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  1. I presume you mean VERY long times at +6% O2. You can go along quite happily at that level for a long time (I don't have the figures in front of me). Practically speaking, O2 toxicity doesn't occur unless you're having someone breath > ~40% O2 for 24-48 hours. I can find some source material to back it up tomorrow but for now source = MD.
  2. I'm pretty new to KSP and to modding it. I've been setting up a whole whack of mods for the past 12 hours or so, trying to make sure that everything is compatible before I start anything. Anyhow, I'm not certain how to test this exactly but based on what you've said, it sounds like some of those resources from USI hadn't been added to Dang It's blacklist configuration file. My understanding is that anything on that list won't be used for leaks in DangIt/Entropy. Anyhow, I can't test it as I'm nowhere near making colonies but if you wanted to test it out, I poured through the USI code and extracted all the resource names that weren't in the DangIt config that I thought should be. So, the config file is at ~/GameData/DangIt/PluginData/DangIt/BlackList.cfg. Add this somewhere in the file: //USI ignore = MEP-Computing ignore = MEP-Environmental ignore = MEP-Mining ignore = MEP-Laboratory ignore = MEP-Manufacturing ignore = MEP-Refining ignore = MetallicOre ignore = Metals ignore = Polymers ignore = Karbonite ignore = PatchKits ignore = RepairKits ignore = ReplacementParts ignore = BasicMachinery ignore = AdvMachinery ignore = SpecMachinery ignore = PlasticParts ignore = Robotics ignore = Computers ignore = ModularParts ignore = Machinery ignore = DepletedFuel Let me know if that helps