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  1. Oh okay, perfect. Sorry I missed that, I have never used that particular USI mod before. It looks like it comes with the packrat rover and the advanced extravehicular suit too, not just the DERP stuff?
  2. Works with 1.2.2, AVC just complains that it hasn't been updated. Is there any news from Nertea regarding this mod being updated for 1.2.2?
  3. Is there any news regarding this mod being updated for 1.2.2? I couldn't find any relevant information from @RoverDude anywhere on the forums or his Github, but maybe someone has heard something?
  4. I wish this mod got a little more attention. I can't really play without it.
  5. Everytime I come to the KSP forums, I am always wrong. Once again, someone has brought something to my attention that I did not see myself, and it makes a lot of sense to me. You are right, of course, and you make a great point. I was telling myself that because they just came out with something new mere weeks after I bought my system, and because it was the GFX (its gotta be the best!) that I would be wrong not to upgrade to the 1080 in ~3 months. While I'm not really vein enough to gloat or brag about my system (you'll never see my system specs in my signature, for example), I do take pleasure in having the absolute most current components, GFX especially (without spending thousands). Maybe if I start with the 10x0, I'll just snowball to buying new components for everything every few months? That could be an expensive road. I guess we'll see what happens between now and ~3 months from now. To be sure, I'll have the money, but I may not care at that point about upgrading, knowing that I'll probably see no observable difference between the 980 and 10x0.
  6. Unfortunately, I never ended up seeing those posts. I don't know why, but this is the first time I've read those posts or realized I was being quoted. I wish I wasn't such an idiot. Appreciate the clarification. I've decided not to bother with any extra voltage on my GPU, but I'm going to leave my CPU OC'd the way it is. I feel like it should be quite safe where it's at. This was one of many pages I was looking at for OCing (I know it's a reddit page, but the information seemed sound), and it made me think that voltage in itself shouldn't damage a chip; only if the voltage causes the temperature to get too high would it cause damage: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/1vpljk/a_basic_crash_course_in_overclocking_facts/ I wish I would of caught those posts, I did not even know the 1070/1080 even existed until a few days ago. I don't think there is anything I can really do about it at this point. I don't really have enough money to buy another video card outright, I would have to sell my current 980 first. This would suck and would leave me without my rig for a little while. At the end of September, I will have a lot more money and can buy a new card then. Looking at the 1070 specs, it absolutely seems worth it, especially if I can get a decent price for my 980 (although with the 1070/1080s out now, I may have a harder time getting a good price). Likely, I will go with the 1080, it isn't that much more expensive. At the end of September, will there be a new badass card about to hit the market, though? Maybe at that point these to cards will be irrelevant? I guess I am forced to wait until the end of September before I can upgrade my video card. In the meantime, I still have a totally badass gaming rig, and I love it.
  7. Stability is very important to me, so I will have to give Furmark a try, assuming it's a free program. I have read that the max voltage you can add is 87mV, and this is seen in all the GPU OCing programs I've tried (Afterburner/Precision/etc). I've also read that this is a perfectly safe thing to do. If you push it to hard, it will throttle or crash, after all, and you can just lower your settings. One last thing. Why oh why did I get a 980, when they just put 1070/1080s on the market? I feel like that was a bad call. The 1070, for example, is better than the 980 (obviously), but cheaper too. I wish I would of known about this. I only made my component purchases a few weeks ago, had the 1070/1080 been made available at that point? Unfortunately, it doesn't make much sense to sell my 980 and buy a 1070 or 1080 at this point. It only would of been worth it if I bought it in the first place. That 1080 isn't much more expensive than what I paid for my MSI GeForce GTX 980 4G...
  8. I'd increase the voltage, but when I tried in the past, it didn't seem very helpful. I wasn't really sure it was doing anything for me, and at some point, even with the voltage cranked to +87mV, I could only get up to ~1530MHz.
  9. Appreciate the advice, I think you're on the mark with the 3rd explanation. I believe I'm just setting the graphics too high. I really have no baseline or experience to go off of, I have no way of knowing what is acceptable and what isn't, both for video settings and OC settings. Temperatures depend on the game, but I typically see 65C. The absolute hottest my GPU ever gets is 70C. Which is why I feel like I have not maxed out my card, nor have I even touched voltage. This is why I am confused to why I sometimes experience artifacts, crashes, and stutters.
  10. So I finally got my parts and built my PC. It installed like a charm and it is soooooo blazing fast. I can't believe the speed and quality it runs at. I've never had a rig that was this powerful before, or as high end for it's time as this machine. I am having some issues though, and it's most likely due to my inexperience. I OCd my CPU (i5-6600K) to 4.5GHz, and my GPU (MSI GTX 980) to about 1490MHz (GPU clock offset +175MHz & memrory clock offset +410MHz) . After reading a few tutorials, increasing the OCs slightly until I start seeing problems, and running many many benchmarks (with Heaven), I feel like a good safe OC was what I've set it to, no? I am experiencing occasional crashes in some of my games though. I downloaded Farcry 4 and ARK Survival Evolved to test my new system. Typically I run things on Ultra or as high as they go. With Farcry4, I figured out that the crashes were caused by a particular setting, which was NVidia's 'soft shadows' setting. It is like a step above Ultra, and I turned it down and it runs great now. With ARK, I can't seem to determine what is causing the crashes. I also experience stuttering, which is really annoying. I only see the stuttering in ARK so far, I believe. What causes stuttering in general? Why do I have these problems, and why does it seem like I need to turn down the settings, when my FPS is usually a minimum of 40, an average of 55? If my FPS is so high, why do I have these problems? What am I doing wrong? Is something OCd too hard? Can I just not run the settings as high as I do?
  11. @Alphasus @Camacha The day has finally arrived that I will be buying my computer parts. Needless to say, I am very excited. I'm still going with everything we discussed (link to post here). Unfortunately, the video card we eventually selected is out of stock on Newegg, and the same card on Amazon is an extra $70. I think I am going to choose a different GFX as a result. I don't want to have to spend extra for the same card on Amazon, and I want everything to be in one order and at the same time, from Newegg. I don't want to have to wait for them to restock the card. So I think I am going to just go with an equivalent and equally awesome card, by a different manufacturer. I've decided on this MSI card, and I am pretty happy with it. If I'm lucky I will have everything by next weekend. I'll take pictures then.
  12. I'm still pretty new; I discovered this wonderful game after the official 1.0 release...but this seems really sad that you're leaving. I feel that KSP will lose out on something special by not having it's original creator anymore. While I do agree that KSP is at a point that there is no single decision you could make to drastically change the direction of KSP, I nonetheless feel bummed out to see you go. Good luck on your next game, I think most of us (myself included) will be interested to see the next game you design. +1 This is identical to my life (except I haven't owned it so long). I feel the same way. He is leaving KSP and SQUAD; the point of that is that he won't have any control over the direction of the game anymore.
  13. @Foruxar I think that is intended. Either way, it doesn't really matter and you can close the message just as easily after reverting a flight than before. Why is the background of the first picture utterly black? That doesn't look like KSP space.
  14. Thanks for letting me know. I didn't realize that your version numbers were going backwards.
  15. Those were first two things I did; I checked the version to ensure it was correct (it is: v1.6.4.1), and then I reinstalled the mod and checked to make sure that version was correct too (it was). What do you mean by the 'remote' one? I believe the last time I reinstalled, I got my copy from SD. I don't know for sure, and I don't remember which avenue I used to download before this last time. Still kind of stumped on this. Why does it think that SR is for KSP 1.1, not 1.1.2?