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  1. I figured there ought to be plenty of fans of both VR and space travel history on these forums... If you have an Oculus Rift DK2, you absolutely must check this out. There is a free downloadable demo available, supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is an educational recreation of the Apollo 11 mission in virtual reality. They've used archived footage and audio, and built detailed models of the command and lunar modules for you to ride in. The demo is the first few minutes of the mission, plus some extra stuff to lead you into it, including part of JFK's 1961 speech asking Congress to initiate the Apollo project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436197736/the-apollo-11-virtual-reality-experience-education?wecandoit
  2. Here we go! The video is 29 minutes, I might try and edit it down later, but here it is for now.
  3. I finally completed the new revision of this challenge last night. I\'ll try and get a video up sometime this weekend. My usual cargo-lifting ship became more and more uncontrollable as it ran lower on fuel, so I had to build a new one with a lower center of gravity. It took 160 fuel tanks to get the thing into a solar escape orbit, and one more to get the Kerbals back home.
  4. New ship, I managed 4250 m/s at an altitude of 500 km, which eventually translated to an apoapsis of 10 KAU above Kerbol. Getting closer! A few hundred more m/s of delta-V ought to do it, and I might be able to get that if the Kraken leaves me alone in the next release of the game.
  5. A Kerbol escape orbit is proving quite difficult indeed. You need to add 3845.8 m/s to Kerbin\'s orbital velocity, plus the amount needed to escape Kerbin\'s atmosphere and SoI. That\'s a lot of delta-V to impart to a 50-tonne payload. My 100-LFT design can get an apoapsis of about 3 KAU (3x Kerbin\'s orbit).
  6. Even a realistic drag model would have this property. The Apollo missions faced re-entry speeds of over 10 km/s. What we\'re missing is a heating model and a limit to the number of Gs that a Kerbal can withstand. In the video above, the poor crew would\'ve been pancaked.
  7. Get into orbit, periapsis at least 70 km, using only SRBs for propulsion. You don\'t have to return safely. I\'ve done it with 18 SRBs.
  8. Best I\'ve managed to do so far is put this thing in a Kerbin-escape. My ships are being systematically destroyed by the Space Kraken, so it\'s quite difficult to make orbital maneuvers.
  9. Yeah, I feel like necro bumps in this forum are appropriate, because the game is constantly adding new features and changing the rules around, which makes old challenges new again. And I\'m not just saying that because this was my challenge. I enjoyed it when the Race to 100 km and Three Minute Challenge threads kept coming back with new versions of the game. Oniontrain made a great model for the storage vessel, but it looks pink now because the model and/or texture format changed between versions. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  10. When this challenge was conceived, you could never go into Kerbol\'s SoI. But you also couldn\'t build truly massive rockets without framerates going into single digits. So I think it\'s appropriate to raise the stakes. I\'ll say a Kerbol escape orbit will be good enough, but major style points if you can crash it into the star itself.
  11. Third attempt didn\'t go as smoothly, but still landed with no dead Kerbals: I made two mistakes: I didn\'t tip over soon enough/quickly enough, so my initial apoapsis was much higher than intended. I somewhat compensated for this by not completely circularizing, even putting my periapsis in the atmosphere since I knew I wasn\'t going to reach it anyway before trans-munar injection. And the second mistake is pretty obvious, I hit the throttle too hard when landing, wasted a bit of fuel going back up, and ended up running out on the next pass and crashing a bit. So you can see it\'s clearly possible to do with a bit more skill than I displayed.
  12. That was what happened on my first attempt. To save a little bit of fuel, you should do a correction burn the very instant you are captured by the Mun\'s SoI. Put your periapsis at about 1 000 m, then coast to that point, then burn off most of your horizontal speed (again, using Oberth here, burn fuel at low altitudes whenever possible). Then you WAIT until you\'re about 100 m above the surface, holding your breath and crossing your fingers, before relighting the engine for landing. I had literally less than 10 seconds of fuel left for landing, and not at full throttle.
  13. Two and one half tanks to the Mun. No prayer of getting back home, of course (or even off the surface again for that matter). 8) The margin on this mission was incredibly tight. You have to manage throttle during takeoff, to reduce air resistance. You have to make your trans-lunar insertion burn at LKO, around 75 km, to take advantage of the Oberth effect (no warping around at 50x time and 150k altitude). And you have VERY little budget for landing fuel. Hence, I tipped over because I couldn\'t find a flat spot to land.
  14. I tried 3 tanks just now, and on my way back, I got the periapsis to Kerbin down to 345 000 m. So close. Of course, you still need more to cushion your actual landing. But I bet you\'re right, you could do it on a perfect run.
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