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  1. Welcome to the official Ender Inc. Craft and Replica repository!! Here you will find every craft and replica I made Replica Crafts Fighter
  2. I was sening a rover to Duna and i saw this so i tought it would be good to show it Tell me what you think about them
  3. Let's see if my replica of a F-16 can do the job in a firefight
  4. #lookatthename it says Planets and moon ... No sun involved
  5. Here is a list of the stock planets and moons in ksp Besides them is one of my station used to get a view on the planets Moho Eve Gilly Kerbin Mun Minmus Duna Ike Dres Jool Laythe Vall Tylo Bop Pol Eeloo Don't hesitate to correct me on the list of the moons i'm pretty sure some of them are not good
  6. Here is my first screenshot that wasn't for showing a craft it is supposed to be a Orbital weapon Platform in 1500km orbit but the missiles don't work because i can't reallly get rid of the front heat shield
  7. I don't think you can post pictures without external source... don't know if we can see if you post them on imgur and make them private
  8. doesn't mean it was originally designed by russians @Mikki... the B-1 was in devellopement when the Tu-160 came out and the f-111 came out in 1967 Russians almost only copied American designs for aerodynamic but Russians had better fuel
  9. Tupolev TU-160... huge copying work here it is a B-1 Lancer with a F-111 Aarvark cockpit... What mods do you use for Paints and wings like that?
  10. General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Replica Pure Stock More Images : Download The name of the .craft is General Electric. My head wasn't totally there i think Don't forget to leave a comment on the plane and tell me what you think about it!
  11. Well i'm gonna wait until Infernal Robotic come out in 1.1.3 before all to make it again