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  1. You can always toggle the UI off to "see the action." I just want to see the words, which are especially important in Career Mode.
  2. I play on a 42" plasma TV. The game is unplayable at 1080p, because the font and UI are so small. Maybe if I sat 2ft away from the screen it would be ok, but Kerbal is being marketed as a game for the Steam Machine, streaming to a tv in Big Picture Mod, and using the Steam Controller. I had no idea they were working on the UI at this time. Nobody said any particular details about it. Scaling might not be implemented at all. I didn't even think about the console versions, and they have a larger UI? @StarManta You raised a lot of good, technical points. If Squad fails us, would you m
  3. Kerbal has had this issue for a long time now. At HD resolutions the text is just unreadable. I don't understand why this isn't considered a high priority for development, and especially not featured now that it has been fully released. I'm hoping I can return KSP because I will not invest in games whose developers haven't even made the UI scale with game resolution. Frankly, being able to read the text at resolutions higher than 720p is just a common sense thing. There is no community fix to this, it has to be done by the developers. KSP is a great game when it is playable, but it just isn't
  4. I've played KSP on my computer a lot, with many different versions. I have never had a problem until 1.0.5. When I start it, the mouse pointer changes and KSP shows on the taskbar, but that's it. Other than a crash report which I will provide. Rolling back to 1.0.4 makes the game work again, so I have to doubt its something to do with my computer, the details of which I will also give. I have tried a clean installation. I believe it has something to do with the launcher, but loading the exe directly has these same results. All of my drivers are up to date. Operating System: Windows 7 Ulti
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