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  1. Hey all! I am running into an issue with my rather heavily modded KSP RO, RP-1 and RSS install. I have read through your patch notes and the only thing i can think that might be causing this is your version 20.0 which says you cant revert back to before this version once you have run it on your save, the issue here is however, when I update to version 20.2 or 20.1(haven't tried 20.0 itself) my game freezes up my PC upon loading into my save file, when i roll back to 18.14, it is perfectly fine. I went through and checked to make sure it was indeed Scansat that was causing this by leaving my
  2. It would seem that was the case, i installed it to a folder on my desktop and it produced the log file just fine. Now that i did that, it seems all is working. Must have been a permissions issue then like you said. Thanks for your help! Im glad it was that simple of a fix.
  3. Unless i am being blind here, i dont see it. https://imgur.com/a/j8OlU3d I have started it multiple times since installation last night.
  4. May I ask where i can find that log file? I looked in the KSPTOT file and in my log file in KSP, i dont see a log file specifically for KSPTOT.
  5. Good afternoon, I glanced through the thread a bit and didnt see anything in regards to this. But I have installed KSPTOT and followed the instructions provided. Yes I have also restarted my PC, but all i get when i try to load up the planetary system in regards to RSS in game during a flight scene, it just shows the loading bar, dings then nothing happens. The bodies stay the same, that being Kerbin, Jool etc, and nothing else changes. Do you know what might be causing this? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, apologies if my questions had a bit of an obvious answer to them, was just double checking.
  7. Will do, and im assuming it doesnt work on 1.8 atm since Kopernicus isnt updated, from what i have found at least
  8. Any idea if SVE(Stock Visual Enhancements) works with this mod? Its probably a no since it isnt in the compatibility list but I thought it was worth a try.
  9. So originally I was using Ckan for all of it. I uninstalled all of the mods via Ckan, went and downloaded them from their github links and downloaded from there. The issue was that the Realplume RFStockalike had to actually go inside the Realplume mod file, which Ckan was not doing. Everything works fine now. Thanks for your response though!
  10. Do not know if this is the right place to ask. But im attempting to use the Real Fuel configs along with it, so the RealPlume-RFStockalike. Currently it does not seem to be working with my install of 1.8. Real fuels itself works, and the stock config for Real plume works, but not the stockalike which allows for hydrolox, kerolox and so on to look different. https://i.imgur.com/Sr1UMmY.png here is my install of mods. All are fresh when regarding Real Fuels and Real Plume. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does anyone know why i am getting this dark sky? I have Stock visual enhancements installed as well as Planet Shine.
  12. Ok thanks! How will that impact the answers I get? Just wondering.
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