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  1. I whipped up a configuration where instead of cargo containers, it was alternating karborundum and karbonite storage....holy balls karborundum is expensive. Maybe I'll have a constellation of collectors and a logistics module on the Coyote.....
  2. Good Lord warp drive would be epic on this mod. But I'd settle for thrusters & landing gear
  3. TCA + some electric fans = tons of fun
  4. Can't wait for the 1.3 release
  5. I just remembered that my main request can easily be tweaked in Notepad (science/data capacity in the lab). I just looked at the cfg file (yay DropBox) and realized that there was an extra zero that I was too tired to notice last night. Hmmmm....if I remember correctly, there's an atmospheric Karborundum collector, maybe I'll slap a few of those on the hull
  6. Oh and please don't take away my ability to launch from Kerbin
  7. Thanks. Perhaps searching by resource use only picks up on default resources (ie: If that tank stores monoprop by default, it would only show up if I searched by that resource). Also, what is your preferred method for suggestions regarding features for future releases? Here, via PM, etc?
  8. Awesome mod! I decided to start a sandbox game to get a feel for the craft as I haven't quite unlocked all of the parts in career mode yet and I'm utterly amazed that I can launch the damn thing from Kerbin. What I haven't quite figured out yet is how to refuel the ship. I can obviously have a few cargo containers configured for Karbonite, but when it comes to Karborundum, the ship hull seems to be the only item that stores it. I looked at configuring the USI containers (which is how I got to Karbonite), but there was no Karborundum option. Hopefully it's simply a matter of missing a particular mod (I have Karbonite and Karbonite+). When I get home, I'll check things out in my sandbox game just to rule out whether or not the problem is caused by not having unlocked the right module. /edit: I'm using Interstellar Fuel Switch and Configurable Containers if it matters.
  9. Think I finally got it figured out
  10. Guess I need to go make some more science and unlock them then
  11. Perhaps someone can help shed some light on these 2 issues: The first is that on every video related to this mod I've seen, the wheels are initially attached in a compact fashion. Mine attach straight down. Mine look nothing like this when I build my rover-crane. There's no "start extended/start retracted" option that I see in the vids, just "deploy", "stow left" and "stow right" The second issue being when I deploy the legs, as soon as they're fully deployed, the vehicle starts twitching and bouncing around. Help! (screencap from random youtube vid) My in game screen cap.
  12. Now why I never thought to slap a couple of solar panels on my LEM is beyond me.
  13. The "Infinity Drone", a Coatl/USI/BlueDog mashup. Electric fans with solar/RTG power sources. Controlled by TCA.
  14. Greatest quad-copter related mod ever!
  15. Anyone know of a guide to help explain the servos and such so I can configure the wheeled legs to stow and deploy at the desired angles?