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  1. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Can you set a key for a KerbCam action?

    So I've been wondering about this, and I was thinking if you can set a key to select a specific view in Camera Tools, can you do the same in Kerb Cam? I've tried using Kerb Cam for cinematics, but I like to just be able to press a key and you get the view, as with Kerb Cam I have to press the button to start the cinematic, then quickly turn of the Hud, then once it's finished turn it back on again to stop it, and for me that just doesn't work. Unfortunately I can't get Camera Tools to work again, so this is why i'am asking. Any help will be appreciated!
  2. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    [1.4.X and above] Kerbal Konstructs - - 06.Feb.2019

    Wait, what? You can edit the terrain? This is totally epic!
  3. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Kerbal Space Program 1.4.5 and Making History 1.4 is live!

    Whenever i use the small landing gear, the whole craft just jumps about on the runway.
  4. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Camera Tools not working in KSP 1.4.5?

    Yes, this is what I have installed, and the camera tools icon does not show.
  5. Hi, i have been trying to make a cinematic in ksp 1.4.5, with camera tools, as i have used it before and it is really good, but since the new update, i can't get it to work. I have installed the 1.4 version of it. Here are the mods i have installed: Kerbal Engineer Scatterer Do you know what could the problem be?
  6. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Fastest stock plane ever? Mach 10 plus

    No, you are allowed to leave the atmposphere, but the record has to be broken within the first escape, also, heres the link to the challenge!
  7. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Fastest stock plane ever? Mach 10 plus

    Yes, it is!
  8. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Fastest stock plane ever? Mach 10 plus

    Yes, i do change the mode in the rapiers, but the speed is not in re-entry, as i was going so fast i got a kerbin escape, i also ran out of fuel. I've also set myself a limit of 40 K altitude limit, as in my challenge, beating the record.
  9. Hello fellow kerbals! Since i have been building very fast planes for a while, i have built a incredibly fast plane, the SX 95 'King of Speed', it can fly at mach 10, 3400+ m/ps which is incredibly fast! It is completely stock, and it flies by itself, without a mothership or anything like that. So is this one of the fastest stock planes that fly by themselves? Here are some pics.
  10. Hello! Since i have recently been building really fast aircraft, here i have the two that are the fastest, i built them for my 'Beating the record' challenge. And so here they are! The first one is called the SX 93 Oplympia(the plane here is an updated version of the original), it is my first super fast plane, the first of my 'SX' series. (Of course not counting the SX 90, which couldn't even fly.) It has a top speed of about 2070 M/PS, which is about Mach 6, it is designed purely for speed and flying in a straight line, but it is still pretty good. Here are the action groups: Action 1: Switch mode in the Panther engine. Action 2: Switch mode in the Rapier. And here is the KerbalX link! AND HERE IS MY ULTIMATE DESIGN!!!!!! I present.... the SX 94 White Dragon! This plane is incredibly fast, and is the fastest stock plane i have ever built! It can even quiet easily get you into a orbit around kerbin. It has a top speed of about 2750 M/PS before leaving the 40K altitude limit in the challenge, which is about Mach 8. This is the 'ULTIMATE DESIGN' for me in speed terms. Here are the action groups! Action 1: Switch modes in both the Rapiers. And here is the download for this craft on KerbalX! And i hope you enjoy these craft! And i shall soon begin working on the SX 95!
  11. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Beating the record, fastest aircraft challenge 2018!!

    NEW ENTRY! I PRESENT.... SX 93+ Olympia II Top speed: 2193 mp/s engine count: 4 changes since the first Opympia: new air intake, also better heat shielding
  12. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Beating the record, fastest aircraft challenge 2018!!

    Cant wait to see it!
  13. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Beating the record, fastest aircraft challenge 2018!!

    sorry about that, i just forgot to add some rules at the beggining. You can submit any number of planes though.
  14. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Beating the record, fastest aircraft challenge 2018!!

    Well, cheats are cheats, so i dont really think it qulifies. Sorry for the uncertainty, but if it will be any help, here are the rules of this challenge. No mods allowed except for visual mods. You cant launch the plane from a motherplane (you know what i mean!) No cheats plane has to fly record has to be broken within the atmosphere before it gets to thin like, 40 thousand metres or 50 Plane has to fly any type of engine is allowed you can use a probe to control your plane plane has to be built in ksp 1.4.5 i hope this is a bit better!
  15. Jeb-head-mug kerman

    Beating the record, fastest aircraft challenge 2018!!

    Sorry about not clarifing that, but what i meant was that your meant to build a normal flying plane, and just making it go super fast, like without decoupling the main plane body from the ship you launch it from, as that would be more like a rocket. And yes, the plane/missile you entered qulifies, and probably wins, this challenge! Just one qustion, does this plane use infinite fuel to fly? As i noticed that your fuel level was on max, if not then this aircraft almost DEFINITELY wins this challenge!