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    Supermaneuverability, modeling optimal launch stage design with and without Realistic Solar System and RealFuels, modeling ICBM and anti-ballistic missile physics and tactics using FAR and BD Armory, modeling anti-satellite warfare with X-37b analogs, and other KSP activities related to military applications.

    Note; I am not an experienced computer scientist or aerospace engineer, and I am not affiliated with the military; they have (slightly?) better modeling programs than KSP :)

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  1. Not an official support request, but if I get any help here I'll be happy to reply with whatever details/files you need. I'm having a similar issue on my 1.8.1 install with 10.625x. Even with the cheat menu options "unbreakable joints" and "no crash damage", landing legs deployed, and a VERY SOFT touchdown of 0.5 m/s on minmus' flats, my craft go boom boom. What's more, the failure/explosion seems to occur starting on the root part, or somewhere else in the center of the ship. The subsequent debris also vaporizes, despite being mere meters off of the supposed surface (KER surface altimete
  2. I was having issues with the old rescale mod (which mostly works on my 1.8.1 install) terrain graphics not matching the colliders, and the "surface" collider itself seemingly being below the "crashed into planet" collider (not an experienced coder, just my description). In other words, my ship go boom boom even if I *very gently* touch down on the collider that my KER surface altimeter detects (often 20-2000m off from the graphics). Before switching over to this mod, I was wondering if anyone has had any similar issues with this mod.
  3. I've made plenty of stable and meta-stable rockets with stock fuel flow in my time, but while attempting a fully reusable career play-through I decided that this particular mechanic had to go. I'm aware of the workarounds using fuel pumps, tank locking, and even the TankLock mod being maintained by the illustrious linuxgurugamer: However, what I would really like is for rocket engines to just behave like jet engines, having the "resourceFlowMode = STAGE_STACK_FLOW_BALANCE" property which causes fuel to drain evenly from all of the tanks in the current stage. To that end I made a Modu
  4. As I am playing on a low-end laptop, I'm pressed to minimize the number of parts on my vessels. In a lot of cases I simply edit config files to make parts "denser" (for example, more weight, cost, and electric charge on batteries) instead of spamming the same parts, but fiddling with crew capacity causes issues. I need a low part count solution to building craft with 50-100 crew capacity for completing the TourismPlus hotel and casino contracts, and for transporting dozens of tourists to them without loading in 600 parts during docking. Ideally, I would like some 2.5m parts with 10+ crew capac
  5. Sorry if this is an epic n00b question, but I read the original post and searched this topic page for "vostok" and haven't found an answer: I've just unlocked the "korabl-sputnik 1" mission and it prompts me to use "an unmanned vostok-style command pod". I've tried using the stayputnik and prodobodyne octo probe cores; the contract says "[checkmark] crew: unmanned" but "[x-mark] Include an unmanned Vostok-style command pod". What am I missing here? I know there are several recommended parts mods, but it doesn't sound like they're required. I'm playing with several dozen mods, and it's po
  6. Hi ferram4, I love your mod, just like everyone else. I even chose my username because FAR, pWings, and KJR make it possible to do amazing and realistic aerobatics in KSP. Thank you for being awesome! I just have a simple question about modifying KJR; I apologize for the length of the background information, but I figured it's better than not giving enough information. I've modified the stock Dawn engine to have two modes for... "experimental" purposes . The two modes are "conventional" and "hyperdrive". Conventional mode has ASL thrust of 12.5 and VAC thrust of 100. Hyperdrive has ASL
  7. The previous "stable" release from Steam appears to be 1.1.2, because that is what I'm set to in the properties tab and Steam updated the game to 1.1.2. Unfortunately, no backups Is it possible to get this from the Squad store as a Steam customer without re-purchasing the game?
  8. There are a lot of people complaining about the 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 updates for a lot of reasons, and everybody knows this by now, so I won't reiterate their complaints. Instead, I have a simple question; having installed 1.1.2 and deleted my files from 1.0.5, is it possible for me to install 1.0.5 again, or are the required files not offered by steam or directly from Squad? I'm more than happy to keep playing 1.0.5 until 1.1.x is stable, but I've exhausted the replay value of the unmodded game and I don't expect a modded install to be stable for some time. While I run a modded install, my q
  9. Crzyrndm and Taniwha, I love this mod. You have my eternal gratitude. As with most mod authors, I expect your main reason for maintaining this mod that you both enjoy it at least as much as I do, but it's always good to express and receive appreciation. Beside reducing part count and letting people make much more aesthetically pleasing aircraft, this mod has been as important for me as FAR for modeling supermaneuverability; there are aircraft designs which are not only tedious but physically impossible to create using stock parts. When it comes to the balance between maneuverability and aerody
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