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  1. Hello! I need help!

    I was typing while you posted more Fell free to join my Discord: https://discord.gg/M8x7DZ7 I am german but there is a channel "english only" and most of my mates speak english too. Easy to share pictures there and get quick respose. (Anyone is welcomed there)
  2. Hello! I need help!

    Welcome herv768 we do care about newcomers but for giving more specific advise we need more specific information. A mod that provides some to you (and us in screenshoots) is: download it, unzip it and copy the content into your "game data" folder - assumming you are playing on PC. Add the new KER-part to your vessel or just hit "settings" in the KER window in the VAB and set it to partless (i recommend that for different reasons) Then bring us some pictures: vessel in the VAB, KER Atmosphere ON vessel in the VAB, KER Atmosphere OFF vessel started, 10km altitude map view when you have reached orbit, with planned maneuver for a Mun encounter. More is sometimes less - 4 of the biggest SRBs are overpowered. (Allways ignite the main engine together with the SRBs, if needed reduce the thrust of the SRBs in the VAB - Engines with gimbal are allowing steering). Make your Lander staged. Example: MK1 pod, parachute, heatshield, decoupler below a FL-T 400 Tank with a Terrier radial attached: 2 more FL-T 400 with fuelpipes to the center tank and 2 legs attached to each radial tank. Put a nosecone on top for better aerodynamics. After launching from the Mun just ditch the radial tanks when empty. This is my standard design in early career - in fact it can carry some more weight, add 2x Goo, thermo- and barometer. Its possible to make a vessel only with 1,25m parts but to keep it simple just: Mount a decoupler below the Terrier, adapter to 2,5m, medium tank and a Poodle. (= 2,5m version of the Terrier) Liftstage should be some Rockomax tanks with: a) a Mainsail but no booster (if you need boosters to lift off you have a design flaw in the stages above) b) Skipper with 2 boosters to provide enough trust to lift off Build. Try. Wonder. Repeat Provide pictures as stated above and get more specific advise, c u, Draalo
  3. Optimal Refuelling Tactic

    I agree that taking efford of a Mun/Minmus base takes long. But there may be other reasons to build one: Practicing your skills to build a base. Is there enough power supply and radiation? Are all Tanks well sized? Experience the difference between uncrewed and having 2 Engineers abord. How long does it take to produce a certain amount? Simulate Duna conditions by retracting a quarter of your paneels. Practice surface docking und using subassemblys for rovers with dockingports. Practice precision landings meanwhile... Finally: build the Mother of all Ships. Fly it into Minmus orbit and refuel. Make a grand tour That ship can be really big but just needs to have enough fuel to reach Minmus. Picture MK III cockpit, cabin, payload, lab, Lf fuselage (long) surounded by 8x NERV radial. With a front dockingport to carry a lander. Visit Jool and his moons, head back to Kerbin ... and its still reusable
  4. Relay RA-15 useless?

    Of course. Other Planets have moons too. Send a big relay to the planet, cover the dark sides(*) of the moon(s) with some tiny sats. *Dark in the meaning you dont have line of sight to neither Kerbin or the planetary relay.
  5. when do I execute a maneuver

    ever left the SOI of Jool with a MK III cockpit + cabin and ionengins? I had to split one burn into five... ...TWR was so low and batteries doesnt provide longer burns because i burned on the night side... Ah, memories... All viewers: you can switch to physical timewarp (x2, x3, x4) while pressing "ALT" and "," or ":" while accelerating with ionengins
  6. Crewing the Prospector Rover

    Just add a decoupler + crewcabin. Seats can only be borded on EVA. Decouple when done and test your rover.
  7. Rockets withot crew unstable, why?

    When you launch, what probecore do you use? The Stayputnik has no SAS stability, you are forced to steer yourself. Try OCTO probecore, it can hold, HECS can steer on prograde on its on. And as allways: pictures please (upload them to a hoster like imgur.com , post the link here)
  8. Connecting Surface Modules

    Omly two things i have to add to his very good explanation: 1st: Test all modules on the grassland near the runway. Allways. 2nd: Planetary Base Systems makes a lot of things easier because many parts are designed for a surface docking. There are parts with attachmentnodes for wheels so the same hight of dockingports is guaranted. See pictures here:
  9. Oddities with Reputation

    Didnt knew that, thanks for the info
  10. Change trajectory in space

    Sounds like none or a weak reaction wheel is present Activate SAS by pressing "T" - note that the Staypitnik probe core has no SAS stabiliser. A capsule without a pilot has also no stability hold.
  11. Questions About Eve

    Cant see something sticking out. Note: only the top is the eve lander, bottom is Gilly lander + propulsion for the trip. Edit: Are you german too? If so, feel free to join my discord https://discord.gg/M8x7DZ7 (there is also a subchannel "english only" so everybody may join) @The Flying Kerbal: Your vessel will do the job, here some tweaks: - Eve landerprobe: Too much chutes on the eve probe. A single Mk16 chute will do the job, no drogue needed, the heatshields drag will easily slow you down to comfortable <200m/s at 10km altitude. Swapping the Communotron 16 against a 16-S allows you to controll the probe while descending. An extended c16 will probably brake during descent if extended. If its retracted you ll probably not be able to do measurements in the high and low atmosphere. Add a science container. You can do temp. etc. measure in high atmo, store it in the container, measure again in low atmo... transmit after landing. Consider increasing the EC with some more batteries. - Gilly landerprobe: Landing on Gilly is more like docking when 2km away from a target Reduce the amount of monoprop, a FL-R10 tank is enough. The reaction wheel of the HECS is strong, remove the 4-way thrusters and put 2 or 3 monothrusters beneath the lander. (They wont get ripped off when you decouple) Bet you are still able to lift off from Gilly after landing again, having still a comsat for free. (Maybe its just the view angle - are a thermometer etc. on the Gilly lander too?) Edit: are there batteries on the lander? - Propulsion: add 2 Goo and 2 Science Jr. to it. You want the science from high over and near Eve too If you have done all suggested changes the mass of the vessel should still be equal or less than your design. Maybe a bit expensivier - but you ll get MOAR SCIENCE!
  12. Questions About Eve

    If you want to aerobrake use a 10m inflatable heatshield and 2 radial attached engines. So your engines are functional till inflate and after ditching the shield. Note that Eve has a thick atmosphere, a small probe only needs a droguechute for landing. Heavier stuff need no droguechutes and -rule of thumb- only half the chutes for a Kerbin landing. Gilly has such a low gravity, consider using ion engines. Yes, even if you land a MK2 Lander Can. Sunlight is brighter there, only 3/4 of solarpaneels are nes. in comparision to Kerbin(orbit). But RCS is fine too. Good luck and have fun
  13. Unmanned Missions

    Best thing is to set up one or two comsats. Note that normal antennas do not combine with relay ones. So use relayantennas only. Best orbit for a comsat is a high excentrical polar orbit. Why? The polar approach ensures that you have line-of-sight to Kerbin when burning the Duna orbit insertion. While high over a pole the sat will move slow and will stay a long time above or below, providing a line-of-sight to other vessels. Note that the ground stations at Kerbin are way more powerfull than any relayantenna in the game. Note also that the power of the groundstations depends on the level of your tracking station. If you rightclick a relayantenna in the VAB/SPH there are shown 3 values of range: L1, L2 and L3 - that means against a level 1, 2 or 3 tracking station. If your probe still has a functional antenna and electric charge upgrading your trackingstation may solve your actual problem. As comnet is new for you i want to note also that there is a thing called "advanced tweakables" in the settings now. Check that they are activated. Chutes have now the option "deploy when safe". You can arm them on your probe while in space and have line-of-sight and they will deploy at the right moment, even if you are out of l-o-s. Chute parameters should be min. pressure and full deploy at highest pos. altitude for Duna. Search the forum for "fuel priorities", another great new thing with advanced tweakables. Last not least take a look at the new science part, the container. It equals a kerbal taking data on EVA and store them into the pod. Nice thing to recover data uncrewed on Kerbin - there is a new 0,625m heatshield too ---- Did i mention that probe cores do have a hibernation mode now? I didnt? Well, thats because it would be a completely new topic
  14. Mun Contract

    Yes, was bored and did a testflight. Some additional struts were needed and i had to fill the MK3 Lf tank with 5000 Lf instead of 4000 to reach the goal 4000 Lf + 1000 monopropellant when landed. Did it in my careergame so i reverted after landing. Unfortunately no pictures Better design is to add another tank to the 2nd stage - had to burn the transfer in 3 steps because of the low TWR.
  15. Mun Contract

    Didnt noticed that you have Planetary Base Systems installed. Its very easy to build surface dockable rovers then. You dont have unlocked the K&K wheels, but doesnt matter. (Those have attachment nodes.) Just attach a qubic strut to the sideway nodes. Rotate it with WASDQE till a node of the strut is facing towards a node, hold ALT while attaching. This will allways snap to the node. Mount a wheel of your choice to the strut. Then click the strut again while holding ALT - this will copy the part. Add this copy to all needed nodes. Also save the strut as subassembly, use only this subassembly for all rovers you build for that base. All dockingports will now have the same height. ******************************************************************************** Alternative approach with the option to make lots of founds in the future: MK3 passenger cabin, Lf only tank below. Disable tanks to make sure you still have 4000Lf left when landed. Radial some MK1 Lf tanks + NERV. Adapter or MK3 cockpit on top, add a probecore and dockingport, batteries, landing legs and solarpaneels. Science instruments will not hurt too. Look for tourist contracts, any with "land on Mun" availiable? With 4000 Lf left when landed, the base can start from the mun and return to a 80km Kerbinorbit easily. Send a refueller with a reentry capsule for the tourist, use the "base" in future for more landings (science) and tourist contracts. Fully refueled it should be possible to visit Duna, land on Ike and return to Kerbin with it. With a frontdocked Lf tank which is ditched when empty you can reach even further destinations. Add some dockingports Jr. for future antenna + RTG upgrade. (At this moment i decided to build an example, sry if some information is now doubled, any text below is now refering to this vessel) The TWR is a bit low but the vessel carries 4000 Lf, for further landings it will not be nessesary to carry all to the ground. Fully refueled and all tanks enabled the vessel has over 5700m/s dV. Add a bunch of droguechutes and its ready to land on Duna and return to Kerbin. (Again: dock an additional tank for the transfer, if that tank can stay in Duna orbit, even better, redock and transfer fuel after you have visited the surface) Note that the decouplers are stage disabled and crossfeed enabled. You can simply use a 3,75m decoupler, no fairing needed. Yes, there will be some drag at the MK3-to-3,75m connection but minimal. Full view: I forgot to add 1000 monopropellant - just add 4x FL-R25 on the top of the dockingport and another dockingport on top of the tanks, TWR and dV are still fine for a Munlanding. (You may want to ditch the tanks OR add many RCS thrusters {full vessel = 80to.} and mount the tanks below the dockingport) The cost are nearly 400,000 founds so you dont make a lot of profit. But it is reusable. Refuel it and visit every Minmus biome for science in one go... Collect surface samples from Duna and Ike while making profit with some tourist contracts... After the resarch of PB-NUK and the 88-88 upgrade the vessel (thats why there are 2x dockingport Jr. ) and you are ready for Jool and some of the moons there... List of bodies you can land: Gilly, Duna (TWR is ~1.5, droguechutes recommended), Ike, Mun, Minmus, Dres, (Vall, TWR ~2.0), Bop, Pol, Eeloo You may consider to send tankvessels in advance to refuel in orbit for the way back to Kerbin. Have fun (If you or anybody else wants the .craft file - just call) Edit: Probecore is required, monopropellant not. Reactionwheels are enough to point the dockingport towards the incoming vessel. That one should have monopropellant and RCS thrusters.