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  1. I went multiple times to Minmus doing landings, satellite missions, space station missions and science reports, so yeah you shouldn't neglect Minmus, you should instead control multiple missions at the same time and accept the contracts that give the most money, otherwise this speedrun would feel really grindy. For that I would advise getting Kerbal Alarm Clock mod.
  2. I'm gonna be honest I didn't take pictures on the go. I am just reporting back what happened on those 76 in-game days the best I can remember. And since I usually save the game once I'm finished with a critical mission, you guys aren't going to see much mission activity. Either way, here's the imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/RUBLqxv And BTW, accepting contracts just for in-advance contract money is permitted because it happens naturally, because it is a variable I can't control and because almost every contract gives it. I used it in the end to reach 10 Million.
  3. I'm not home now, I'll reload my save points and describe some of my missions/strategies in more detail once I get home
  4. Using stock KSP with no DLC's and only informational/aesthetic mods, I've managed to complete this challenge in 76 Days, 3 Hours and 38 Minutes
  5. Did you name your craft "Halley Engine"? It is both a reference to the Halley's Comet and a reference to the game Planetary Annihilation Titans
  6. I've never thought of that, but yeah, mining ore on Kerbin to sell it back is a money exploit (it doesn't give much effort for a huge profit, besides KSA is a Space agency not a mining company so it kinda defeats the point of this challenge). Despite of that, it's a great strategy to save a backrupt space agency. (If you want to, you can do a separate savefile using only that strategy and tell me in the comments how much time it took)
  7. Backstory The Kerbal Space Agency suddenly felt the urge to make money as fast as possible, once they heard that the government would start to decrease their annual budget funding in exchange for a better military in these wartimes. Initially, KSA employees were so infuriated that some of them were already working in secrecy to deviate some near Kerbin orbit asteroids to "end it all". Fortunately, Wherner von Kerman, Chief Rocketry Engineer at KSA, managed to stop this insane evil plan and change his co-workers mind stating that he had a plan: Raising 10M funds as fast as possible with
  8. So if I got this right, we should make a subassembly that only attaches through nodes or can they be radially attached? Also, the airbrakes must be only attached to those landing systems or can they be attached directly to the payload?
  9. Looks interesting. I have 3 questions: You add and subtract the payload weight? Is Breaking Ground DLC required? Can you use Airbrakes to slow down?
  10. My game doesn't show the awards, i only got the base scores on the 3 missions. How do you get the awards? Saving fuel or saving time? Or both?
  11. Is it possible to find and research the celestial bodies of the Real Exoplanets mod without going there first? I have a feeling they are too far
  12. Glad to know that KSP 2 is going in the right direction and that the development team is still passionate enough about the game to make all the initial ambitions come true, even despite these difficult times. Keep up your good work and put it up to good use, the community will love it
  13. Thank you @JacobJHC, I thought separating from the mothership in Jool orbit and making use of gravity assits was standard procedure for a Jool-5 mission. My Apollo-style descent/ascent Tylo Lander was indeed truly impressive, if I do say so myself. And the first time I've built something like it. From the moment my Laythe lander couldn't get to orbit without spending unecesssary amounts of fuel or without flipping over, I had to go really creative to think of a rescue plan and figure out if I had enough delta-V to execute it or the mission would be over. I was always "Oh no, I'm tightly bu
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