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  1. Got to Gilly for the first time after a... failed landing on Eve. (Five seconds of entering the atmosphere... with extreme heat shielding...) and I ran out of electricity and forgot solar panels so Jebediah is stuck on Gilly. The moon is both frustrating and fun.
  2. What mod is that? The one that blows up an engine every fifty flights? Also, is it every fifty, or is it random with fifty as like the maximum/minimum?
  3. What are some strange missions you've had, or things that just kind of... happened, or times the Kraken decided to pay you a visit? So, one time, (my very first interplanetary mission, actually), I sent this probe to Ike... it was in a stable orbit, it was near perfect circular, and everything... an in game year later, I'm looking through the tracking station, when it just disappeared... the only thing left behind was debris from the final stage which separated from it. I looked and looked, even went through game files and stuff, it literally just disappeared... Another time, I was just building a space station... when... well, I separated the final stage, when the decoupler got stuck on the ship. Well, I needed to slow down, but I was too close for the RCS, it was going to fast. I risked it, and the engine blew up (obviously) and spun my ship out of control... it then collapsed on itself and turned to a heap of debris. I test each stage of my ship, during construction, so, what I don't get is what happened with my decoupler. Well that's all I remember for now. Probably got more somewhere.
  4. I killed a Kerbal, almost crashed into a crater on the Mun, missed the transfer to Minmus which ultimately led to landing on Ike.
  5. So, my favorite Kerbal (custom named Kalos Kerman) died today after the staging screwed up during reentry... the other two crew members survived. This made me wonder, what's your favorite Kerbal? Non Orange Suit, otherwise everyone would say Jebediah. I put a flag at Kalos' place of death as a grave marker. The two other crew are standing there now as I'm typing this about five minutes after death.
  6. 1. Obsessed With Space 2. Saw my favorite YouTuber play it 3. Downloaded demo 4. Got it (Early Access) for my birthday. Now I have this as my second most favorite game... ever.
  7. I got a rover stuck inside a crater inside the East Crater on the Mun. It's been many many hours, and the slope is too steep... I'm still trying. I will explore more of the Mun. I also failed (three times) to bring a rover to Jebediah on the Mun Science Outpost; Alpha Outpost. He's not impressed.
  8. Back... Anyway, as I was saying, a story mode would be interesting. Career mode is fun and all, but it's about management, and collecting scientific knowledge while expanding your space program. It's fun, but a more story oriented mode would be cool. I don't know how, maybe having story missions, or mixing the two together and have management while having story missions. But then again, part of the fun (at least to me) is making your own story... So I don't know... I won't complain without one, and I suppose there's more important things to do other than adding a whole new mode...
  9. Alright, sorry I didn't see if there was already something about this, I was in a hurry but a post I saw was something about a story and it gave me an idea to add a story mode. Anyway, I'd go into more detail but I gotta go, I'm in a hurry. So... I'll be back later with more detail...
  10. Wouldn't it be story mode then? I suppose a story mode would be pretty cool, but Career is supposed to mostly be just managing your "career", which happens to be a space program. Career mode is managing the space program, a story mode (if they add it) would be about a story for the space program.... Hm... Story mode... Time to pay a visit to the suggestion ideas...
  11. Well then... I might just go and get that... Maybe I can get to Eeloo without infinite fuel! Ah and I changed my answer... I kinda like Eeloo and Dres... I got to Eve... I love it's color... but...
  12. Heh... Second post, felt like reporting in what I've done for TODAY. Alright, so I pretty much got a Kerbal stuck in EVA in Eve Orbit (fitting for my profile picture). Sorry Sigler, I don't feel like sending a rescue ship. Though I have to say... That launch while the ship was spinning at max speed and ejecting Sigler into space, then leaving him there... That was cool. Now... What to do about Sigler... And his ship...
  13. Ah, wouldn't that make the game so much easier, with that gravity? Eh, my brother said the same thing, but on the Mun. (Though he's clueless about this game. In fact... My whole family is... They don't listen to me talk about it... Hm...)
  14. First of all, sorry if there's already a thread on this... I didn't really see any, then again, I didn't really look. So, what's your favorite planet? Moons will work too, so more like celestial body? My planet would probably be Eve, despite still not being able to land on it... My moon is either Vall or Ike. Nope, both of them. That's all
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