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  1. Hey Guys! First off, kudos to the 1.1.3 update in such a wonderfully short time. I was wondering however, what is up with the runway, and if anyone else was having troubles? I know thanks to prior wheel issues the base runway was updated to use the level 3 model to avoid potholes, but I'm still having some issues. Generally the wheel issues seem less drastic with 1.1.3 than they did with 1.1.2, but I'm running into a magical bump in the runway, on occasion (not every launch), about a third of the way down which sends my planes nose into the air which then results in a crash since few of my planes can reach the necessary speed to take off by that point. Just wanted to bring it to your attention, let me know if/what additional information I need to supply to help with this issue. I'm running a clean install through ckan with nothing but RSS/RO/RP-0 (and dependencies, of course). I use hanger grid on a different save file to build the planes (allows auto alignment), then transfer the plane into my RP-0 save. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello! I'm having some issues opening ckan. This problem is likely related to my complete newb status with Ubuntu 14.04. I used to run ckan with win10 on my prior machine. I checked about 10 pages back on the forum, looked at the basic troubleshooting article on gihub, and did a complete step by step reinstall from the installing ckan on ubuntu page at gihub. As such, I'm resorting to the forum. Sorry if this problem was addressed even further back than I checked. Issue described below, along steps I've taken to attempt to fix it, let me know if there's any other information you need. Of note, ckan worked perfectly two days ago and the issue began last night. Issue: In brief, I cannot open ckan.exe. I followed the step for installing mono, including running mozroots --import --ask-remove and sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev. Two days ago I was able to simply click on the ckan.exe icon on the desktop (slowly transitioning to using command lines as I learn ubuntu) and everything worked. Two days ago, that quit working double click the icon, and nothing happens. So I started doing a right click and selecting opening with mono. Worked fine. Downloaded some random mods seemed to work. Decided to delete the install with random mods (instead of using ckan to do it as I've learned that uninstalling and resinstalling tends to release the kracken) and start over with a clean ksp install. Yesterday, try to open ckan.exe by way of double-click... nothing. Remembered that I had been using right-click open with mono, try this but open with mono has disappeared. Tried open with other application and found open with ckan launcher. Opened Ckan. great. Selected all the mods I wanted (alot) and died. Checked the forum multiple issues addressed: ckan bugs out when trying to install too many mods at once, fine simple fix reduce number installed at once, kerbalstuff issues, fine don't try to download those. After playing around some of the kerbalstuff mods still had folders in gamedata and ksp wouldn't launch - black screen then close. So nuke that install assuming in all my haste to get all the mods in place I released the kracken somewhere. New clean ksp install. Try to open ckan.exe as before with right-click ckan launcher. Wait, and nothing. Mouse cursor becomes spinny wheel for a couple sec's then nothing. Look for other open options, try opening with wine. That doesn't work, get the following : Error in autoupdate: Error getting response stream (Write: The authentication or decryption has failed.): SendFailure. dismiss the error gui opens and then this: Oh no! Our download failed with a certificate error! If you're on Linux, try running: mozroots --import --ask-remove on the command-line to update your certificate store, and try again. Ckan closes. run the mozroots command just to be sure. try again, same errors. Try using command line. no gold. Get the following error: Cannot open assembly 'ckan.exe': No such file or directory. Decide clean install of everything is in order. Double check I'm using the latest update of mono (mono --version). I'm up to date. Even try downloading again in the event some file went missing. Try running ckan.exe from desktop. same issues. Use command line. same issue. I'm out of ideas. Thoughts? I know this is likely id10t user error. If anyone knows where I screwed up or how to fix it it'd be greatly appreciated. I so much prefer using ckan to manage ksp mods over fiddling with manual installs of everything. Sorry for the long post, didn't want to leave anything out. Error found, if I move ckan.exe to the home folder instead of desktop and use command line to run mono ckan.exe, everything works fine. id10t error solved.