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  1. I've made plenty of stable and meta-stable rockets with stock fuel flow in my time, but while attempting a fully reusable career play-through I decided that this particular mechanic had to go. I'm aware of the workarounds using fuel pumps, tank locking, and even the TankLock mod being maintained by the illustrious linuxgurugamer: However, what I would really like is for rocket engines to just behave like jet engines, having the "resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE" property which causes fuel to drain evenly from all of the tanks in the current stage. To that end I made a Module Manager patch with the following text: This should change the resource flow mode to the desired mode in all engines which use ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX (every rocket and jet engine I've inspected the .cfg of), but it had no effect for me. I've only ever seen resourceFlowMode defined for jet engines (ModuleEnginesFX), and it's always defined as "STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE". Is this node simply not implemented for ModuleEngines, or have I made a silly mistake in my Module Manager syntax? Thank you.
  2. As I am playing on a low-end laptop, I'm pressed to minimize the number of parts on my vessels. In a lot of cases I simply edit config files to make parts "denser" (for example, more weight, cost, and electric charge on batteries) instead of spamming the same parts, but fiddling with crew capacity causes issues. I need a low part count solution to building craft with 50-100 crew capacity for completing the TourismPlus hotel and casino contracts, and for transporting dozens of tourists to them without loading in 600 parts during docking. Ideally, I would like some 2.5m parts with 10+ crew capacity and some 3.75m parts with similar capacity. The Mk3 crew container obviously fits these parameters, but I would like something that fits into the other form factors. Edit: I'm specifically looking for parts mods that are compatible with 1.1.3, although advice on config editing is also 100% welcome.
  3. Sorry if this is an epic n00b question, but I read the original post and searched this topic page for "vostok" and haven't found an answer: I've just unlocked the "korabl-sputnik 1" mission and it prompts me to use "an unmanned vostok-style command pod". I've tried using the stayputnik and prodobodyne octo probe cores; the contract says "[checkmark] crew: unmanned" but "[x-mark] Include an unmanned Vostok-style command pod". What am I missing here? I know there are several recommended parts mods, but it doesn't sound like they're required. I'm playing with several dozen mods, and it's possible that I've deleted a parts mod that was enabled when I started this career mode, but I haven't changed my modlist very much. Thanks very much for you answer, and for this amazingly comprehensive contract pack. Greatly enjoying the play-through.
  4. Hi ferram4, I love your mod, just like everyone else. I even chose my username because FAR, pWings, and KJR make it possible to do amazing and realistic aerobatics in KSP. Thank you for being awesome! I just have a simple question about modifying KJR; I apologize for the length of the background information, but I figured it's better than not giving enough information. I've modified the stock Dawn engine to have two modes for... "experimental" purposes . The two modes are "conventional" and "hyperdrive". Conventional mode has ASL thrust of 12.5 and VAC thrust of 100. Hyperdrive has ASL thrust of 250 and VAC thrust of 2000. Obviously this is overpowered and doesn't have any relevance for stock or stock-alike parts, but the high levels of thrust cause issues because of the 0.625m size of the Dawn engine and the correspondingly weak joint connections (whether using stock or KJR). With stock joints the engine simply breaks off of the craft in hyperdrive mode at full throttle. KJR has more "interesting" behavior: In conventional mode the engine works fine in VAC and ASL at full throttle, but in hyperdrive mode the engine clips into whatever it's attached to at about 1/2 throttle, and experiences spontaneous torque at about 3/4 throttle; this changes the thrust vector, which leads to increasing torque on the vehicle as a whole (usually rotational torque) and eventually results in "rapid unplanned disassembly" of the experimental transportation platform. The rotational torque on the vehicle eventually rips the Dawn joints apart, but the joints don't break from the initial, spontaneous torque, or from the engine thrust using KJR. I'm thinking that I can tweak a couple of the parameters described in the Readme.md to fix the issue, but I read your Readme.md and I still can't figure out what parameters would fix the clipping. It seems like "angularDriveSpring" would fix the problem with the engine experiencing spontaneous torque and altered thrust vector, but earlier discussion in this topic (I read up to page 8 before posting) indicates that increasing this parameter too much might cause "Very Bad Things" (quoted from you) because of the long physics timesteps that KSP wisely uses to avoid melting my processor. What are the upper values for this parameter before it tends to cause "Very Bad Things", and what parameter(s) should I change to fix the clipping? There doesn't appear to be a "linearDriveSpring" or "linearForceDamer" or any linear equivalents to the angular force parameters - will fixing "angularDriveSpring" also fix the clipping? If I want to avoid stiffening all of the joints in the game, would it maybe just be best to add "<string name="exemptPartType2">ionEngine</string>" and manually set "breakingForce" and "breakingTorque" to 200 or 300? Thanks again! P.S. The documentation is more than adequate for those more familiar with coding, but if you're getting a lot of stupid questions about it from users that aren't familiar with coding (like this one), then I'd be happy to ask stupid questions about the other parameters and suggest some more idiot-friendly explanations for their functions so that you aren't inundated with similar questions in the future.
  5. The previous "stable" release from Steam appears to be 1.1.2, because that is what I'm set to in the properties tab and Steam updated the game to 1.1.2. Unfortunately, no backups Is it possible to get this from the Squad store as a Steam customer without re-purchasing the game?
  6. There are a lot of people complaining about the 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 updates for a lot of reasons, and everybody knows this by now, so I won't reiterate their complaints. Instead, I have a simple question; having installed 1.1.2 and deleted my files from 1.0.5, is it possible for me to install 1.0.5 again, or are the required files not offered by steam or directly from Squad? I'm more than happy to keep playing 1.0.5 until 1.1.x is stable, but I've exhausted the replay value of the unmodded game and I don't expect a modded install to be stable for some time. While I run a modded install, my question can be answered irrespective of the mods I have installed or will install if I can reinstall 1.0.5, so I've posted it here.
  7. Crzyrndm and Taniwha, I love this mod. You have my eternal gratitude. As with most mod authors, I expect your main reason for maintaining this mod that you both enjoy it at least as much as I do, but it's always good to express and receive appreciation. Beside reducing part count and letting people make much more aesthetically pleasing aircraft, this mod has been as important for me as FAR for modeling supermaneuverability; there are aircraft designs which are not only tedious but physically impossible to create using stock parts. When it comes to the balance between maneuverability and aerodynamic stability, tiny variations in wing and control surface size are the difference between safely buzzing the VAB at mach 2 and stalling out during takeoff. Now, a quick question which actually hasn't been answered here: is the "mass" parameter in the .cfg files for these crafts the unit mass for these parts? By that I mean; if I double this parameter in the config file, will the mass of a pWing of a given size be doubled, or is the parameter just a placeholder? I've read the .CFG documentation wiki page and have some experience modding Civilization, but I don't have any actual coding experience, so I don't know where to look to find out how you define the final mass of a pWing. Thank you! - an aerodynamics enthusiast