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  1. Im looking for some mods that will allow me to select where I launch from. Ive been watching some videos about ksp bd armory war and it seems he can chane where he lanches from. If anyone out there in the internet cosmos who knows this mod please tell me . DarkShredder996
  2. I was wondering if there was a mod that would alow me to select a base/launchpad to launch from. I wanted to know what you guys think. DarkShredder996
  3. I am looking for a mod to select a base/runway to launch from. Like the island air port near KSP base. If there is any mod that will allow me to do that or if any of you know a mod please help me. Btw im trying to set up some war bases to see if the mod i have can compete with actual invader situations Thanks
  4. What are some current good weapon mods I should add to KSP? I am new to the game and play it through Steam. I tried a Laser Guided Missile Mod but had no luck getting it to run. Directions said to install all contents into KSP_Win . I can't find said file anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated. DS996