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  1. I would recommend the very good mod janitor from linuxgurugamer. This way you can hide any part you like, while still supporting old ships.
  2. I know its necro, bot i think this (maybe its new) will work as well: List<ModuleEngines> myEngineModules = vessel.FindPartModulesImplementing<ModuleEngines>();
  3. I already assumed it was caused by loss of all power, thanks for the clarification.
  4. i found these, but the second one is down. Will it be integrated in the next version?
  5. Hi there, is this mod responsible for this?
  6. i would also be interested in a way to make B9 THE standard switching mod.
  7. Hi, i am getting 200 million of these: Many many mods, full USI suite. Here is the Log:
  8. Is it possible, that the Kerbitrail FlexOTube from MKS won't work with the KAS Beta?
  9. If kees is not biome dependant, then why does [x] stop warp at all? Maybe that's a question for @Z-Key Aerospace Another issue for me is that @SpaceTiger's ASS is able to grab many of the Nehemia experiments instantly. You can still role-play and do it properly, but it is a little bit too automated imho.
  10. Are you using my cfg from here by any chance? (Last post) @Alshain will you add my contribution to the list? The one I posted a page ago. The cfg from the linked thread could be useful as well.
  11. Up to today no issues with the beta.