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  1. Name suggestions: -The Ender -The Krakonia -The Imperieuse -Jeb's Wife -The Rock Breaker -The Fire Master -Jebediah's Grasp -The Hilt of Might (I originally planned to use this for a Space Engineers ship but decided against it since an update broke it :c )
  2. So I launched something in KSP today... Damnit how do you make it so imgur images get directly displayed in the post again?? Anyways. Behold Harrow Orbital. My by far biggest launch yet at a payload of 300+ tonnes. It took me 45 minutes to complete the launch, or roughly eight minutes of in-game time. Harrow Orbital is a Gaja-class mobile station and deep space explorer. She serves as a bridge head for colonisation endeavours with her on-board mapping equipment and fuel refinery. She also is a home away from home for up to 144 Kerbonauts plus four bridge crew members under Commander "Val" Valentina. These stations are launched in one gargantuan event. No in-orbit assembly required. Harrow Orbital's launch went relatively well, but she did lose one solar array during a booster separation mishap. The support girder that connects the booster stage with the ring and prevents wobbling shaved it clean off. Kind of annoying, but did Skylab not have similar issues and still worked? With the exhausting launch done, the station is now moving into a setup phase. More crew and equipment will be sent up while I make up my mind on where Harrow Orbital will go first. It needs to be a place with easily accessible fuel supply that would simultaneously be interesting for colonisation. I also have NO CLUE on how much delta V I have to work with. I will try to calculate it but I suck at maths so hard Then again the KSP Devs want us to use trial and error... So, I am planning this right now: -Fix the issue with the booster separation damaging the solar array -Find out how much delta V a Gaja station holds -Design and test a shuttle of some kind to transfer crew to and from the station -Design and test an ore shuttle that can bring ore from a moon of choice to the station for refining (I will aim for a low-gravity moon here to make the transfer as efficient as possible), or -Design an adapter that allows me to hook onto an asteroid and mine it dry since a class C one is on a close trajectory and would be a cool destination as well Here you have more pictures. Until I find out how you display images instantly, feel free to use the links P.S. If someone has a link / file to Environment Visual Enhancement for KSP 1.0.5 or something and is willing to share it with me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Done in KSP 1.0.5 sandbox.
  3. How do you make these?? Absolutely stunning work! Is the program available for free? Because damn I'd like to make badges, but is just not very good for that purpose.
  4. I went to orbit today, using only five parts, just because I was bored. Boredom is a huge source of creativity sometimes! There is the fully assembled craft. Likely the most inefficient design, but a design nonetheless. Blast off! Full, stable orbit achieved at 86 km altitude. I even deorbited the vehicle, but I could not land it because of a lack of parachutes. I did originally not even want to go into space, I just wanted to see what the jettison action group is for! I also made a rover with VTOL capability for a future small mission I am preparing. To my surprise, it is powerful enough to even fly on Kerbin, so the planned decent down to lunar surfaces should not be too difficult. P.S. I am having trouble with my imgur account for some reason, it only shows that the image I am requesting is no longer available. I can still post it though. Did it get deleted or something? Done in KSP 1.0.5. Sandbox. No mods used.
  5. I thought of that too, but it would have messed with the CoM and that would mean I would need to redo the VTOl apparature too. Also, I did not want the thrusters to be misaligned, because the tanks are placed on the cockpit, they are actually angled quite a deal. Great work, especially on the rover! Amazing design, looks like something really sturdy and reliable. Nice!
  6. Today, I was bored and it was getting late. You will see why that is important later. So I decided to do something I normally won't do: A VTOL. A small one. And I wanted it to look something like a bug. Somewhat cute. And it should still (more or less) fly. The result was this: This beauty bears the name "Fragonfly" ( Now you see why the time was important, was a typo and I was too lazy to redo the blueprinting. Normally I won't be this lazy but hey, it turned out well at least). She is somewhat flyable, however forward thrust is worse than horrible, so you can not really sustain an ascent with the single Juno. Made in KSP 1.0.5. No mods, sandbox mode.
  7. You have almost beaten the record of the real fastest propeller plane ever made. That one was the Tupolev TU 95 "Bear". If I recall correctly, that one came close to 925km/h. Is a medium to long range russian bomber with four counter rotating propellers and highly swept back wings. A really fascinating plane, one of my favourites. I don't own this picture mind you, it is from Wikipedia.
  8. You know of the F-91 Thunderceptor? One of my favourite American planes, really a unusual approach on fighter design. Nice recreation aswell, though I would maybe adjust the wing sweep a bit further back. Otherwise, great work, on the other planes too!
  9. Man, I love the Myassichev M-50! One of these awesome planes no one hears about... Nice to see someone also knows about these planes.
  10. Today was the launch of not only one, but in fact TWO new exploration ships. The Hemera launched today, together with her sistership Horus. Both are in excellent shape, as are their crews, and are likely to undergo first missions in the coming days. The Horus is capable of equipping a heat shield for aerobraking, I will likely do that around Duna or Eve. I am afraid these ships won't go much further. Then again, I have not tested that yet, and I have no clue on how to calculate deltaV... The Hemera was the first iteration and serves more as a prototype. She also lacks a M700. So no mapping, only scanning sadly. The Horus features a M700 on her underside, which allows her to pioneer a base deployment action. She has no atmospheric probe though, only a small RCS lander. I don't have time for much more, so the only real progress I made today was mapping Kerbin from orbit with a dedicated satellite on polar orbit. MapSat 2 (Don't ask what happened to MapSat 1) was launched mainly because I wanted to know something: I noticed that Minmus' poles are very rich in minerals. I was wondering if that is a feature all planets have, or if it is unique to Minmus. Turns out it in fact is. Also, the polar orbit made for some interesting views on Kerbin's poles. As you see here, the satellite is operation perfectly fine. It orbits the poles at roughly 80 km and... DAMNIT BOB, I TOLD YOU NOT TO SHOW THIS IMAGE!!! MAPSAT 1 WAS OUR SECRET! YOU RUINED ME! Done in KSP 1.0.5. No mods used.
  11. Thanks so much! It finally worked, I had the names with spaces and # in them, that caused it... Thanks to you all who helped me, sorry for my...inexperience with such things
  12. Thanks! The base was inspiriert by a "Single launch Gilly mining base" by The Gamer Alchemist. He does some nice KSP videos on Youtube. Sad that Jeb is gone
  13. So, I finally figured out how to upload to imgur, after apparently having created an account for something that does not require one. I am an absolute genious. Anyways, I had plenty of time today, so I made a single launch base and decided to get it to Minmus. Did not want to have the poor Kerbals wait for years in orbit for a transfer window. I also have little experience with interplanetary trips and none with bases, so I thought I should launch it to Minmus as a form of test run. Launch and Minmus encounter went well. In order for the small drill to work a large mineral concentration is required. So I launched a small mapping probe together with the base inside the fairing. After having performed the Minmus capture with what was supposed to be the circularisation stage (shows again how overengineered this baby is) the probe was placed in orbit. And that was where the first issues emerged. You see, I do not use the Probodobodyne QUBE thing that often, and when I use it, I place it on rovers, not probes. So I was surprised to find out it does not have any reaction wheels. And my probe has a huge scanner on one side so the CoM is offset from the CoT. So when I initiated the burn for polar orbit, the thing started to spin wildly. Fortunately, we have time warp, and that cancels rotation. Using this and some rough timing, the satellite was successfully deployed in a surprisingly good polar orbit. With that done I decided to move on to the orbital assembly of the base. That proved to be extremely frustrating because my base sections were not equipped with RCS, and I only had a small orbital tug on one end to control a long and thin solar array. I think it took me the better part of an hour to get that thing docked. And if that weren't enough, I was unable to switch between linear and rotational RCS control because pressing the spacebar would make the base decouple from the sky crane! When I had that done, the rest was more or less a smooth ride (NOTE TO SELF: Always check your base's CoM before launching it). Landing was done with one of the three NERVAs at 50% throttle to counter the heavy refinery and fuel storage at the one end. I was surprised how well that worked out, despite the fact that I had just a 8 minute window to improvise some means of stabilisation. Touchdown was uneventful, as was the ...retrieval of the sky crane (totally didn't ram that thing into the ground). Apollo base sits nice and cozy on the mineral richest place on Minmus, the Great Equatorial Bassin. After testing numerous systems such as the antennae and the mining rig, the three man crew (Commander Barlyn Kerman, Engineer Aldnand Kerman, Scientist Jencee Kerman) posed for a photo in front of their new home. With the base deployment successful, Wherner von Kerman shifted his attention to more interplanetary projects, namingly, the Hemera Exploration Vessel. The ship is undergoing final assembly and is scheduled for lauch in the coming days. It is equipped with a small RCS lander for a single adventurous pilot and an atmospheric "Deep Diver" probe for science. Done in Sandbox mode of KSP 1.0.5. No mods used.
  14. This should now work. Sorry for the delay.
  15. Yep, did that. And yes, I also scrolled Still does not work. Folder I made is called "Custom Content", so it should appear quite at the top.