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  1. Even in Stock you can leave Kerbols SOI without editing. Vessel should be manned because of the range of antennas. There is only empty space there if you are not using mods
  2. Ore rate: n/a?

    Just a guess - you may need a surface scanner on your vessel for displaying the ore rate, cant test it myself at moment and i may be wrong.
  3. science wont load into lab

    There is a maximum amount of data storable in the lab. Rightclick the lab and check pls. Max. is 750 Data and 500 sciencepoints. Do an EVA, store the science into a pod. When the data in the lab is low enough again "review data" stored in the pod. Then click yellow buttons till data is at max. again.
  4. How a build a 22,000 m/s dV spaceship?

    20k dV Ionvessel for 2 crew contains an OCTO2 too, read the post from @Streetwind (thx btw.) while constructing. removing the 2nd lander can raise total dV over 22k (!) Skipper + Poodlecombo - payload could be extended even more with bigger Engines Atmo TWR is 1.46 for liftoff added 4x small radiator - dunno if that is much enough, i have no experience near Sun Kerbol But note the loooooong burntimes and loooooow TWR. Paneels should privide enough EC vor continuous firing near Sun Hint: you can activate physical timewarp (x2, x3, x4) using ALT + "." - german keyboard while accelerating - but the mission will still be a pain. But hey - every Kerbal deserves to be rescued (Disclaimer: its just a study - i did not do any experiments with this vessel myself. Some tech may not be availiable and must be substituted.) More detailed view of the upper stage: moar
  5. Has your probe docked to anything else before docking to the asteroid? Refueling maybe? Sometimes the timestamp of the probe will become the one from the older vessel you have docked to. If that was the case feel free to use ALT-F12 and complete the contract. Correcting an error is not cheating.
  6. Add a new part, a fuel tank for example, and make this the new root. Then grab the rest and make that a new subassembly.
  7. Setting Up A Relay Network Around Duna

    I recommend 2 relays in a excentric polar orbit. Aim for the center of una when you do the transfer burn. When entering Dunas SOI just do a small burn so your PE is 60km above north or southpole. At PE just burn untill you keep in orbit. Decouple sat1, just a probecore with solar and a relayantenna. No need for engines. Sat2 will be the same but still with attached tank and engine. At AP you may change inclination, raise your PE as high as your remaining dV budget allows, at PE lower the AP as much as possible. At least one sat will allways have line of sight to Kerbin.
  8. Asteroids have a limited amount of ore - you may have run out of it... Pictures?
  9. Laythe orbital refuel

    Laythe has a thick atmo which makes a lift off hard and fuel consuming. Pol has no atmo and less gravity... ... question answered?
  10. Failing in travelling to Mun

    Why looking at atmo-dV? That only matters for the lift off stage. More precise: only the atmo TWR matters. Assuming the first stage has minimum ~1600m/s dV its enough to reach the upper atmo, where engines like terrier or poodle working at 99% vac-isp. Booster + Swivel have roughly 2000m/s atmo-dV (note that the swivels isp gets better too at higher atmo) S4 has 2400m/s - enough for low Kerbin orbit circularisation + Mun transfer Lander has 2222m/s, needed is: 310m/s for capture 580m/s to land (ideal value) 580m/s to reach orbit again and ~340m/s for a Kerbin PE about 25km total: 1510m/s. That means (2222-1510=) 712m/s reserve for landing and adjusting - more than enough. @abickocz: assuming that you have striped off the middle fins, got rid of the monopropellant and exchanged the chute with the smaller/lighter one you get even more dV because of the reduced mass and drag. Just saying in case: In the VAB you can adjust the thrust of solid fuel boosters - lower it a bit, you want an atmo-TWR of 1.5 for the lift off.
  11. Failing in travelling to Mun

    That is because you are maybe too fast at that altitude. Just guessing it from MJ readouts. And the fins in the middle stage are bad - remove them. Mount the lower ones as low as possible. Reduce the mainengine to 70% when reaching 3km - maybe more. Dont go over 350m/s while below 15km. Dont forget to increase thrust again after decoupling the booster. Front is draggy, avoid hard steering. Go straight up till you reach 50m/s. Then steer east, about 5-8° and follow the progrademarker all the time till you are over 25km. If you get visual effekt you are too fast - reduce thrust (more). PS: standard parachute is enough, remove the XL (also draggy) and consider using an adapter/cargo bay at the top. One more hint: remove all monoprop from the lander can - 60kg less weight, more dV
  12. Surface Outpost on Minmus

    Also my first thought too. Minmus has such a low gravity, everything is possible there. If it is a problem to launch 22.5to. Lf - make 2 rockets, rendevouz, dock, transfer and then head for minmus after decoupling the empty tanks. The MK1 Lf-only tank is your part of choice - in a fairing ofc. (Build your visually expression of a KRAKEN ) GL and have fun PS: I learned to read all contract specifications carefully the hard way too
  13. Space stations

    Vessels and asteroids have mass but no gravity. So answer is: No. Only workaround: Make your orbit so that your AP is 20m higher and PE 20m lower than the station orbit. But you have to be very precise. You will "orbit" your station once per orbit then.
  14. Hello! I need help!

    I was typing while you posted more Fell free to join my Discord: https://discord.gg/M8x7DZ7 I am german but there is a channel "english only" and most of my mates speak english too. Easy to share pictures there and get quick respose. (Anyone is welcomed there)
  15. Hello! I need help!

    Welcome herv768 we do care about newcomers but for giving more specific advise we need more specific information. A mod that provides some to you (and us in screenshoots) is: download it, unzip it and copy the content into your "game data" folder - assumming you are playing on PC. Add the new KER-part to your vessel or just hit "settings" in the KER window in the VAB and set it to partless (i recommend that for different reasons) Then bring us some pictures: vessel in the VAB, KER Atmosphere ON vessel in the VAB, KER Atmosphere OFF vessel started, 10km altitude map view when you have reached orbit, with planned maneuver for a Mun encounter. More is sometimes less - 4 of the biggest SRBs are overpowered. (Allways ignite the main engine together with the SRBs, if needed reduce the thrust of the SRBs in the VAB - Engines with gimbal are allowing steering). Make your Lander staged. Example: MK1 pod, parachute, heatshield, decoupler below a FL-T 400 Tank with a Terrier radial attached: 2 more FL-T 400 with fuelpipes to the center tank and 2 legs attached to each radial tank. Put a nosecone on top for better aerodynamics. After launching from the Mun just ditch the radial tanks when empty. This is my standard design in early career - in fact it can carry some more weight, add 2x Goo, thermo- and barometer. Its possible to make a vessel only with 1,25m parts but to keep it simple just: Mount a decoupler below the Terrier, adapter to 2,5m, medium tank and a Poodle. (= 2,5m version of the Terrier) Liftstage should be some Rockomax tanks with: a) a Mainsail but no booster (if you need boosters to lift off you have a design flaw in the stages above) b) Skipper with 2 boosters to provide enough trust to lift off Build. Try. Wonder. Repeat Provide pictures as stated above and get more specific advise, c u, Draalo