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  1. short summary of the problems of a dick: On the Macintosh, scatterers give me compatibility problems (perhaps related to textures in .dds) and the planets become yellow and black striped balls. I love playing with increased proportions: at the time of 0.7 I was able to run it with Sigma Dimentions, replacing the all with the sun, but now they seem totally incompatible. Any advice / help? You guys are the best, this game continues to give off an obscure charm in me only thanks to you 521/5000
  2. I'm just a fool with a good idea, so there's a need for competent people!
  3. The KPS - Kerbal Pressure System Thank you @EnzoMeertens! To you the credit, I think it can become one of the most beautiful changes of kerbal, As is already the case for KKS!
  4. thank you! What exactly does it do? I do not think it's enough to edit the cfg file, what tools should i use to do what i'm trying to get?
  5. How do you think I should set this mod to run it with the pressures? For example, I would like a submarine to be sliced by pressure, or a probe on eve by the atmosphere...
  6. I look at 0.7 and above, for now the 0.5 is the only compatible with Sigma Dimention (at least I think) thanks anyway!
  7. @Waz @Proot thank you for the ispiration and to make this thing possible!
  8. guys, idea; what if the atmospheric pressure (or the deep ocean) start to bend the structure, just like the crash system of this mod? i think it will be a great implementation!! i don't know exactly hot to manage the .cfg file to make this possible, but i think it is: someone can help me to start this?
  9. Love this mod, it's stunning, you're an Artist! Thank you. Anyway, i'm triyng to implement it with Sigma, to rescale all the stellar system to 10X scale (i'm a masochist, i know) but they don't want to work together, i don't know why. The game froze during the loading of the Savegame. I discover, that if i delete the RemoveStockPlanets.cfg in the KopernicusFiles, it works, but with the vanilla planets orbiting around the Creator..Jeb is a bit disappointed. Can you help me to make it work? it will be a mastodontic implementation to this great, little universe!! Per Aspera at Astra
  10. OK, HERE WE ARE: Universe: Star Pack STOCK SIZE + STOCK PLANETS + OPM version 1.0 I fell in love with Universe: star pack, it fells so gorgeous and genuinely stock, so why don't make it work in symbiosis with the stock system, and add an another wonderful Planets Pack: OPM! this is a link to some explaining image stuff: http://imgur.com/gallery/z0WTm I changed some orbits to keep the planets of the mod in the other star system: Cthonias to Kerb 359 Helias to Kega Vesta to KSR-15 Erbin to Cydias All the orbits, gravity influence and dimensions are increased 10x! Here is a link to the file, copy it directly into the Game Data folder : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zj2nx7wgjli3ypy/AAAR9rge3_EyHQdy2T86_OFIa?dl=0 Remember to install Kopernicus and Module Manager first! If you want to make it work with OPM, install it before this Special thanks to @Daeridanii and @CaptRobau for their wonderful work: Per aspera ad astra!
  11. Hi! i made some modification to this wonderful mod to made in work with the original system, and also upgrade it to the stock size! i'll post some info soon as i can!1 ( sorry for my bad english )
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