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  1. I'm not a big forum person, but I have been playing KSP for a few years with several hundred of hours of play. I use mods to a great extent, but I have been using the same mods for a long time without adding new ones for quite awhile. Current version I am playing on is 1.2.1. So here's the problem... no new mods added since the last time I played without any difficulty and suddenly every single time I EVA or undock two ships whatever I happen to be in control of suddenly flies out of control towards the nearest gravity well. This has happened on multiple ships in multiple spheres of influence. If I select another ship quickly enough (while still in range of whatever I just left) then I can go to the space center and the ship stops falling. However, if I try to fly it afterwards, the game crashes. Otherwise it tells me I cannot time warp while under acceleration (engines deactivated and thrust on 0) and trying to fight against the fall just burns fuel and doesn't work. Mostly I'm just wondering if anyone else has that happen to them, mods or not.
  2. Aidian

    Getting started... sort of

    @Navy2k @Starhawk thanks a ton for that, for some reason none of that information seems to have ever shown up in my searching (except engineer redux). Now I've run into another problem. I use mechjeb mostly for auto warp and helping me to plan some of the bigger maneuvers that I'm still struggling with, but I also have kerbal joint reinforcement and they don't seem to be completely compatible. For example, ascent guidance will fire my rockets like a bullet even when ive told it to limit to terminal velocity. I limit my Q to between 20 and 25k and that seems to help, but then mechjeb will do my gravity turn so fast the ship flips and game over. For the record I have manually launched the same rockets and gotten them into orbit with little to no issue. So I wonder if I should just dump mechjeb or is there a workaround out there that I haven't found?
  3. Aidian

    Getting started... sort of

    Thanks! I've been skulking about the forums for a very long time, and it's been very helpful so far, but I can't find anywhere to teach me how to make the delta v calculations without using mechjeb or doing it trial and error
  4. So I'm new...ish... I was hanging out with a friend who has the game but never played it and figured I'd try it out. Next thing I know I've purchased the game and more or less dumped every free second of my life into it. I've been playing for about two months now and feel I've got a fairly solid grasp on the mechanics of the game. I'm a decent pilot and most of my designs function the second or third attempt. I've gotten quite a few mods and cherry picked the ones that ireally like that don't completely wreck my pc (CHAKA is one of my favorites but my game randomly crashes every ten minutes or so with it installed, no idea why). What I really need is help with the rocket science. My simple ships fly flawlessly and preform everything they're meant to, but I'm obviously not going to land on Eeloo with what I've had so far. Even still I can get them to the Mun but can never make it all the way back. Whatever free time hasn't been devoted to ksp has been watching Scott Manley videos or studying delta v in relation to kerbal and I still can't seem to grasp it.