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  1. I am sorry to say that I unfortunately don't have the time to continue, so if that's okay I 'd like to drop out.
  2. Wait, what? I think I won with my terrible aircraft! I was soooo not expecting that to happen! Even so, this was probably one of the most fair and balanced matches of the tournament. Well, this has made my day! I dare say it is because of my higher speed, even though the Brighton is probably more manouverable
  3. @blackheart612 You think making a Dreamliner/A350 like cockpit and a Mig 15 cockpit would be a good idea?
  4. Do the base has to be a space station or an actual base on the surface of Duna? If so can I just launch 3 modules in one launch, or do I have to dock on the surface with multiple launches?
  5. @kspnerd122 you can take pics in game with control + shift + f1 or f2 I can’t remember which.
  6. KESA HAS LAUNCHED!!!! Made myself a nice flag based on the Pan Am logo coz I love it and flew my first couple of rockets! First I launched Jeb into a short flight over kerbin, then managed to get him to space on one of the Hammer boosters! Since I was happy with my progress, I tried to do a sub orbital flight with moderate success. I got a bunch of science for that flight so I got Jeb safely into orbit and back! I am really happy with how things are going so far, and next up is a suborbital flight over 100 km! http:// KESA flag http:// http:// My orbital rocket http:// jeb in orbit http:// how the tech tree looks See ya all next week!
  7. LEADERBOARD updated! first place is @qzgy! second place goes to @panzerknoef! fourth place goes to @AeroGav! I will try to build something else myself, that I hope will beat @qzgy‘s insane record!
  8. Unfortunately this entry does not qualify sińce it does not fly like it says in the rules. Other than that it is fine to bend the rules a bit!
  9. I was on escape trajectory when I reached my top speed.... Sorry for making that not clear enough!
  10. I meant that the record has to be taken below 50km, the plane itself can fly to the moon if you want to. For your info landing is not required either.
  11. MY Entry: The Olympia, capable of 3432 m/S, believe it or not! since there are a few entries already, it is time for the leaderboard.
  12. http:// I have always been a fan of speed. I fly RC aircraft and pylon racing is my favourite genre of the hobby. Last year I did a challenge called 'Beating the record' where the whole point was to make the fastest craft possible in stock KSP, and so I have decided to revive that challenge this year but with a few changes. SO FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT LIKE SPEED, HAVE A GO! In this challenge you will be building super fast hypersonic aircraft that try to go as fast as possible within the altitude limit of 50,000 metres. Rules- -no mods, stock only! -no cheats -craft can't be launched from a mothership meaning no decouplers or docking ports -craft has to be your own design -the record has to be taken within an altitude of 50 km (the record itself, your plane can fly as high as you want it to.) -plane has to fly and be your own design -rockets and SRBS allowed -GOLDEN RULES: HAVE FUN and don't obey the laws of physics HOW TO ENTER: Post a thread with a photo of the craft in it, it's name and it's top speed. You will also require to have a photo taken of the aircraft reaching the speed as proof. I will then update the leaderboard and add your craft to it! LEADERBOARD: - 1: @qzgy 4264m/s -2: @panzerknoef 3581m/s -3: @Jeb-head-mug kerman 3432m/s -4: @AeroGav 3134m/s - 5: @panzerknoef 2929 m/S -6: @Mars-Bound Hokie 2751 m/s - 7: @Mars-Bound Hokie 2216m/s - 8: @panzerknoef 2214 m/s Good luck!
  13. btw I am only able to play on weekends.