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  1. Hi Guys, taking a break from KSP for over a year now, sorry for not being here. About the update to the newest version: i forgot everything i have to do to make it work again, but I'll try it :-) EDIT: recompiled and pushed to git master, if the bot catches the update, it should be available within the next hour or so. Give feedback if it did work out.
  2. The very opposite is the case, without DBS, RealBattery is not working properly at high warp speeds. That's why it's linked as recommend on CKAN.
  3. The new Netflix series is sort of meh, but I like the ship design, especially the ssto approach they use for the family lander cans (was it Jupiter 2??) Has anyone already tried to recreate them? I'm on holiday, so no ksp for some time :-)
  4. I was using mechjebs differential thrust functionality for VTOL'in with 4 thermal nozzles and experienced some non-proportional behavior with the limit thrust lever: a 10% lever gave about 1% engine thrust, 50% about 20% and 70% around 70% This way it's hard to balance engine thrust for using them as VTOL engines. I guess it's the same behavior with the main thrust lever as well.
  5. Yes, you need a big enough EC buffer to be able to send data as 1 big chunk. Alternatively, In your case I would enable partial data transmission, it works for me, and is more realistic too. We don't have multiple gigabit per second in our space probes, but rather send and receive data in a long timespan. One reason for that is the available electric power.
  6. SC ist defined by part mass * energy density, which is dependent on the battery tech level. In this instance, the realbattery module is not supported to be used on anything but batteries, like command pods you are using. The SC in the cfg is, as you saw, useless, you can even delete that part entirely, it's old and unused. So it's totally irrelevant how much EC a part had before it's concerted to a realbattery. You can see the used energy and power densities in the sourcecode on GitHub. I'm on mobile, so can't give you many links for now.
  7. Awesome mod @taniwha, thank you for all the effort ;-)
  8. @FreeThinker may i ping you for that post of mine: i already have an idea: use tweakscale absolute instead of relative, here.
  9. You are welcome. I had that problem as well with my mod, and I am using @Nertea's dynamic battery storage mod. It's somehow close to what KSPI-E is doing I think. What's your plan for such a resource broker? No one did such a thing yet. Would you overwrite the stock requestResource method and catch all requests? Is that possible? Will you change effect all resources?
  10. @Arivald Ha'gel @FreeThinker Btw, i cloned your GIT and it built all the way through on the first time. GZ for such a tidy project!
  11. 2 supersonic intakes (the spikey ones) followed by 2 precoolers, all 1.25m. Might be that one: // if _moduleResourceIntake is null there SHOULD be an exception - and it's a good thing.
  12. https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/blob/2ecae985399e5bb4f8c8f31588f8a9dae6acee0f/FNPlugin/Collectors/AtmosphericIntake.cs#L107
  13. [EXC 22:27:06.881] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object FNPlugin.AtmosphericIntake.UpdateAtmosphereBuffer () FNPlugin.AtmosphericIntake.IntakeThatAir () FNPlugin.AtmosphericIntake.FixedUpdate () lots of these on Ike, maybe everywhere with no atmosphere.
  14. Thats right, but should not be needed. Please give it a try with stock values first, because if it doesn't work, i'd rather fix it in the sourcecode, than band-aiding stuff.
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