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  1. I found that uploading images one by one in reverse order works pretty fine with Imgur. And that *should* be less painful than manual rearrangement
  2. Looks like I have something in a sleeve... something *big*, haha. And i'm not cool with my STS-9 results...
  3. Aaaand part 9: Wimshurst goes beyond the common sense. The same stock modpack as usual. Sorry, no asteroid riding kerbals this time
  4. This probably was asked a short time ago, but i didn't found it, so: May we use the requisites from past launches in future missions? As in I built the station with some fuel tanks and during the missions left them with the spare fuel. May I use it, say, on Moon or Jool STS? Or does that count as a "Supply package"?
  5. a tip with Trajectories - take a look at the Descent profile, by default it assumes that the spacecraft is always pointing prograde and therefore gives incorrect prediction
  6. My entry for STS 3, 4 and 4R. No SSTOs were used. Part mods: KER (part not used) Physics mods: none Information mods: Trajectories, KER, Transfer Window Planner, Docking Alignment indicator, NavHUD.
  7. STS2a / fail-ish STS2b They won't need their fuel since it's contaminated, right? So STS-3 or 8 are not enough to go beyond LKO yet? Also, may I launch pod for 2b mission via normal rocket? Please? Original one was alunched with shuttle and even recovered non-damaged.
  8. My entry for STS-1a&1b. I fixed image order now, but embedded album didn't change (or is it just me?).Should be normal on Imgur. Mods used: KER, Trajectories,Scatterer
  9. Hey! What if I launch a module with a spaceplane, land it then send an ISRU rover to refuel it?
  10. I have an idea on funds self-control for splitted launches. I make a cereer save, then cheat full progression and 250k funds, then play with it. I assume no contracts/strategies are allowed, but what about ISRU mining for money? Have to try not to abuse that.
  11. OK, i'll try to go w/o that. Also i forgot to ask about flight manager for reusable stages. would be nice to have that, though not necessary