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  1. @djungelorm You sir, are a genius. Just sayin'. I've nothing constructive to say, just wanted to share my total admiration for this amazing mod I took a bit of a break from ksp, and today I finally got an itch for it. Decided to try something new, and to my shame I never played with scripting mods (neither krpc not kos). And since @djungelorm offers to write in languages that are known to people I decided to fool around with krpc. First obvious (and completely not clichéd) idea that came to mind was "let's do a grasshopper". Sound easy enough. Say we burn for 200 metres, start to fall, then slam on the throttle for suicide burn. Here we go: As you can see it was a utter success. Next step is to poweslide on top of vehicle assembly building
  2. Oh well... ))) I increase "amount of something per segment" and tolerance too. About speed, well you must understand that when you want to enconter Pluto with low velocity your orbital period may be several decades ))) in this case yeah it's a bit slow I'll try to make a post with pictures on a weekend. Also thanks a lot for responding to a not so pleasant (I must imagine) posts.
  3. Ok. This time it managed to plan for ~11000 days (still not enough to go to Pluto with my heavily assisted trajectory). Then - ctd. Ksp did not create a folder with logs. All logs are here: https://gist.github.com/panourgue/1eec5db2c8f036808775eea81340c267 Issue: https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/1614 ---- I don't care so much about the crashes since I am obviously asking too much (50 years of flight plan). What I am asking: there is absolutely no possibility for you to re-enable stock manoeuvre node system left click "add manoeuvre" functionality?
  4. @eggrobin, there is absolutely no chance that you guys may consider returning stock ksp manoeuvre node system? Pretty please! I understand that it is not very precise, but it is still good for getting the general planning. Especially for multiple encounters. Also ksp crashes when I try to plan a manouvere longer than 9000days. I probably need to invest in RAM, right? Right now I have only 16Gigs
  5. You need to replace file "GameData/RealSolarSystem/RSSKopernicus/Earth/Moon.cfg" in your game folder with the newer version. Just download the whole RealSolarSystem repository (press green button) and take the file from there
  6. Does anyone know how can I re-enable left click menus in map view ("display patched conics" option not doing it)? Or, even more importantly, this one: Going to the Tracking Station or using haystack just to switch vessel?
  7. Hi, devs, enjoying your physics conversion mod very much. I have a small problem though Why is the new version cripples fps in space center view? Occurs both with stock and rss. On RSS (with clouds) I get 22 vs 99 fps. (clean install, new save)
  8. Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right thread, but I'm in desperate need of help I am playing RP0. Basically there are parts in VAB in career mode that are grayed out, but I can't buy them (there is no button for buy), but if I go into RnD there are actually two instances of the same part. If I buy both of them next time I go into RnD there will be three and so on... No matter what I try I cannot use these parts in VAB. I looked into ModuleManager.ConfigCache and discovered that both of these parts occur in there two times. Like this: UrlConfig { name = HECS2_ProbeCore type = PART parentUrl = Squad/Parts/Command/probeCoreHex/probeCoreHex url = Squad/Parts/Command/probeCoreHex/probeCoreHex/HECS2_ProbeCore PART { name = HECS2_ProbeCore module = Part author = Ven ... } } And UrlConfig { name = HECS2_ProbeCore type = PART parentUrl = Squad/Parts/Misc/AsteroidDay/HECS2 url = Squad/Parts/Misc/AsteroidDay/HECS2/HECS2_ProbeCore PART { name = HECS2_ProbeCore module = Part author = RoverDude ... } } Is this a correct behavior? I'll be grateful for any ideas
  9. @Ven Why did you remove liquidEngine3? I was hoping you would return it in 1.9.4
  10. It's a real shame that I had to revert to the previous version (one of my favourite engine - liquidEngine3 - became missing) I really liked some of new models
  11. RD-0105 series (liquidEngine3) disappeared after updating @Ven's Stock Revamp to 1.9.3. Half of my rockets wont fly Is this a compatibility issue or did my install got broken?
  12. Common problem: it's kinda hard to place stuff on the ground in KSP. Also values for PQS thingy work only for specific graphics settings and texture sizes. I usually just make the whole flat decal terrain shebang bigger by increasing the radius value in LaunchSites.cfg. Specifically for Kourou you can try this (for max terrain settings in KSP and 8K RSS textures only): open GameData\RealSolarSystem\LaunchSites.cfg > find fr_kourou > change radius to 6000 (default value is 4500) PS. There is probably a much more elegant way to fix that kind of behaviour but it involves understanding how PQS mods work (which I don't have) and more faffing around.
  13. Just started a new career with this and rp0 and omg it runs so smoothly: 60fps all the time, new menus, new RO parts, new everything. So happy. Thanks, devs! But the wheels... Had a real hard time getting a plane of the runway, it kept turning sideways, flipping, jumping, all sorts of stuff. Very ksp like. Finally disabled friction (or was it tracking?) control and weird behavior stopped. But when it came to landing... I played a lot with wheels settings for springs dampers but alas for no success. My small plane keeps doing frontflips, backflips, somersaults the moment it touches the ground. So my question is this: how does one understands the physics behind this new wheels system? Specifically what settings should I use to make a very light plane (~2.5 ton) behave when it comes to landing? P.s. If anyone interested here is my craft file https://yadi.sk/d/mPF5I1Oqre4Rp
  14. Hallelujah, It's on 1.1! For me this mod became essential for ksp with procedural parts. It's very hard to attach something straight on non-cylindrical fuel tanks. @Ser Great work, and thank you! Also a small suggestion: I think at the very top of your mod description you should stress that Hangar Grid actually AUTOMATICALLY ALIGNS part's rotation. Pretty sure that most people don't realise this when they first see your post. That feature is super handy. No more faffing arournd with part rotate thingy
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