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  1. the spacedock link is apparantly down. so ckan is giving an error now. (near future spacecraft)
  2. if you are wondering why nobody has answered you yet. that is normal. you have that exact same effect in real life.
  3. except you're wrong. i have both kopernicus (i have another star with it's own planets) AND i have scatter. AND i never did any of what you said. but i play at a solid 60 fps. i have no memory problems. and i can keep the game running overnight without ANY issue's i bet your fix is correct. but the problem is yet another mod that you 2 have and i don't. because i have no issues with both those mods installed
  4. i am having a weird issue with lights. here is a video of the problem what could be the cause of this issue.?
  5. is there a way to increase the rigidness of the robotics parts. currently trying to move around a pretty heavy load and as you can see at the arrows. http://prntscr.com/blaah0 there is a huge stress on them. i have already been messing around with the part files. but the default setting of the "springyness" jointSpring = 0 is already zero. i set the dampning to 100 but it's still unmanageable. what does joint spring do exactly? (ps the stress makes it work like a rubber band. if i were to turn gravity off it would launch the load into the air) adding struts does not work because it makes the part immobile
  6. dude how do i unsubscribe from this. my inbox is being spammed. stop talking
  7. i have not built a plane yet that cannot enter atleast a sub orbital trajectory. most of these engines btw. only start providing real power when you are going faster then 400 m/s at about 10k altitude, and then when you are going about 1200 m/s pull up (30 degree angle) and when the air breathing engines fail. you turn on rocket mode (with the rapiers) and you should be able to get any craft into space. if it has enoegh fuel. and not too much for example the opt scramjet engines. they provide about 600 thrust at low altitude and speed. but then shoot up to a couple thousand thrust when you go faster then 450 m/s at atleast 8000m high
  8. i think you might need a new interstellar fuel switch (or some other dependancy) i added the old parts fuel settings. (1400ish liquid fuel and 1700ish oxydizer) litterally copy and pasted it over from older part files. anyway. at first those were the only value's it had. but now it has 3 diffrent amounts of liquid fuel and oxydiser and a monoprop lfo mix setup. and a only liquid fuel setup.
  9. i deffinatly do not have the time, nor the skill. (well i would have the skill. but it would take me atleast 10 times as long as an experienced person. and i don't even have that couple of hours that a proffesional would take, and it will be nowhere near as professional. i played around with blender for starmade, but still have no real idea of how to do things. mostly i just rotated models with blender) but. i do have the money to motivate someone else to make some time. or would that be breaking the law?
  10. problems like this is what he is talking about. (anyway this is proof of the changes the author made) (wich was incidentilly the exact thing i came here to ask help for) http://prnt.sc/awjsx3 http://prnt.sc/awjstd http://prnt.sc/awjsh8 http://prnt.sc/awjs1t these adapter plates are horribly missmatched. and they looked like the most amazing parts of the mod. is there any way to fix this? i cannot edit the 3d models it's not even the same shape. if it was i could have used tweakscale
  11. where can i download the previous parts? this latest pack is just lacking parts. no good adapters. not enoegh fuselage parts. can basicly only make a giant craft with this. no medium sized one. it's a shame the mod autor abandoned this
  12. i don't have any tanks that can hold karborundum. also tried adding it as a recourse to diffrent tanks in the part file. but it just seems like the game does not know what karborundum is
  13. the latest download of this mod has empty partfiles. it's just basic info (compliled by a bot) without recourses. i went into an older version of opt and just copied the resouce "module" from the older part files but that was a couple updates ago. and now it's acting weird. i have 3 diffrent settings of LFO mix. big. medium and small. and only liquid fuel. only oxydizer. LFO and monoprop and electricity mix.
  14. the main wing type B eleron turns in the wrong direction. also having issue's trying to keep my planes in the air or better said. getting them in the air