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  1. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! I just installed RSS and RO and I really enjoy it. But there are some things that I still need "fixing", let's say. One of the things I really need fixed is fuel tanks and engines. The engines that RealFuels provide are terrible. They're not really designed to have a specific function, which is what I need on my rockets. So can anyone recommend a mod that RO goes with that adds engines which have a more specific function. For example vacuum engines should consume low fuel but have a relatively hight thrust. Thanks!
  2. Well, I just installed RSS so most of my problems are fixed. But I can't find the appropriate engine for the appropriate job... Like upper stages. I see some people have the AJ-10 upper stage engine on their rockets, but where does that part come from? I'll change my preferences and say the I need engines that are better designed to have a specific function.
  3. Oh, also it would take a LOT of effort to pull off something like that. I'd have to construct the Hermes in space and send up suply ships to mars at the same time. Then Id send up my crew and get them on board Hermes to mars and then do the Mars orbit insertion and then land in the Duna Decent Vehichle and then wait for the launch window and then launch in the Duna Ascent Vehichle and then dock with Hermes and the go back and send suplies for Ares 2 at the same time. Se how that was the longest sentence in the world?
  4. This is very interesting indeed! Im thinking of making a series of missions like in the Martian where you send a bunch of supplies before hand and get on a spaceship and go on another large transporter a.k.a the Hermes and go to Mars!!!
  5. Hello, fellow Kerbonauts! Ive always been into mods in KSP and Ive been trying to find some good part packs recently, but I just cant seem to find the one I want. Here are my preferences: For KSP 1.0.5 Parts pack Adds fuel tanks, realistic engines, something like thatl *optional* compatible with real plume. I hope someone can find a mod with these specs! Thank you !
  6. Hey, fellow Kerbonauts! As of the year I am posting this (2016), it has been nearly 50 years since man has stepped on the Moon. So in the honour of Niel Armstrong, Buzz aldrin and Michael Collins, I want everyone to try to contribute to this! The Challenge You must select 2 Apollo Missions to recreate, specifically, one before Apollo 11 and one after or of Apollo 11. Your presentation should come in a make-sense chronological way. Maybe a imagur album, or a small KSP video or film. Or even better, do it Nassalt style! You need to record or take screenshots of your Apollo mission. Then make it into anything you like, as long as it is: - In chronological order - Follows what the Apollo mission you selected did - Tells a clear story about the missions Rules - You MUST post both your entries in the same post. - You MUST state what Apollo missions you are recreating. - You MUST be doing an Apollo mission that actually has some flying involved. No Apollo 1, please. - I will ONLY mark your entry when you have completed both recreations. Mods You may use any of the following mods: - FASA - KW rocketry - Space Y heavy lifters - Space Y expanded - Kerb Cam - Real Solar System/Realism Overhaul and any of its components - Real Plume Stock Config Continued - Kerbal Engineer Redux - Mechjeb If you want to use any other mods, please reply to this and let me know. I will then make a decision to approve or decline :). Tips Make it look as realistic as possible. Maybe do a bit of research on the Apolo program, that could help! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_program https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_11 Remember that I wont be judging the flying as much as I will be judging the quality and creativity of your project. You may use mechjeb to help with flying if you arent a good pilot... Perhaps add Kerbal voices and/or speech/naration! Lastly, this is not a competition between people. This is only a challenge. So once you have made your entry, I will ratings of the following: Presentation Effort Accuracy Overall Good luck and hope everyone has good fun making their entry!