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  1. Well first of all,the problems I have mentioned were solved soon after I install Real Overhaul,however new problems coming up. All the my rockets can't get into orbit.All the vessels(Soyuz,TKS,Salyut,Almaz) ends up around 20-30km with insufficient fuel.Ps I have install all the Dependencies mods
  2. Just update all ur mod to 1.7 however something goes wrong.Firstly, all the 3rd stage firings of the Soyuz Rockets were gone. Secondly, when I try to launch any vessel from proton such as Salyut TKS Almaz and Zond,after couple of seconds of the launch,those vessel will osculate horizonally therefore breaking the rocket into parts. Are there missing parts in the mod, since I didn't build then launch by myself.
  3. I was fascinated by your work, hope you can keep on with that. However, I want to say that when I use mechjeb to launch the Hokulani Skylab after it reached to target altitude and the autopilot went off and I try to activate the SAS, then message "has no operational sas module" appeared what happened to the skylab since I assemble it according to the manual.
  4. @silentvelcro I try to launch the X-20 with FASA's Titan Boosters+MechJeb2,when the rocket reach the 1000m ,the rocket start shaking and fly with different direction and it broken into few part finally,Also I can't set any target with these setup.(PS:I tried with every FASA Part and everything back to normal,even I launch the SIV Station and it still launch successful)