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  1. I've applied the Toolbar fix from the pull request, but it looks like KeepFit is still failing to startup properly on 1.2. I'm seeing this in the log: I don't have Connected Living Space loaded. If I modify the GetCLS() function to always return null, both errors disappear and the button appears as expected. I suspect loading CLS would also fix the issue.
  2. I just wanted to give you a heads up, it looks like Final Frontier is conflicting with the new Contract Configurator: It looks like this is due to an out of date dependency in blizzy toolbar. More info and the code to fix it is here: The merge in question is here: https://github.com/blizzy78/ksp_toolbar/commit/141485a715d11ac3d15d8d6f0ffafe5a01d853ba
  3. If you don't mind editing your save file, you can change all the occurrences of 'BoiloffOccuring = True' to 'BoiloffOccuring = False' to stop it from happening. You'll need to do that again if you lose and regain power though. Make sure you make a copy of the file before changing it.
  4. Holy crap those magnetic fields are amazing. I have some news from the Cryo thread. It looks like EC should be constant:
  5. Shouldn't this code segment cause the EC usage to vary depending on tank volume? https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/CryoTanks/blob/master/Source/ModuleSimpleBoiloff.cs#L86 coolingCost = fuelAmount/1000.0 * CoolingCost; I don't see it getting redefined anywhere but I could be reading it wrong.
  6. One other thing I noticed. It looks like SimpleBoiloff should be calculating the amount of fuel and adding that to the EC usage, but that's not what I'm seeing in game:
  7. I realize that but that doesn't seem to be the way CryoTanks actually works: I tried unloading and reloading the vessel on the off chance it ONLY computes this on load, and it still remains at 9.72ec/s even with the tank almost empty. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, there were major changes in Cryo recently and I think the version in GitHub looks to be out of date. I see strings in the compiled dll that aren't present in the GitHub source. I'll mention this in the NearFuture thread as well.
  8. I'm still having the EC drain issue with 1.0.8. It looks like it may be this: Kerbalism computes the EC cost on the Cryo Tanks as follows: ec.Consume(cooling_cost * fuel.amount * 0.001 * elapsed_s) SimpleBoiloff uses: part.RequestResource("ElectricCharge", coolingCost * TimeWarp.fixedDeltaTime) I'm not sure why Simple doesn't include the amount of fuel in the energy calculation, but that seems to be what's throwing it off.
  9. I think I may have found an issue with Kerbalism's background processing. If I put use the CryoTanks from NearFuture the power draw in simulation and in the background are totally different. In sim it works normally and matches the VAB but when I switch back to the space center the batteries flat line in a couple of seconds. The helper in the VAB is showing perpetual power. The issue occurs with both reactors and solar panels. If I remove Kerbalism the problem no longer occurs, so I don't think it's a NearFuture issue.
  10. Hi. I think I may have found a bug in SimpleBoiloff in the CryoTanks part of the mod. It looks like whenever a tank stops cooling when it's re-enabled (or re-powered) it never stops boiling off. It persists across scene changes as well. The GUI shows that the tanks are insulated but there is still a drain shown in the resource panel equal to when the tank was uninsulated. BoiloffOccuring appears to be getting set when cooling stops and then never getting unset. I poked around the repo to try and pin it down but I can't find the 'BoiloffOccuring' string anywhere. I'm using 0.3.5.
  11. Hi, I just switched to and I've noticed an odd bug with time compression. When at 1000x or lower, oxygen and food deplete at the rates shown on right click vessel status menu, but going faster than 1000x appears to cause oxygen to drain at a vastly increased rate. On my current test craft I've got 14days of food and 17days of oxygen left, but if I accelerate time to 10000x I'll run out of air in 4-5 days. That's the amount of time reported with the scrubber disabled, so it looks like it may be cutting out. I've got enough power and I'm not getting any alarms until oxygen gets
  12. I noticed that DMagic and UniversalStorage parts aren't getting the ScienceTweaks the stock parts are getting. This appears to be due to DMagic using DMModuleScienceAnimate instead of ModuleScienceExperiment. Changing the ScienceTweaks.cfg file from ModuleScienceExperiment to *Science* fixes this issue. Here's the top of the file with the changes in it:
  13. Ah, I found it. I wasn't expecting it to be on the right click menu after it had been attached. Do you think you could add base ranges to the right click description in the builder? It would make things easier to compare without having to attach every antenna to the craft.
  14. Hi. I just switched to this mod since TAC isn't working in 1.1 yet and I gotta say it's pretty awesome. I had one comments: It would be nice if the status window shows which parts are broken on the dropdown, or they glowed a bit like in DangIt. It's a bit of a pain to find which solar panel has failed on a craft that has 20 of them. Also, do the antenna's have different ranges now? It's not clear what the range is from the description and it kinda looks like the basic antenna will work for the entire solar system. I'm not sure if that's correct, but I did like the part of RT tha
  15. Aluminum would be a pretty interesting propellant. I think it'd make even more sense to have some sort of hot-tank for it as the melting point is quite a bit higher than lithium. Plus, it'd be interesting to have something generate wasteheat that wasn't an engine or reactor/generator. Btw, that new engine is pretty awesome looking.
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