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  1. For a quick check if everything is working: Go on EVA with the scientist, do an EVA report - bord again - just stay on the hatch/ladder, no need to float After reboarding there should be the option "review data" on the MPL - yellow button is the choice. Note that you can do an EVA report over every biome again, fill the lab with as much data as you can. More data: faster resarch, more output overall. A 2nd scientist will increase speed and output even more - and promoted scientists work better. (in case you bring an antenna consider bringing a 2nd one) Distance from Kerbin also afflects output - MPL works better in Jool orbit than in Mun orbit. Resarching consumes 5EC/s - check existing solar paneels, bring more if needed Sending science consumes a lot - consider 5000 EC in batteries for a full lab
  2. To disable surface attachment hold ALT while placing a part, it forces node snap. Your picturelink isnt working.
  3. 1) Have you considered launching from the runway? Its flat surface there. Just design your pad as a subassebly, merge it under your rocket, switch editor, launch. 2) Build rockets with empty tanks and send trucks with fuel and claw. 3) same as 1) but hack gravity (ALT-F12) and fly pad + rocket to desired position with just some Sparks
  4. There is a trick to do so... Finish your vessel in SPH and save it. Switch editor to VAB, assign groups. Switch editor again, save again, launch - actiongroups will be availiable now
  5. I wouldnt consider 2 additional Science Jr. and Goo canisters as heavy. (200kg + 50kg each) No need for a much heavier engine and fuel - even a single drogue chute will slow down the probe to safe speed - compared to a landing on a body with no atmosphere.
  6. Manouver nodes are assigned to the part which is "control from here". Before undocking select any pod/core/dockingport of the part of the vessel which should keep the manouver. Undock. You will be in controll of that part (module) and should still have the manouvernode(s). To switch to the undocked vessel use brackets ("[" and "]")
  7. For flight planing the mission control building needs to be upgraded as well.
  8. You can unlock the ground RTG for 1000 sciencepoints. It provides energy 24/7
  9. If you are just short of some science points use the runway. Its another biome - so do all experiments there again - best including surface sample if possible. If you have the DLC Making History you can also use the 2 other launchpads and runways for even more free science.
  10. a) open sandbox game b) build something with a claw c) try Edit: I know the answer but decided to answer kerbalstyle
  11. see A or B, thx for explaining them again. If you are using an american keyboard setting. For german players its "ß" and "´" instead. Look at your settings if you are playing in a non-american language.
  12. To controll a drone you need: A) an antenna with enough range to reach the tracking station and have line of sight to it B) an antenna with enough range to reach a nearby relay sat which has a connection to the tracking station C) an antenna with enough range to reach a vessel with two pilots on board (One pilot controlls the actual vessel, the other one remote controls the drone)
  13. try "Port: Enable Staging" on all ports, move all in the next (new) stage, press space...
  14. Ore tanks can also be partially filled, so you can finetune needed ballast. Also you can jetison the ore if the ballast isnt needed anymore, no need for decouplers. (If you are planning a submarine then note that there are parts with different buyoncy. Cargo bays for example, open or close is a difference under water. You may also use additional ore tanks - in an emergency just jettison all ore and turn back to surface) this part may be interesting too:
  15. For your first trys i recommend a HECS for rendevouz and rescueing. Because it can hold pro-/retrograde by itsself. If you dont have the HECS yet use a MK! pod and a lander can below. Leave the lander can empty and put a pilot into the pod. If you have to burn only a tiny amount of dV (like 5m/s) just rightclick your engine in space and set thrust to 1-10%. Or use RCS, H and N are the keys you can use for fine adjustments. (If you dont use RCS empty the monopropellant in all Capsules to reduce weight)