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  1. Does anyone know why i am getting this dark sky? I have Stock visual enhancements installed as well as Planet Shine.
  2. Ok thanks! How will that impact the answers I get? Just wondering.
  3. Ok thanks, does anyone know which mod is causing my reaction wheels to not exist?
  4. "FacePalm" Why did i not search that up? Lol I assumed it was under some fancy name.
  5. yes signature, and do you just need the output log or the whole file? http://www.mediafire.com/file/74dx9v13l6o3kp7/output_log.txt
  6. Also how do you attach ribbons on your account? http://www.mediafire.com/file/f94y57n8exp8kwp/persistent.sfs
  7. Also I am getting water sounds when I load a craft on the launch pad. Do you know which mod that is?
  8. I have a modded version of ksp that I am trying to refine to my liking but I can't figure out which mod is putting "Spare Parts" in my capsules and why the Mk 1 pod doesn't have reaction wheels. Does anyone know which mods i need to uninstall to get rid of that? I have tried to pinpoint it but I can't seem to find them.
  9. I went and reinstalled all of it and it still didn't work.
  10. I changed the name and it didn't work. Getting ready to reinstall the mods. Hey i realized that when i went to uninstall the mods I went for RVE first and my game was open and it let me uninstall while EVE it didn't. So RVE wasn't even running!