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  1. Okay, What are my logs? My crash reports? http://imgur.com/a/IkgCl Can you see the picture? Sorry i am a nub at forums
  2. Hey, i have a problem. For some reason it doesn't work. I did everything what you sayd. But no beautiful nice planet textures. No something. Just stock.
  3. i'll think i found the problem. I deleted RO (RealismOverhaul), because when i have dont the loadning screen freeze at MIR_core or MIR_RCS truster block. How can i fix this? And should RealismOverhaul give me the BIG solar panels of the iss? Or can i deploy radiators? And i have watched under structuals but cant find the Big solar panels of the iss. Only soyuz and MIR solar panels which are under Utility.
  4. Do you mean the structual map in the iss mod? If so i Have'nt one. What About the firespitter mod? That is That mod for choppers and planes How is That gonna help? Im Sorry for all questions. Thx
  5. Hey, i did just downloaded this mod. But i have a couple of problems. First porblem is that i cant find the big solar panels. Second the solar panels i have (smal ones) Dont give any energy flow so i cant get energy. And 3 problem is that the radiators do not deploy. O yea and i am using KSP 1.0.0. I realy hope someone can help me. THX!
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