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  1. To the (newly formed) 1.1 community, Veterans and newbies, Ship crashers and pioneers, We, a Seattle-based non-profit team of 10 middle school students, have come together to form a group called Aurora Modding. We're dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and devoted environment, where modders and members can explore mods offered by us. So far, we've developed two mods, one in stable development, another in pre-release. We have included a list of members and mods. If you care about us, then leave a comment down below. Avionix = Lead code developer & manager IonIX = Publication Flyte = Licensing & legal stuff Ski = Secondary developer Cloudd = Texture gatherer, etc. Current mods: Avionix's Visual Pack [STABLE 1.0.5] [WIP 1.1] Flyte's Planets recolor [WIP 1.1]
  2. @Red Iron Crown

    I fixed the licensing and added attributions. Could you open the thread up again?



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    2. >_Avionix
    3. Red Iron Crown

      Red Iron Crown

      Seems to be fine, I'll reopen the thread.

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      Thanks so much! You taught me a great lesson to not treat licenses as junk mail.

  3. Thanks! The +Create button says I don't have access to those forums.
  4. To the community, I was looking on youtube to see if there were any star wars spinoffs, and I couldn't find any. So, I made my own! I present to you, Kerbal Wars. Enjoy! P.S. I'm working on EP.2
  5. Hey Rbray89, do you have any pics of the newest EVE?
  6. Hey Rareden, Awesome job with the pics! I saw in the comments that it takes you somewhat longer to get cloud and planet textures. You coul dtry out my visual pack. It looks hell like reality, and it could save you an awful lot of time with planets. Please consider, Avionix
  7. Hi Mr.Kasper!

    I'm a mod developer for KSP, beautifying and shining up planets since 0.23. Could you do me an absolutely immense favor and send me the prerelease for 1.1? I can't release the 1.1 version before knowing it'll work in 1.1. Thanks!



  8. Hi sDaZe!

    Wow, your name is hard on my LShift key. Right, to the point, do you make any mods? It'd be great if you could elaborate. Thanks!

  9. Hi sigma!

    I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on your Sigma: OPM expansions series! It does make the game more realistic! Just a little tip for your binary mod, a binary system like Plock and Karen don't actually have rigid orbits. They aren't stable, as pluto's orbit can become highly eccentric, sometimes having an eccentricity of over 18.5! It'd be great if you could "destabilize" the orbits, so that there is more of a "dancing" motion. P.S. Plock and Karen are misaligned by 0.068 degrees.

  10. Hi!

    I saw that you were looking for OPM configs that worked with the AVP reboot. I've got a similar mod, but with slightly reworked textures. Wondering if you'd be interested. 

    Here is the thread:


  11. @MrMeeb Hi there! It is great that you are working on this pack. I've reworked some of the textures from the old AVP, so, I was wondering if you'd be interested. Also, I've got the OPM configs up and running, slightly better-looking, too. Let me know if you are interested. Keep up the great work!