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  1. I agree. The feature would have to be easy to master and stock-alike to please the majority of us
  2. Seriously? This post isn't an original idea? Can you link the original post?
  3. With the new 1.11 update adding orbital construction, I think the next logical step should be orbital production such that ship-building becomes possible in-situ instead of needing to import parts/launch assembled ships from Kerbin. The new 'part fabricator/ship assembler' could use ore or other raw resources inspired by the community resource pack mod.
  4. Is there any advantage of using cultivation over agroponics in the agricultural module?
  5. MKS says that it is compatible from 1.8.0 to later versions in CKAN
  6. I have installed the latest MKS and I don't see any WOLF parts nor any UI's. What am I doing wrong? I'm playing in 1.8.1
  7. Another question: If I want to build offworld vessels using the resources available, do I need to download Extraplanetary Launchpads or does USI MKS already support that?
  8. What happenned to the UKS mobile launchpad and shipyard? I unlocked them in R&D but they don't appear in the editor and it says they were built by USI *legacy*
  9. I went multiple times to Minmus doing landings, satellite missions, space station missions and science reports, so yeah you shouldn't neglect Minmus, you should instead control multiple missions at the same time and accept the contracts that give the most money, otherwise this speedrun would feel really grindy. For that I would advise getting Kerbal Alarm Clock mod.
  10. I'm gonna be honest I didn't take pictures on the go. I am just reporting back what happened on those 76 in-game days the best I can remember. And since I usually save the game once I'm finished with a critical mission, you guys aren't going to see much mission activity. Either way, here's the imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/RUBLqxv And BTW, accepting contracts just for in-advance contract money is permitted because it happens naturally, because it is a variable I can't control and because almost every contract gives it. I used it in the end to reach 10 Million.
  11. I'm not home now, I'll reload my save points and describe some of my missions/strategies in more detail once I get home
  12. Using stock KSP with no DLC's and only informational/aesthetic mods, I've managed to complete this challenge in 76 Days, 3 Hours and 38 Minutes
  13. Did you name your craft "Halley Engine"? It is both a reference to the Halley's Comet and a reference to the game Planetary Annihilation Titans
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