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  1. Is it somehow possible to start on the original Kerbol system and have the systems of Beyond World added in as well? Like in GPP_Secondary for example? This mod looks amazing and really want to play it!
  2. Ok thanks! Wasn't sure if the README wasn't outdated thought there might have been a solution by now.
  3. So like... is this supposed to be happening? Running KSS basic, without any other (visual) mods installed. Also tried it with EVE and scatterer (and KSS extended and the other systems), but it's still the same. Figured it might have something to do with my graphics settings, so I included a screenshot of those as well. imgur pic
  4. You mean the mod "Scatterer"? I tried both, having it installed and not installed. Didn't to anything for me.
  5. Yup I do. I also thought it might've been the scatterer so I moved the KSS_Scatterer file from the directory to my desktop but it didn't change anything
  6. Is there a download link to RELEASE 2 somewhere? The new update borked everything for me
  7. So I have a problem with lighting/shading or whatever you want to call it that really bugs me. The issue is, that Kerbin is always dark (as in it's always night-time, even though the sun is shining right at it). There is no blue sky, I have a beautiful night-sky indeed but at 12pm I want a blue sky and not stars lol. I'm using a lot of mods, however I tracked down the issue to either being a problem with Kopernicus 2 or with KSS. I only have Kopernicus and KSS running and that still happens. When I switch either one of these off, the issue is resolved. What is also funny: When my rocket is in orbit, there is no sunlight shining at it. The texture is as if it was behind Kerbin (night). It's not game-breaking but indeed does destroy immersion... anyone any idea how to fix this? Here's screenshots. PS: Yes, I am using Kopernicus Release 2 (at least I think I am... it was quite difficult to find a download link to an older version..)
  8. So I just upgraded my pc with a Ryzen 5 1600, a gtx 1080 ti and an SSD after my last pc blue-screened on KSS start-up... looking forward to play 0.7 now more than ever!!
  9. I for one am extremely looking forward to the story elements! I've been reading lots of Asimov lately and can't wait to immerse myself in an amazing space game and this mod is gonna be perfect for that! Also I was kinda shocked at the rude tone some people here use and how they try to tell devs what to do and how hard work was being degraded. You're the consumer of a free product. Your feedback is welcome but you're in no position whatsoever to tell devs what they should do and what they should focus on. It's their mod, their brainchild, and if they decided to implement a butt-shaped planet then that is also their decision. Period. You don't have to play it or wait for the release. No one is forcing you to do so.
  10. Just installed KSS and Kopernicus just as the instructions said, but when I want to create a new game or even just click on "Settings" tab in the menu, the game goes into an infinite black loading screen with the loading text on the right bottom corner. I googled a little bit and found out that the issue lies within Kopernicus and that multiple people have had it and it's apparently a known bug. So people suggested I should delete the settings.cfg and generate a new one... didn't help. People also said I should update to the newest version of Kopernicus... already running the latest version via CKAN. What can I do to solve this?
  11. Hm... did everything exactly as the readme said. Uninstalled KSP and deleted all left-over mod content, followed the instructions precisely, but when I start a new game, the game just stays in the black screen with the loading symbol in the right corner for ever. Same goes when I click on the "Settings" button in the menu. I googled a bit and someone suggested it's Kopernicus that causes the problem. So I went to the GameData folder, Ctrl+X on the Kopernicus folder and moved it to the desktop. Restarted the game and voilá, I can access the settings menu instantly. Didn't dare to start a new game as it would prbly be all loveed up without Kopernicus. But what am I supposed to do now? I cannot play with KSS withouth Kopernicus but I cannot get into the game with Kopernicus on... has anyone encountered this problem before? edit: Got the problem nailed down. The latest Kopernicus update already contains a fix for the ringshader, so downloading that old .dll file as instructed in the KSS install instrucations becomes obsolete and breaks Kopernicus. Might want to update those instal instructions
  12. Hey! I just downloaded this mod but before starting a new save with it, I was wondering if I can upgrade that save file in the future for the 0.7 release or if I have to create a new save file for that. Because in the latter case I would wait ^^ Also, is there any compatibility with Kerbol Origins planned for the future? (Or if not, are there plans on adding a comet?) I'm really excited to try this mod
  13. So I have a problem with the Ground Base item. The descrption said I could attach it to the ground and I was like, nice this could be handy. So built a station on Kerbal that had with ground bases at their ends and launched it to the moon. Now I realized, that I cannot attach the ground bases to the ground together with the station. I first have to detach the ground base from the whole structure, then I can attach it to the ground. The only problem is, that then the other parts are not connected to the ground base.... so please guys, don't tell me I have to reconstruct me whole base on the Mun again, simply because it's not possible to attach a ground base to two nodes simultaniously or simply attach the whole base to the ground... This is a major flaw in the mod if you ask me. Here some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/PBrvr edit: no srsly, I can't even imagine base-building without being able to attach 2 parts together that are basically touching each other. You should be able to attach without being in "grab" mode. That would make so much more sense and the mod would become incredibly good. Like how are you supposed to attach parts that weigh 12t that way? You could easily bring them in on a rover so that they are really close to the point where you want to attach them and voilá, just grab a wrench and to just that. It shouldn't be too complex to implement c'mon...
  14. Hey guys! So I have to build an unmanned probe for a contract and I have all the requirements down (solar pannels, batteries, antennas) but first requirement is still not ticked off. I did launch the rocket with a command module and Jebediah inside but got back to Kerbal with an escape pod, so the satelite is up there, unmanned, has a sputnik thing on top so can be controlled, but I did not fulfill the contract. Is it really because I flew Jeb up there? If so then that's dumb -.-"
  15. So I've built this satelite and I've watched like a dozen videos on youtube about rocket design because mine are always either flipping or so stable, that they just go straight upwards which makes creating an efficient orbit impossible. Now I have this contract where I have to builx a satelite and set it at a polar orbit around Kerbin, but around 5,3km my rocket starts to flip without a reason. The center of lift is well below the center of mass just as all those youtube videos said, but it won't do the trick. Any advice? Link to rocket Also, if I build small rockets, I can easily control them, but as they gain mass it becomes almost impossible to steer them in any way. Again, the youtubers seem to do just fine. Even if I place the center of lift very near the center of mass, it's still so cloggy to controll that getting into orbit becomes a real difficulty with a limited amount of fuel. I'd really like to enjoy this game, but apparently there's something about rocket design that I'm missing out on guys.