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  1. TYVM I downloaded all of it, Near future stuff looks like it will be just the fit!
  2. Well, this is what I was talking about. The pictures show many more engines and reactors etc...
  3. I started a new game recently, and once I purchased all the tech upgrades, I got bored. I have not played previously with any mods (besides mechjeb) and so am a little lost. I would really like a mod to do something interesting with science points, maybe to unlock more parts. The one I was looking at was KSP Interstellar Extended, as it seems to have a lot of cool engines. However, it seems so busy and complicated, with all kinds of fuel and such, that I just don't feel its worth learning and dealing with. Any recommendations?
  4. So I just installed this mod and the KerboKats Utility mod, which I guess it needs to function. Nothing seems to be different. No green cat icon to click on. Is there like a list I am supposed to activate it on before it shows up in game? P.S: I successfully installed mechjeb in one try, so I am not a totally dummy. However, as this is only my 2nd addon, I may be missing something obvious.
  5. Cool beans, just downloaded and installed. Will give it a whirl and see what I can do with it. Thanks for the quick response.
  6. I looked around here a bit, Curse, and over at the wiki, but I didn't see anything. I am wondering if there is an addon available to help organize the "load craft" screen in VAB/hanger. For example, I was thinking a simple folder system would be available. Like, you could "make a new folder" and name it Duna, then everything you were planning on sending to that location could be placed in that folder. As I make more and more vehicles, I am finding the Alphabetized selection list is very large, especially as I create test designs to compare and contrast, and its becoming a PITA.
  7. Oh yeah, that could be the parachutes.
  8. Looks really cool, but how in the world does it get fuel to the Engine though? Also, what is that Air conditioner looking thing on the side of the material studies? Thanks everyone for the advice, I remain in awe of the creativity of this game and those playing it. OK, I think Plusck got it as good as can be expected. Going to give it a shot and see what I can do. After thinking about it for a few days, I think what I am going to do is launch several missions at once. The lander as one, a refueling pod for the lander (to help with hoping) and 2 separate "duel-transfer-pod"
  9. This was my first start: It is about 1 ton less weight, but has ~2K less Dv. Thrust to weight is about the same. When I decided I wanted to planet hop around some, to get a few biomes worth of studies done in one trip, I started thinking NERV. Since the T vs W ratio is about the same, I think they will both perform the same in that regard. I was hoping to bring the entire lander in through Kerbin's atmosphere at the end of the mission. Not sure how the pod would survive that unless I am really careful about areobreaking, which I usually hate doing in a "RL time vs. fun-in-vi
  10. I just got enough Science to unlock the nuclear engine, and I want to build a Duna lander with one, to make my first landing on the planet. The thing is the damn engine is so long, my imagination is failing me on an elegant way to build, and put landing struts and a ladder on it. After spending an hour getting frustrated, it occurred to me that approximately everyone reading this has already built one, or something like it. Any tips or pictures you have would be awesome! A few points: The mission is full science (I don't have upper level experiments unlocked yet). I am
  11. Thank you for all the help! This particular rocket design was just a test, which is why I choose to only show the area I was not able to come up with a solution for on my own. I will post a picture later to show how the fairing, with the added adapters, looks like, to see if you think I could do anything more. TL;DR:
  12. I can get the fairing to work if I make it very large, and pretty much encompass the entire top of the ship starting just under the decoupler. That's not exactly a bad thing really, but the added weight is 1+ton, and I am unsure if that kills w/e efficiency I gain from reducing drag.
  13. Tried, I can't get the Faring to close. I can't say I have much experience with them, but I think they need to touch completely around itself, like a rocket nose cone, in order to be set as completed in the VAB. Maybe I am wrong?
  14. I am trying to build my first lander to get to Duna and this is what I got: My issue is that empty space for the small sized engine under the fuel tank. I am assuming this will cause a good deal of Aero-drag, but upgrading from a Terrier to a Poodle costs me like 600 Dv that I don't want to lose if I don't have to. Any ideas? I ask because I am sure this will come up again in the future
  15. Thanks for all the help. This first stab in the dark has been much improved with your advice, but I decided to abandon it for something more thought out from the start. After I decide to build a Science generating station (or refuel depot) I will be back for more nitpicking!
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