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  1. Congrats mate, looks like squad liked your idea, the EVA seat now has parachute compatibility in 1.4.3!
  2. Why is it i never think of checking for updates on mods until after I've loaded ksp? Darn it. XD Thanks Allista!
  3. How come it's so bad? Where i am, we usually don't get issues with utilities unless the weather has caused damage, and even then, when we do, the utilities company has emergency equipment on standby, so there's usually an emergency generator at the substation within an hour.
  4. Does anyone have a fix for the inoperable in-flight button? or have i just missed a patch?
  5. YAY, now i can build my mining operation without having to worry about long rover sessions. THANK YOU.
  6. I am feeling the lack of what i think is the most vital part of my vehicles. Can't wait for TCA to be updated, so i can try it with the new dlc parts and missions. PS - Thanks for the amazing mod @allista i have lost count of how many of my transport vehicles use it.
  7. Sandbox. I'm aware of the tech tree, so it's not that. I also made sure to enable the modules first, but i already know that that just gives you a non-functional window as opposed to not opening a window at all. Is TCA working for everyone else?
  8. TCA seems to be working for 1.4 but i can't say for certain because I cannot open the menu during flight. I'm not sure if this is a simple bad installation or a more serious error, if someone knows about the bug, could they please suggest a fix? FI- I have full access to the TCA setup during the editor, but when i click on the TCA menu button in flight, it does nothing. I have other mods installed, so they might be affecting TCA, i'll try reinstalling with just TCA