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  1. It seems that pre-release lacks part usage count tracking. I have tried to "launch" several times (lifted rocket slowly several meters above the ground, then landed it back to launchpad), now every part in context menu shows 3 previous uses, but safety rating of every part is frozen to 1 (terrible). BTW, Why test-firing the rocket on clamps doesnt count as launch? I've had to attach a dosen of landing struts in order to lift and land the rocket
  2. Hello! Is there any chance of viewing the list of parts with their actual current consuption? Sometimes its really, really hard to undestand whats draining the power throuh catecory check-uncheck For example i have a tiiiiiiiiny sat with two Z-200, Probodyne QBE, 3 OX-2m panels and Communotron 16 and HG-5R antennas... When it goes into darkness, it shows consumption of 0.44 per sec!!! holy sh, its just too much for such a tiny thing. And whats suprizing me, is that the 0.4 of this value fall into RTG/Gens category in Fusebox (unclicking gives me 0.04/sec)... How is it possible? There isnt even a sniff of generator or RTG on board... And in any case, they wouldve generated power, not consumed it.....
  3. Hi! Thanks for your huge work here! I would like make a few feature requests for future releases: - Add possibility to add multiple value-action group pairs. For example to drop fairings at 60km and deploy panels an antennas at 68. This eliminates the necessity to spam parts for any chain of sequences actions that have same trigger nature (ie altitude). - for fuel trigger add possibility to break the rule of attachment- allow choosing what tank to be monitored without necessity to attach part exactly to that tank (I try to design rockets with separate service section, just like real ones, and it would be great to be able to concentrate all the control logic there). Maybe this maybe done as an upgrade to existing part and be unlocked somewhere farther in tech tree, like adv.unmanned. - abort activator on G-force/catastrophic failure event (but it's already been discussed in automatic abort thread) Thank you!
  4. Hello guys! Is there any chance on getting this mod work in 1.4.3? I'm playing in hard mode with no flight revertion, so I really need something more reliable to fire the LES than my hands... Jeb's life insurance is very-very expensive, so i decided not to purchase it and make an escape system instead...
  5. Houston, we have a problem here Somehow every relay antenna now has a fixed consumption of 500/sec... Its absolutely impossible for me to fulfill such a huge demand. How can I change or fix this? All this stuff happening in 1.4.3
  6. Thanks for such a detailed answer. Getting clear now I mean that fot example my FL-T800 gots rating of 5 after only 5 or so launches. Which means that from now on I can forget about this part in terms of probable failure. And this is even before i have reached the surface of the moon in career. I'm really afraid that by the time I advance to something farther than Duna, my ships may become absolute redundant... and that neglects the mod meaning
  7. Thanks! But then it really lacks the score base value... Safety rating is 1 from what? 1 of 5 and 1 of 20 makes a big difference. At what rating part failure is extremely remote? Maybe a brief description may be added for a good understanding? something like 1:"this piece of sh... was broken even before assembly on a vessel" and 10:"shiny piece of art that can make it to the hell and back without a scratch" It there any way to adjust the speed of safety growth? foe example slow it by half, so the part doesnt get relianble too fast
  8. Thats fair enough... Now we have to find out where is @ferram4 His last post was more than month ago
  9. HI! Could you please advice me on a few questions: Is sthere any chance to get a summary of failed parts and kinds of failures during flight? Or at least see a failure description in part menu? Right now I can only briefly see the announciation of failure, then it disappears. If it's missed, you can only guess. On right-clicking on failed part i also cant see whats exactly happened. For example if the solar panel movement failed, the only way to get to know is guess and logic (it doesnt move) How to get the actual failure probability of a particular part? now in context menu I can only see the safety rating, which somewhy never gets above 5. But how can I convert rating into probability per flight hour or minute, or flight cycle? How fast the failure probability decreases? What time the part should spend in flight so the failure probability drops twice? What flight time counts towards it? Does the time spent as a space waste count (some tanks can orbit for years in this case) What are the conditions for test firing the part? should it leave the ground? If i make a test facility that jumps for 1m, then lands back on kerbin and spends there an hour, engine running at idle until zero fuel, then recovers - does it count? Whooooff, Thank you in advance
  10. Thank you! Sorted problem out in radical way - installed 1.4.3... Unhappy that some mods dont't work, but scrapyard works perfectly . BTW, the question now is: Can I somehow review the whole inventory? Right now i can apply some parts to use, but as the count of parts increases, I'd like to know on early design stage, what exactly do I have in my inventory and also what failure probability does each part have?
  11. Thank you! But could anyone please share the recompiled version for programming cro-magnons? of course with tons of !DANGER! stickers and some disclaimers. I promise to use a space suit while downloading and installing. Also ready to sign any paper for not introducing any law suits in case of catastrophic consequences!
  12. Hi! Yes, normal recovery! The inventory is just empty auto-apply does not change anything... Here are the save and log^ Saved right after launch and recovery of "untitled spacecraft:" with Octa-core, chute and RT-10.
  13. Hi! I have a slight problem here Using KCT, and ScrapYard .82 in my 1.3.1. The problem is that Oh Scrap shows me nothin in its GUI (the message tells "No parts detected. Place or right-click the part"). Right clicking on the part gives me the nothing but some Scrapyadr info (such as part ID, times recovered and base safety rating).. Where to look for the root of this behaviour?
  14. Hello! Have a little problem using 1.3.1 with build 82 and KCT... Made a small craft, launched, landed.recovered, and... nothing. The inventory is empty, All parts are "new". Whrer should I look and searh for the problem? Thank you!