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  1. The aircraft we flew in the summer camp at Westminister College:
  2. Those skeletons won't stay dead for long...
  3. What wallpapers do you use on your desktop(s)? I'm on a Mac with three different desktops, so here are mine: A cool gear/steampunk wallpaper: A Portal 2 Discouragement Redirection Cube: and a Doctor Who TARDIS wallpaper:
  4. I liked the movie, but I have one question regarding the Resistance tactics: Why didn't they use those cruisers that fell back and were destroyed to ram the Star Destroyers at lightspeed? After all, they were going to be destroyed anyways (since they had less fuel than the main cruiser), and we also know that ships can jump to lightspeed on their last dregs of fuel, as the main cruiser did - the way I see it, it's maintaining that speed through hyperspace that drains their fuel. Since the crews could (and were) be evacuated, there's no reason that the doomed ships couldn't be used as rams and maybe saved the main cruiser/most of the Resistance.
  5. It's everybody's favorite mathematics professor/satiric song writer and performer, Tom Lehrer!
  6. The rules of the game are simple: You have to describe a series (literature, TV, movies, etc.) without naming it, and then the person who posts next has to name it. If they can't name it, they have to come up with a potential name for it. I'll go first: A detective agency that runs solely on the principle of contrived coincidences.
  7. Today, we are announcing a new program. This program will have no safety features, training, or any scientific basis. Essentially, we will be sending people to space strapped to tin cans in order to test various ideas we came up with. Anyone want to volunteer?
  8. APUSH outlines. I see their purpose, but I can't help but dislike a weekly assignment that takes over two hours to complete.
  9. A photo of the Moon, taken with an iPhone through a telescope lens. The quality deteriorated, but I think it looks cooler now as something like a 1960s-era picture. I also created a poster-ish version, just by changing the color and adding some text:
  10. 8/10 Fairly confusing, but seems a bit too random to be confusing.
  11. Wow! I didn't think that it would be shifted that much. Thanks for answering my question!
  12. Here's a question I had about the Doppler effect: So, galaxies that are near the edge of our visible universe (~12 billion light-years distant) are moving away from us extremely fast and thus are extremely redshifted, so the peak wavelength that we see is significantly longer than it would be otherwise. So my question is, when we look at these galaxies in the visible spectrum, are we actually seeing them in the ultraviolet? Is it redshifted enough that the ultraviolet is stretched to the length of visible light?
  13. Here's the first plane I've actually drawn in 3D (sketched about 100 failures, though) Not sure about the background - I think it might interfere with the drawing a little.
  14. 9/10 Google Translate couldn't translate that, and since that is obviously the standard for AI, you must not be a robot. Ah…er, humans, right? They - we're so crazy, am I right guys? Hahaha ha ha….
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