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  1. Came back to KSP after a few months away and started a new game. Yep, I managed to kill all four initial kerbonauts on my second launch and I don't actually know what happened as I was alt-tabbed out doing something else at the time. Rocket must have fallen over for some reason.
  2. Haven't done this for awhile The Get Out And Push school of KSP
  3. My plans for my present career is a Munar refuelling station utilising an ore shuttle or three between the station and the Munar surface. Mine the ore on Mun, ship it to the Munar Station where it's processed and then use it to fuel interplanetary ships which would also be constructed in Munar orbit. That's the theory any way.
  4. Realising that I've forgotten the parachutes on the return module of my orbiter just after it re-entered atmosphere.
  5. Tried to add some more and larger cooling to my ore processor. Obviously stuck it in the wrong place despite the item showing green rather than red. The debris mostly appears to be the remains of the radiator.
  6. Used KAS/KIS to install a new docking port and then connected the new extension on my Munar Station: I'm slowly turning it into a refuelling station. My ore shuttle for the run to/from the Mun is just of screen.
  7. Can't say that I've ever used that particular configuration. More normally something like this: Or this: And this: Tech level dependent of course. I haven't got any screenshots of my really early ones.
  8. My initial career cash cow tends to be an orbital unit that can carry four or more kerbals to orbit and a fly-by of Mun. As I advance through I create ones that will land on Mun/Minmus with 7 or even eleven kerbals on board.
  9. Well, after nearly 1000 hours of play time I finally stuck an ore driller on Mun 1 Pilot, 4 engineers and 4 drills. Technically, I didn't need the pilot. Now to stick a processing plant on my Munar Station so I can actually use the stuff.
  10. I've had that happen a few times and not just in 1.2.2. Don't know what stops it from working but it does. Anyway, I use the TAC Fuel Balancer mod and it all works fine. And I use CKAN to manage my mods. To upload a pic to the foirums I have a Photobucket library where I upload them and then choose 'insert image from url' in the 'Insert other media' drop down list on the right. You need to use the Direct link from Photobucket (or other media cloud).
  11. Target the craft that you're going to rendezvous with. This will allow intersect information to be displayed Use a manoeuvre node to plan a Hohmann Transfer to the orbit of the target moving the manoeuvre node and manipulating the direction and amount of thrust to get intersect distance down to less than 2km - preferably less than 1km Use a second manoeuvre node to plan a burn to make your orbit the same as the targets Switch between both craft and set the targets as the docking ports and both ships are controlled from those docking ports. This means that you can use the target indicators in the HUD to align the docking ports After that it's just a case of using RCS to bring your craft to the target craft. Really, never forget your RCS as docking two ships on main thrusters alone is a real PITA. It's much easier to orient both.
  12. Minimum: 0 (probe or station launch) Usually: 2 (pilot and science) Max: 9 (1 pilot, 8 tourists)
  13. Gravity Turn lets you set m/s for when the turn starts. It's also OpenSource so having a look at how they do it may help with your own.