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  1. Not all parts show up on the main parts tab. Try searching for it in the search bar.
  2. the screens don't do anything i just have a white screen with textures how do i fix this
  3. Can someone do a new iva for the crew module instead of having the hitchhiker iva. Also will the new version work on 1.0.5
  4. when i had this installed i couldn't take crew reports or eva reports i deleted it but i still can't can someone please help me.
  5. I have this installed but I now can't take crew reports can someone tell me why.
  6. I have this installed but it wont allow me to do a crew report the option is not available can someone tell me why.
  7. Have you had the problem when you put the deploy able habitat modules or the science bay in to the endurance it explodes on the launch pad.
  8. When I install OPM or kerbonicus, Kerbin 64 gets installed is there any way I can stop this because I still want the original size Kerbin
  9. Just place some micro landing gear there and off set it so it goes inside the ship it works fine.
  10. Is ksp 1.1 out yet.

    1. Dafni


      only experimentals to a select lucky few. check the streams, people are talking about it a lot since saturday

  11. I just placed some micro landing struts on the lander it works fine
  12. Hey can someone please tell me what module manager is and do i need it?
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