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  1. The Utility Edition. Now with RCS and a ventral docking port. DL here:

    Adding the docking port to the front created so much drag that the craft became much more difficult to get into orbit. So I stuck it on the bottom instead (which had the added benefit of reducing the part count, which is now 26). Ca' canny on the RCS though, as the craft only carries the cockpit's built in supply of monoprop. It's enough! The RCS is balanced for the remaining fuel load at ~ 150km x 150 km, which is where I put my space stations, but the CoM does not move much as The Daughter burns fuel, so it should be serviceable at other altitudes too. 




  2. Interesting that you mention how it struggles to break the Mach barrier. I have a very similar craft, with a shock cone intake in place of the shielded docking port. It charged into orbit very easily, but when I tried to make a utility version with the docking port, plus radial intakes and RCS, I just couldn't get it to hit the magic 400m/s mark.

  3. New SSTO in development. Comfortably made 160 x 160 with about a 6.5t dummy xenon payload.YtVkJVy.png

    dummy payload - about 6.5t

    I was delighted until final approach, when KSP decided that the front landing gear was inside the cargo bay and therefore couldn't deploy. Needless to say, I panicked and fluffed the landing a little. Still, everyone survived!



    Will post craft, etc., when I've ironed out the bugs. Please excuse the pretentious craft name: The KSS Choral Soliloquy.

  4. I don't know if this is possible, or whether it has been suggested before, but it would be dead handy if you could right click a docking port (namely the one on a craft by which a craft is docked to, eg a space station) and have an option to "transfer fuel aft of this port"(or maybe something less cryptic). The craft would then draw any available fuel from tanks on the station-side of the port into its own tanks. It would allow you to completely refuel a craft in two clicks, including any hidden tanks (eg ones inside structural parts) without all the hassle alt-clicking individual tanks and hoping you haven't missed any.



  5. Mountain Thrust Aerospace presents: THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTER


    A single-crewed micro-SSTO composed of only 17 parts, the Scavenger's Daughter is:

    • Cheap!
    • Cute!
    • Easy and fun to fly!
    • Composed of only 17 parts!
    • Cute!
    • Capable!
    • Composed of only 17 parts!
    • Did I mention cute?
    • What about the part count? Did I tell you about the part count?!

    In the image below, you can see the Daughter in a 70km x 70km orbit and still has over a kilometer per second of delta-V in the tank. The craft's excellent range and uncrewed flight capability make her perfect for LKO rescue missions... and not a great deal else to be honest. But look how cute she is! Nnnggaaawwwwww!


    Vital statistics are given in the groovy schematic:


    Flight Manual:

    Ach, it's not that hard, to be honest. I'm sure you guys can manage. Just try not to explode on the way up.

    Action Groups:

    1. Toggle RAPIER

    2. Switch RAPIER mode/toggle intake



    direct download

  6. Yeah, the heat shielding qualities are the main reason I've been putting shielded ports on the front of my SSTOs. That is an excellent point about putting them on the back though. 

    I haven't actually attempted a docking with this yet, I should perhaps mention. I'm only just now getting into making spaceplanes and am still figuring out where to place the RCS thrusters. 

  7. Thanks all!

    @Majorjim! *salutes!*

    @XB-70A Thanks!

    @adsii1970 I've actually had no problems at all with re-entry, and the craft is surprisingly nimble, so it's pretty easy to bleed of excess speed by pulling a few high-G turns. The air-brakes might be an idea, but I'm not convinced they're necessary. Plus - I already have 3 more parts than I'd like, since I didn't realise the mk2 reaction wheel she'd featured previously wasn't stock and I had to hide a pair of the little ones in the wings, mounted on cubic struts.


    @Dman979 Thanks! trying my hand at stripped-down efficiency for a change (not really my usual style!)

  8. Hello! My name is Lewis, and I'm an astroholic. This is my first post here, I hope you like it.
    Mountain Thrust Aerospace Technologies presents: The SCI-LON micro C4.



    Capable of taxiing 4 brave kerbals up to a 250km circular orbit, the C4 is:

    • Cheap!
    • Cute!
    • Easy & fun to fly!


    Vital Statistics - 

    Parts: 44

    Mass: 22.23t

    Height: 3.9m

    Width: 6.7m

    Length: 10.6m


    Flight Manual - 

    1. Engage the parking brake
    2. Press 'Z'
    3. Press 'T'
    4. Check mirrors and blind spot
    5. Release the parking brake
    6. Hit 'space' or '1'
    7. AT THE END OF THE RUNWAY* pitch up to ~10 degrees over the horizon
    8. Sit back and be rocketed towards space with our patented THRUST OVERKILL TECHNOLOGY (TM)
    9. At about 15km up, engage SAS prograde setting
    10. When rapier thrust = 50kn, hit '2' to enter closed cycle mode
    11. When your apoapsis reaches the desired altitude, cut thrust and coast. Then circularise with a manoeuvre node. Easy-peasy.

    * disgregard this if you are comfortable landing without a parachute.

    Action groups - 

    1. Toggle Rapier engines
    2. Switch rapier mode/toggle air intakes
    3. Toggle monoprop OMS

    The micro C4 is one of a range of multipurpose SSTOs that I plan on sharing soon. I hope she's a tasty enough bite to whet your appetite.

    I guess the craft file would also help: