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  1. This seems to happen to me when I propulsively land a rocket on the ground, it just starts shaking slightly.
  2. There's one thing about KK's launcher pack - Although it is extremely similar in look to the actual Falcon 9, it is really not well optimized for flight. What do I mean by that? Well, you see, an example is the "vernor" thrusters on KK's falcon 9. They work on monopropellant. You ask me, what's wrong with that? Well.. The fuel tank in the center has barely 60 monopropellant inside of it. Nowhere near enough to land, I've tried it several times, always ended up running out of monopropellant. Second, the gridfins. On Tundra Exploration the Gridfins themselves turn s
  3. I agree with the post above. Also, the falcon 9 has this unrealistic feeling in the main fuel tank's textures. Would love if you make it a bit more realistic looking like it's real life counterpart.
  4. Greetings, Is there any mod that offers pre-built payloads that you have to launch to a specific place? Or perhaps, payloads that you have to build, but must have a specific list of parts and functionality? This really adds on to the game, as SpaceX often launches many payloads that are constructed by other companies.
  5. kOS seems to be having problems with trajectories. It says that trajectories addon is unavailable while it is installed and functioning. Is anyone else having this problem? And does anyone have a solution? (Also addons:tr:available doesn't return anything, could it be because I'm running on 1.5?)
  6. So I've checked the thing out. Though I am stuck on how to run the actual program itself, I'm using Python.exe at where I have installed Python at, and I have placed all of the scripts in the /Scripts folder. But I don't know how to run the thing... I've been able to run a simple print command but then I don't know how to run the entire "softland" script. The documentation that @oyster_catcher has provided is very confusing to me, as someone who has zero python knowledge.
  7. Could you please share your kos script? Thank you. Will take a look
  8. Yeah that's the thing, land at target doesn't do any different from land somewhere when you have your trajectory close to your target, mechjeb will not try to adjust course towards target and will instead land anywhere, that being on water. If someone could write such a kos script I would be more than happy to accept it.
  9. Hi, I'm very much fond of Falcon 9 and the automated landings. I've downloaded the SpaceX launchers pack by @Kartoffelkuchen and I've been trying to land the first state of the Falcon 9... With little success. I've first tried using Mechjeb to automate the landing, though it always messes up and ends up doing no boostback, meaning it ends up in the ocean... Often not in one piece. Then I've tried using existing kOS scripts released by various people, however, none of them work on the current version of KSP and kOS (my KSP version being 1.4) Lastly, I've tried doing it
  10. Let me be honest, if I don't commit suicide my father will kill me anyways.
  11. I failed at my religion exam, and now I have a makeup exam. I live in a country where 99% of the people are religious, while me myself, I m not religious at all, and if I fail at this damned exam I ll redo my class again just because I'm not religious? Now I have depression and anxiety. If I do fail, I am committing suicide, that is it, I hate this life. Update: I've just done my makeup exam, 8/28 If I do not update you within 15 days, know that I'm no more.
  12. On the way to set up a base on the North pole. https://prnt.sc/ivqfrv https://prnt.sc/ivqfzv Edit: Someone teach me how to convert these into actual screenshots.
  13. Going to upload it soon, please wait. Oh and, yes it is the same sound that I heard.
  14. Greetings, I'm getting bored, and I really don't know what to do. I thought, let's get into cyphering stuff? Well, I have noticed the weird sound transmitting pyramid at Duna, so, why not change the kerbal face at duna to a sound file? So, I changed the face to sound, then converted the sound back to image form. And the results are freaking creepy. That looks like some sort of face fitted for a horror game. No seriously, when I converted that I was freaking terrified.
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