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  1. @*MajorTom*, here is your 3000 M/S badge!http:// And @I troll children online., you get the 4000M/S badge! http:// Congrats, everyone!
  2. For the Hermes staging is allowed but decouplers are not. You can probably find a way to get the drop tanks to drop of somehow.
  3. By the way, do you mean that you will move the WSS to Minmus orbit? I would like it to stay in Kerbin orbit, and it is the World Space Station after all. I thought you would be building a seperate station, which I think would be an awesome idea.
  4. Yes, please, as that would allow a greater range of expansion to the station later on.
  5. Well if you do not sue them I your station than I think it would be fine?
  6. Well no, as that would mean everyone would need to use mods, and I want this to be a stock challenge.
  7. Well that looks good and everyone starts small, but I would just practice docking if I were you and after your reasonably good at it try to build something bigger.
  8. If you want to land your craft nicely, first have a nice approach onto the runway, keeping your speed low. Just above stall speed is good. Then, just before touchdown, pull up on the elevator, making the plane pitch up. But due to your low airspeed you won't go up but merely slow your descent resulting in a gentle touchdown. Hope this helps!
  9. Alright since it's the weekend I'll build a docking station for shuttles. No time today unfortunately....