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  1. @sebi.zzrI have read the post, I installed the mod yesterday and the game is also up to date. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have installed The Malemude rover pack and the feline industries. I can see the Mods being loaded in the Loading screen, However when I go onto my Sandbox world I cannot see them and I cannot access the parts and I cannot see them. I think it is because it is not creating a new tab for the parts. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. How do you install it?
  4. Can I have some help because I have the mod installed and in my game data file but the tab for it does not show up. I can see it load when I start the game so it is definatley installed. Also it is a sandbox game.
  5. I have installed mods that generate new groups of parts but they don't show up in game but they are definitely installed because I see them load on the title screen. How do I fix it because the modding community is great for this game and some mods are really cool. Can anyone help?