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  1. When crewing a big vessel just use the "fill" button bottom left
  2. Draalo

    Narrow Band Scanner

    100% is possible: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/377869516505612291/454522307965091850/unknown.png
  3. Draalo

    Science in Kerbin

    There are 4 new microbiomes, dessert launchpad and runway and woomerang launchpad/ island runway. Just take a pod and slap every instrument you have on it. Launch at the new sites Profit. Start a new career, visit all launchsites, resarch till you have science jr., repeat launching whenever you have a new instrument. I was able to do a Munlanding with my 3rd real launch. (First launch was only to get rid of the contract "launch first vessel" - 2nd one completes "escape the atmosphere" and "Orbit Kerbin")
  4. Draalo

    Ore Station Question.

    Lander just needs enough dV for landing, ascending and rendevouz/docking. The converter is heavy... I ll recomment to leave the convert-O-tron in orbit because its heavy and just use enough tanks on the lander to do the trips. One or two engineers onboard the station speed up the conversion rate. Dont forget to mount enough radiators and solarpaneels. Test the Vessel on the runway.
  5. 1034 m/s dV is pretty enough to reach Mun orbit and return to Kerbin, look at: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Cheat_sheet (scroll down to the picture) Try to reach a stable low altitude orbit first. Remember that Mun has no atmosphere, lift off and turn near the horizon (make sure you are not coliding with obstacles), a 12km AP/PE orbit is reachable with less than 600m/s. At this point a rendevouz is possible, according to how much dV you have left it is also possible to burn a return manouvre which bring you back to Kerbin with a PE of 33km - which is enough to land, aerobreaking is the keyword. When planing this manouvre, move it around a bit to find the best spot. That is when the AP-marker point exactly at the Mun. Edit: The EVA-propellant of a Kerbal is worth 600m/s dV - enough to reach Mun orbit for a rescue vessel to pick her up.
  6. It will still point radial in if you use phsical timewarp Press ALT and the key for timewarp (german keyboard: Alt+".") There is also a Mod called persistant rotation.
  7. Draalo

    Secondary keys

    On german keyboards the keys "Z" and "Y" are swapped. So i have bound "Y" as a secondary key to full thrust.
  8. Even in Stock you can leave Kerbols SOI without editing. Vessel should be manned because of the range of antennas. There is only empty space there if you are not using mods
  9. Draalo

    Ore rate: n/a?

    Just a guess - you may need a surface scanner on your vessel for displaying the ore rate, cant test it myself at moment and i may be wrong.
  10. Draalo

    science wont load into lab

    There is a maximum amount of data storable in the lab. Rightclick the lab and check pls. Max. is 750 Data and 500 sciencepoints. Do an EVA, store the science into a pod. When the data in the lab is low enough again "review data" stored in the pod. Then click yellow buttons till data is at max. again.
  11. Draalo

    How a build a 22,000 m/s dV spaceship?

    20k dV Ionvessel for 2 crew contains an OCTO2 too, read the post from @Streetwind (thx btw.) while constructing. removing the 2nd lander can raise total dV over 22k (!) Skipper + Poodlecombo - payload could be extended even more with bigger Engines Atmo TWR is 1.46 for liftoff added 4x small radiator - dunno if that is much enough, i have no experience near Sun Kerbol But note the loooooong burntimes and loooooow TWR. Paneels should privide enough EC vor continuous firing near Sun Hint: you can activate physical timewarp (x2, x3, x4) using ALT + "." - german keyboard while accelerating - but the mission will still be a pain. But hey - every Kerbal deserves to be rescued (Disclaimer: its just a study - i did not do any experiments with this vessel myself. Some tech may not be availiable and must be substituted.) More detailed view of the upper stage: moar
  12. Has your probe docked to anything else before docking to the asteroid? Refueling maybe? Sometimes the timestamp of the probe will become the one from the older vessel you have docked to. If that was the case feel free to use ALT-F12 and complete the contract. Correcting an error is not cheating.
  13. Add a new part, a fuel tank for example, and make this the new root. Then grab the rest and make that a new subassembly.
  14. Draalo

    Setting Up A Relay Network Around Duna

    I recommend 2 relays in a excentric polar orbit. Aim for the center of una when you do the transfer burn. When entering Dunas SOI just do a small burn so your PE is 60km above north or southpole. At PE just burn untill you keep in orbit. Decouple sat1, just a probecore with solar and a relayantenna. No need for engines. Sat2 will be the same but still with attached tank and engine. At AP you may change inclination, raise your PE as high as your remaining dV budget allows, at PE lower the AP as much as possible. At least one sat will allways have line of sight to Kerbin.