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  1. I got an issue with Texture Replacer Replaced, I am running 1.4.3, and the only actual files for it is this: Here's my issue: https://imgur.com/a/t5GWUDY As you can see, the kerbal visor is pink. If I set to no suit, I don't have that issue.
  2. My sun flare seems to be overlayed with the standard KSP sun, for example, when it's partially obscured by my ship, you can see the correct flare, but in an uncovered view, it just seems like the stock sun. https://imgur.com/a/qXW8Y8W I have the latest version of all mods, and have AVP, with all its requirements, as well as KS3P, Distant Objects, Planetshine, and Texture Replacer for a sky box. What can I do to get Scatter's sun flare to pop up? Or is it another mod conflicting?
  3. Hey is there any realism overhaul set up for this? I am using RO and RSS in 1.2.2 and it says it's not a realism overhaul part. I tried launching, it seems like I don't even have close to enough fuel to get into an RSS orbit. Any ideas?
  4. I have no issues or questions, just a really pretty picture I took while attempting to land on the godly tylo planet. Spoiler: The test failed. Badly. Kinda lost a million dollars....
  5. I am just thinking in physical terms, wouldn't it float like an air ship would? Both use air to levetate, just one flies and one hovers. I don't know how airship mods like hooligan labs or heisenberg does it, but may be a possibility if it were the same system, just a lot weaker so it barely hovers.
  6. That looks like it will be fun, I am not too knowledgeable on boats, but is that a hover craft? If, so that is going to be ridiculously fun to fly. Now, for that vision thing, all day in front of a screen probably doesn't help, but hey as long as I can see the rocket heading!
  7. I mean look at how gorgeous that is, even simple models look good if they function well and your mod does. Also, the mod package for atmospheric condition was astronomer's visual: day dream.
  8. I am trying to make a 100% self sustaining colony, and one thing I require is equipment (Like the stuff used to inflate things). How can I produce equipment away from KSC? I know one way is to produce things using EL, and then braking them down, is that all I can do? P.S I am getting this new weird thing where I try to inflate a casa module with Bill and it says I have insufficient skill and I need one of System.string[]
  9. Alright, I'll try that. Thanks for an amazing mod btw, it really is beautiful
  10. Can someone help me with the sub? I am trying to balance the the stern and bow, but no matter what I do, one side is heavier than the other. Is there an example craft or tutorial?
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