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  1. I've discovered another bug: When offsetting or rotating the OP-E large scanning arm in EVA construction mode, the entire craft will violently RUD after switching away from the tool you used. The SPRT medium scanning arm sends the craft flying, while the CRSY light scanning arm appears to leave the craft unaffected. Whenever this happens, it appears that the entire hitbox of the craft is significantly shifted. This might be unrelated to the explosion, or might be the cause of it. I'll make sure to file a bug report detailing the necessary steps later. Edit: I feel the need to say, however, that this is a fantastic update! These past two days have been like playing with a new box of lego
  2. @RoverDude I just have to ask, will there still be an all-white version of the Protective Rocket Nosecone mk7? The black stripe would really break up the otherwise sleek, all white design of a few of my rockets D:
  3. Been working on a collection of low-action, low altitude planes. They really serve no purpose other than some relaxing flights inbetween all these high-speed spaceplanes and rockets. Built an air trike today. It's really not the plane you use for stunts, but it's fun to fly around, and does fly quite well. Accidentally discovered an interesting and quite awesome "IVA" mode, by zooming the camera all the way in. I quite enjoyed the whole IVA thing, and even managed to land it that way!
  4. I've been playing KSP for several hundreds of hours now, and except for the regular Mun and Minmus landing, I haven't come any further than a failed sattelite and a succesful rover on Duna. The main reason for this is time. Like others mentioned, I don't like the idea of leaving my space program unattended for 100 days to several years, just so I can get to my landing immediately. So, I end up skipping several days, then decide to go do something else, and ever so slowly the moment crawls closer. But it takes a long time. Next to that, outside of Kerbin's SoI, it'll be difficult as all hell to save your kerbals from a stranded lander or even a KRV (Kerbin Return Vehicle). So I end up building, testing, editing, more testing, editing even more, getting tired of testing and waiting with testing for another 2 weeks or so. So, all in all, it just takes a long time to get an effective mission going. Then there was the problem that I didn't feel like it would be fair to jam 3 kerbals in a Mk1-2 command pod for several months, but I kind of gave up on that ideal eventually. When I have interplanetary travel under control, finally, I will download some mods and make the game more fun/challenging. Edit: Docking isn't all that big of a problem for me, but the problem that there is little to do on another planet... That seems to take away from the motivation. In the end, what can I do on a planet once I have all science unlocked? Drive around, goof a bit with the gravity, I haven't even bothered with searching for artifacts... Seeing as there is no way to discover them, it just turns into an hours-long rover/aircraft/rocket hop hunt. I suppose that makes those artifacts less of a reason to go there, too.
  5. Ah, right. Should've thought of that. I've tried to give the wheels more space to turn, and at one point, I had the right front wheel functioning while the left front wheel was blocked, despite everything in the car being built in symmetry mode. I've given the car landing gear to absorb the shock of dropping in after spawn, but to no avail. I've tried turning the steering off in the hangar and then launch it again, but that didn't work either. I've removed the front landing gear, since I feared that perhaps it could be clipping with the wheels ever so slightly, but that didn't help either. The front wheels were placed as pairs, the whole vehicle has been built in symmetry, and yet the right wheel isn't blocked while the left wheel is. (can't show the stats of both wheels at once and I want to avoid spamming images here, but it's visible due to the right wheel's suspension functioning correctly) Edit: After literal hours of tedious tweaking and editing I managed to find a narrow spot, and a fuel tank that was sliiiightly clipping on one side. So, this one is fixed for now
  6. I'm having this problem in an even worse way; I can't get some rover wheels to function at all, even if they are touching literally nothing at all, except for the runway and the point of attaching. I have tried offsetting the wheels, removing and replacing them, and sometimes they just absolutely refuse to function.
  7. Aaah, alright. Thanks! Hmm, will have to send a probe towards it before it reaches the atmosphere, then. Difficult, but hopefully not impossible. Getting a drone or plane to rendezvous with it in the atmosphere and stay in range is most likely going to be a pain.
  8. So, a few moments ago a C-class asteroid I was tracking entered Kerbin's SoI. As expected due to the lack of a periapsis on the map, it is on a collision-course with Kerbin. Lucky as I am, it is crashing almost at the center of the North pole. This allows me to fly in an expedition towards the North pole that can do their thing as soon as the asteroid lands. However, here's the question: if an uncontrolled asteroid enters the atmosphere, will it make its way to the ground or will it disappear before that? I remember hearing things about parts, flying in the atmosphere, disappearing if they move more than 2500m away from the camera, but I've also seen debries of spacecraft fly more than 10km away from the command module during reentry, and not disappearing. I'm playing on the latest version of the game, if that's of importance. Another important question is, will the asteroid survive the heat of the reentry? Will it need parachutes to come down safely or does smashing it into the ground work too?
  9. So, after putting approximately 300 hours into KSP and feeling like I had gotten somewhere half-decent, I decided that I would try to build something resembling the Apollo 11 mission. Overall, I'm happy with how it looked and worked out, but I should think my next mission through just a tad bit better, I suppose I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new to the forums and all so I hope I did it right.
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