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  1. I've recently started a new career with 1.3 and the current version of Galileo Planet Pack. After a few missions, I noticed Bill had disappeared from the roster. Which was weird, because up to this point, he hadn't even seen the inside of a capsule. Then I looked at an available tourist mission that I've been ignoring, and there he was. I never authorized this vacation, so I went into the save file and replaced every instance of "Bill" with "Gill", and copied Bill's data from a fresh save file. This seemed so set things right. No harm done. A little later, I noticed Bill had gone missing again. This time I found him in a rescue contract I had already accepted. So I rescued him, and now he's a scientist rather than an engineer. Again no real harm done. While this hasn't seriously affected game play, I am curious why it's happening and if I can stop it. I don't know if it's a KSP issue or an issue with something I installed with the Galileo Planet Pack. I don't want to have to worry about assigned crew disappearing from missions to go on vacation or need rescuing from half way across the solar system.
  2. BLB263

    How Were You First Introduced to KSP?

    I had seen the game mentioned a few times, but had no idea what it was. Then one day I happened upon Markiplier doing a live stream of the game. I figured if I could sit and watch somebody play a game for six hours, I should probably buy it for myself. He wasn't even that good at it, if I remember correctly.
  3. BLB263

    KSP loads very slow

    Thanks for the suggestion JWS. I'm going to try this when I get home. This has been happening to me off and on for the last couple of weeks. I've found if I sign out of my user account, and then sign back in (obviously), it would work OK for while. But eventually it would go back to loading at a snail's pace again. It's also not only loading that's affected. If I let the slow load finish, the game would run horribly as well. It would stutter a lot and occasionally lock up for a few seconds at a time. Hopefully this will fix that. Thanks again.
  4. BLB263

    Settings explained

    Thanks for making this. I learned a couple of things. I believe you have F5 and F9 reversed in the Allow Quickloading entry.
  5. BLB263

    What seemingly basic thing have you never done in KSP

    I don't think I've ever landed a plane successfully. ( When I say successfully, I'm setting the bar higher than just the Kerbal survived. ) I either get close to where I want to land, slow down and deploy chutes, or I try to land and end up blowing up wings and/or engines. I enjoy building planes, and I enjoy flying them. I've just never taken the time to work out how to land them. I'm thinking of starting a career where all missions are done with planes. maybe that will force me to figure out the whole landing thing.
  6. BLB263

    why did you start playing KSP?

    I happened upon Markiplier live streaming KSP on Youtube. I figured if I could watch somebody play a game for more than six hours, I would probably enjoy playing it myself more. So I got it on Steam and haven't had a proper night's sleep since.
  7. BLB263

    Maneuver nodes: Mouse acceleration?

    But you can't count to 2.
  8. BLB263

    Maneuver nodes: Mouse acceleration?

    I really have no problem with the maneuver nodes. Of course, nobody has ever used the word "precision" to describe how I play KSP. I would, however, like a way to turn off the scroll wheel for nodes (Is there something obvious that I've missed?). I can't count the number of times I've accidentally messed up a node while zooming in and out of the map screen. And I'm pretty good at counting, I don't even need to use my fingers anymore.
  9. BLB263

    Two Dead Kerbals

    I have noticed that landing an MK2 Command Pod, a Hitchhiker and a heat shield, with chutes slowing it down to 8 point something-or-other will destroy the Hitchhiker if it falls in the water. If it falls on solid ground, the Hitchhiker survives. It doesn't make sense to me, but I guess the heat shield keeps the container from touching the ground, but doesn't prevent it from entering the water at speed. GrantHenninger, are you sure that it wasn't the four tourists in the hitchhiker that survived, and Jeb just straight up murdered the other two in the pod with him, grinning maniacally all the while.
  10. BLB263

    Info from the 1.1 Beta Testers

    Going to KSC then back to the mission would fix it for me.
  11. Is there a way to warp time in the tracking center just for planning purposes, without actually affecting game time?
  12. BLB263

    What are you putting in your servicebays?

    I just learned last night that if you open the service bay on a tipped over lander on Minmus, it will flip it over onto the landing gear. I really need to practice landing. I'm guessing I can't rely on that technique everywhere.
  13. BLB263

    Yet Another Hello

    Hi, New player here. I picked up this game after watching Markiplier live stream it for eight hours. If you can enjoy watching somebody play a game for eight hours, you should probably buy it. I don't think I've had more than five hours sleep a night since I loaded this game. This site and others have already answered so many of my questions. I'm sure I'll ask some of my own eventually. Who knows, maybe I'll actually be able to answer some one day The main reason I've I've signed on though was to sincerely to thank developers for the "Revert Flight" button.