time) and the in-game maneuver time-to-burn calculator use my improved engines' parameters? I've noticed, in both cases, that the calculations seem to be using the old/stock performance values. Love it!
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