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  1. This challenge has already been on for a while now coming of and on. This is actually I think the third reboot of the hypersonic challenge? So yeah, I haven't been spending much time on KSP recently, moving onto other hobbies but I have certainly not quit yet! But I don't have the time right now to reboot the challenge again (as this one has lost a bit of attention) so for now, this CHALLENGE IS CLOSED. So posted craft wont be verified anymore or go into the leaderboard. I may do another reboot later on in the future but for now thats that. Congrats to those that submitted crafts and thanks for posting on this challenge!
  2. Can it take off and land vertically in one piece? Sorry for being so picky, but this is an important part of this class.
  3. Not cheating but the speed has to be taken from an altitude of under 50 km. That's just a little bit higher than that!
  4. Yes because you don't actually need to land the plane to be qualified into the challenge. @KingDominoIII, here is your Badge! http://
  5. Alright, sorry for not being active on the forum as I haven't playing KSP in a while, and started doing a LOT of flight simming (lol). Anyway here are the badges! @QuarkyGirl, awesome speed and here is your badge! :http:// @JorgeCS, here is the badge! http:// btw, that looks quite a bit like a D-21! http:// @Pds314, here is yours! Once again sorry for not monitoring this thread enough.
  6. @*MajorTom*, here is your 3000 M/S badge!http:// And @I troll children online., you get the 4000M/S badge! http:// Congrats, everyone!
  7. For the Hermes staging is allowed but decouplers are not. You can probably find a way to get the drop tanks to drop of somehow.
  8. By the way, do you mean that you will move the WSS to Minmus orbit? I would like it to stay in Kerbin orbit, and it is the World Space Station after all. I thought you would be building a seperate station, which I think would be an awesome idea.
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