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  1. Hello @linuxgurugamer I was able to come up with a (crude) fix for handling the engine plates from the Making History DLC. I'm not entirely happy with the solution because it relies way to much on hard coded assumptions about Engine Plates, but I'm not yet familiar enough with the KSP API regarding parts to rewrite the code for determining stages in a cleaner and more robust way. Anyway, I've created a PR on github so you can see how I did it: Best regards and thank you again for maintaining so many great mods!
  2. Hello, I have noticed some irregularities with Stage Recovery (great mod, thank you so much for maintaining it!) percentage calculation in the Editor GUI and the Engine Plates from the Making History expansion. After looking more closely, it seems like stuff attached to the "engine nodes" is seen by SR as belonging to the stage below the engine plate and therefore the mass calculation for the stage with the engine plate at the bottom is incorrect. I poked around the code a bit and at first glance the issue seems to be located in EditorGUI.cs in StageParts DetermineStage(Part parent) {...} where parts are only checked if they implement the IStageSeparator interface, but some logic is missing to correctly handle the 2 different types of nodes of the engine plates. I know you have a lot of work to do with maintaining so many great mods. Maybe I could find some time this week to have a go at it myself (and find a fix and create PR on github) but I can't promise anything.
  3. The humble beginnings of my very first space station, creatively named "Alpha" All stock with the exception of some "surface mounted lights" for self illumination. Built for a contract in career mode for a station with a lab that can house 7 Kerbals, still needs a cupola to meet that crew requirement. Currently slightly above 80 parts in a ~101km equatorial orbit of Kerbin
  4. @Yakuzi Wow! Those are some incredibly beautiful designs!
  5. You are right of course, thanks for the correction. I mixed up the recent part revamp heavy updates. What a great "problem" to have, isn't it?
  6. Wow! I can't decide if I like your craft or your screenshots better. Both are very sleek and stylish!
  7. @MaximumThrust Here is a special release just for you (and anybody else still playing in 1.3.1): As far as I can tell with some limited tests, simply compiling the current version of the mod against KSP 1.3.1 seems to be enough to make it work. No special adaptions required. Hope this helps!
  8. Hello @MaximumThrust Your games are running 100000 years in-game time or longer? Everything else should be padded enough or am I missing something?
  9. Happy holidays to you as well and thanks for taking over KER!
  10. Thank you very much! Just what I needed! I somehow assumed that the orbit would only contain parameters that allow me to calculate the orbital period, but not the period itself... That's why I haven't looked there before.
  11. New release is finally out! I have tried to reproduce the issue with savegames that contain characters like ".", but those load just fine on my machine. @badS & @Gordon Dry I think you should like the new sortable gametime timestamps Let me know what you think about it. Especially if 99999 years is enough for you guys or if your games run longer
  12. Hello fellow developers. My savegame mod provides the option to place timestamps into the savegame names, that use either real time ("yyyyMMdd_hhmmss") or game time in "years_days_hhmmss". Unfortunately there seems to be no formatting method out of the box, to format game time with leading zeroes for years and days, which is a requirement to chronologically sort the savegames based on a gametime timestamp. (Of course I could just use the game time in seconds, but that is rather nondescript for humans.) So I guess I'll have to write my own formatting method for years and days. This method needs values for the length of a day and a year of the games "home" planet (so that people with modded solar systems and/or relocated space centers aren't left out). The CelestialBody class provides the data for the length of the day of a planet, but I can't find values for the length of the year? I have searched the forums and api docs but can't seem to find anything the would be helpful for me. The most relevant thing I could find were discussions about the discrepancies between kerbins solar and sidereal days and years... If someone could point me to some information that helps me to calculate the length of the year of a planet, it would make me very happy.
  13. Thank you @micha! I actually searched for "*kerbal*" in AppData\Local and AppData\Roaming as that is where most apps usually put their stuff. I think I never had any app put anything of interest into "LocalLow". So I didn't bother to search there as well. Doh!