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  1. Ok then, I guess I'll just go back to simulators.
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with setting up my joystick in 1.3.1. I move the stick to set the axis, but the menu box gets real finicky (spazzing numbers) and shows a different axis than the one I am actuating. Similar to this guy's unresolved problem: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166279-joystick-axis-mapping-broken/&page=0#comment-3189356 Instead of showing "X" or "Y" axis, it shows "joystick 0.1" and numbers similar to that. In game, the controls are all whacked out. Using a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick, in very good condition. Have no problems with it in several other games, and in-game calibration from my flight sim says all is as it should be. I've used the old Logiteck 3D Pro stick in KSP with no problems. So I suspect this is a problem with the game. Using 1.3.1 64 bit, problem persists regardless of mods. Now before you suggest that I need to press the Apply button, I will tell you that I have already tried this. I have used this game for quite a while, and I know what I'm doing for the most part. I'm getting sick of using the keyboard for my control axis. Not how a real plane flies. Being a flight sim guy, this game is unplayable for me if I can't use a joystick. Any help appreciated... Thanks!
  3. Ok, that makes sense. But are you sure SVE and EVE are not compatible? I used to use them together fine, and I see other sites which say you can use them both. Can someone explain to me these 5 mods shown? All of them come up when Scatterer is searched on. For other vismods, they also have some different configs. What are these different configs for, and how do I know which I should use? Does it depend on what other vismods I have enabled? What is this "SVE Scatterer"? I know I'm missing something important, but it's not popping out at me. I wish there was a little more explanation in CKAN. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm not new to KSP, but I'm still having troubles. I want my planets to look like in Matt Lowne's videos. But it's obviously not as simple as just enabling EVE, Scatterer, etc on CKAN. The mods I'd like to use are: EVE, SVE, SVT, and Scatterer. I don't really care about any other mods, I simply want my universe to be moar realistic that the lame stock planet graphics. So, when I enable EVE followed by Scatterer, I get the realistic atmosphere look I wanted. But when I go to enable SVE, the "Apply changes" button is grayed out. If I enable SVE first, it says it includes EVE, however when I do this I get SVE but still have the lame atmo-less look to Kerbin, Eve, and Jool. This is just one example. Then we have stuff like: "SVT (for Windows)", and "SVT-High Res". No indication of what the differences are, what dependencies they have, if they are compatible with SVE, etc. I have Windows, and I want High res. But it won't let me pick both! How on earth do I know which to use? And what does it mean when one of the mods in the list turns red for a second? For each mod, it seems there are several secondary "config" and "component" mods with them, and others I have to select from. I have no clue which of them to pick! This is probably part of my problem. This is all very annoying because every time I have to update KSP or build a new install, I have to remember all the same stuff I did last time... before I realize it looks totally different than last time! (Why can't they just make standard things like good visual mods stock?) Now before you suggest it, yes, I know I can just download the individual mods and apply them one by one. Problem is, I can't get the mods to work out correctly seeing as some parts of them override each other. I also don't have the time to be re-doing this all over again for every update. So I use CKAN, for no other reason than that! Can someone help me understand what all these little mods alongside SVE, Scatterer, EVE, etc are, and tell me what I need to do in order to enable all the main mods at the same time? Thanks
  5. Thank you for your reply! From what I can infer from the discussion you linked, PartCrewManifest, and varying crew with the part size is now hopeless in 1.2. So looks like I will have to do without again. I think Jebediah Kermin is experienced enough now to go to the Mun all on his own I suppose.
  6. Hello, I recall when using Tweakscale before, if you made a capsule or lander can bigger, you could fit more crew in it. Of course, in Tweakscale when changing the size of fuel tanks, larger tanks carry more fuel and are heavier. This should go without saying. But now, no matter how big I make the capsule, I can only fit one crew! The crew tab only allows one passenger. This is not economical, since I need more crew in a larger capsule! I KNOW it is possible to fit extra crew in Tweakscaled parts, I have done myself before on a lost install, and I have seen pictures of other players who have done this. Does anyone know how to fix this? There is nothing that should conflict with this mod, I only use stuff like SVE, BD Armory, and Space Y. Thanks
  7. Yes, I did try installing the mods individually, with the same result. There was no difference with or without EVE, Terrain Replacer, Scatterer, etc. I've narrowed it down to SVE as the likely culprit, since it only happens with SVE in the combination of mods. This happens on all the installs I've tried as of yet on this computer. I think I might keep trying different install orders for awhile and see if it changes anything. If I can't resolve this by more testing, I may ask in the SVE section... I don't believe I made any install mistakes, but you are right. Doing this would settle once and for all whether the problem is with my KSP mods, or my computer. I will try this, thank you!
  8. To clarify this a little, my brother also has a computer with similar specs, and he has no problem with SVE and scatterer, same mods I have enabled. This only happens on my machine, and it's got plenty of power to run KSP. Is EVE or Terrain Replacer affecting my graphics?
  9. Hello, I'm wondering something about the atmosphere mods. I've been using SVE, EVE, Scatterer, Terrain Replacer, and all combinations of them, along with using CKAN to enable them. But I still have a problem. See here: With all due respect to whoever made this texture, I personally think it looks weird. Especially because I can still see Eve's surface, which is dumb considering how thick its atmosphere is. Is it really suposed to look like this with SVE? I remember having Eve with the thick non-see-through atmo before with these mods awhile ago. Something is conflicting in my mods? This is what I want it to look similar to (and what it should look like in my opinion): I'm not that picky. I would like it if it looked one pale flat color, like in Matt Lowne videos. Can't find a pic, but you know what I'm talking about probably. So I'm not just talking about Eve here, I also have other issues, such as not having the haze along the line between the day and night sides. Should look like this, as shown on the SVE page: I am always able to see Kerbin's terrain as if it were lighted somewhat, even on the night side, unlike above picture shown... I've tried the manual approach, and CKAN, and it always turns out the same as in first pic... Any suggestions? Thank you
  10. I must confess I laughed at first, but this really is not a bad idea for quick and painless crew-to-orbit transit.
  11. Thank you! Perfect timing, I'm just now updating to 1.2.2. I've played KSP enough now to understand fairly well how to pilot rockets and aircraft. What I want now is to be able to take some of the difficulty and monotony away from escape and capturing burns. I spend way too much time fiddling with the orbit change thingy and it sucks up all my game time.
  12. LOL Oh my goodness that's hilarious! I must confess I wasn't really trying to suggest anything in my name, simply saw an opportunity for a parody. And congrats to the President-elect, he's definitely better than a Kerbal in office.
  13. Thank you! MechJeb sounds like a really useful mod. I think I will start using next time I rebuild my install.
  14. Thank you for your reply! What sort of information does it provide specifically? How does the autopilot work, and can it complete entire missions from takeoff to landing by itself, or do you have to train it somehow?
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