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  1. Im just curious, how many Planes are submitted?
  2. just noticed, i forgot to link my " JET:TEC/AI " . Now you can find it here: https://kerbalx.com/dariusduesentrieb/JETTECAI
  3. i would suggest this rules: "Our company searches a vehical to rescue stranded kerbals from LKO (about 100km NN). The best pod is that one that has the lowest price to kerbal ratio. You have to note that we never have more than ten kerbals on our spacestation, so thats the maximum for kerbals that counts to the price-per-kerbal-ratio."
  4. Here is my submission: It's the " JET:TEC/AI ". Have fun with it!
  5. Guns in intakes ... in reallife -> Anyways nice shape
  6. i mean, if he hits for all planes space bar first, you could design "one" plane that is actually two planes (decoupler, double cockpits...)
  7. two cockpits and decouplers arent allowed or am i wrong? @GDJ How will you initiate the planes, just one spaebarhit? or just activating the enignes?
  8. yes, i can confirm, especially the platybloty with this four gattlings ... puh but im working even with an corrupt ksp installation ( crashes at 2 of 9 explosions [not that good for aircombat])
  9. I feel always like im cheating if i use reaction controll wheels on planes :\ you should remove the "/edit" thing from the end of your link.
  10. you're leaking information, its bad for you
  11. with this post you destroyed the magic number of post you have made.
  12. is it really necessary to have fuel for 15 min or is it just a recommendation?
  13. i broke the 50km mark: YouTube: KSP 1.2.0 Paper Airplane Challenge
  14. i think you could read it from kerbal engineer redux if you have installed it. you may have to swith to afterburner. but actually i am not sure if it works now.
  15. Hello, im recently working on stock propplanes. Im wondering if there is any way to messure the speed with that a vessel rotates, so i can compare different designs. would be nice if somebody has an anwser.