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  1. Something along these lines, but for Material Kits/Specialized Parts (or at least includes them). https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki/Parts-(Tundra-Series)#mks-tundra-mobile-workshop Think I found what I needed.
  2. Sweet. Now I just need to find an up to date resource chart and I can start planning.
  3. I'm good with only requiring kerbals to construct base modules. No worries about slow production of MK/SP. I only have a rudimentary understanding of planetary logistics....don't quite get pushing/pulling.
  4. If memory serves me right, some modules require a kerbal on board (either the module or the station, I don't recall) in order to function. Is there a mod or config file tweak that I can use to remove that requirement? Basically I'd like to be able to land a drone on a planet, mine resources and produce Material Kits/Specialized Parts BEFORE the Kerbals arrive on the planet to begin base construction.
  5. If I remember correctly, some fabrication modules (USI for example) require personnel on board to function. What I'd like to do is land a drone ship on a planet and fabricate the required Material Kits/Specialized parts so they're available and ready when the Kerbals arrive on the site. Is there any sort of mod that would allow me to do this or do I need to go into the config files for the parts and remove personnel requirements?
  6. This is true. Seems this mod is a smidge out of sync with the changes. It's been a long morning, didn't notice the age of what I was quoting.
  7. Lading: Placing a craft on a planetary body in such a way where it can be used again. At least that's how I define "land successfully"
  8. I'm ok with this. Has anyone managed to land their craft on a place like the Mun, Minmus, Duna, etc?
  9. Sweet....thanks. Now I can freeze troublesome kerbals and jettison them on eve
  10. @dboi88 I noticed on GitHub, you made an entry on 30 April regarding Deep Freeze support. Has there been any forward motion on that? I'd think a small part (same size as the reactor) with room for maybe a half dozen kerbals and some glykerol (I think that's the fluid used) would be a great addition to the mod.
  11. Is seemingly random kerbnet outages a feature of this mod? I don't know if I need to start troubleshooting or not.
  12. Thanks....I'll check when I get home.
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