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  1. Thanks to all of are the best! This is my first go around with "Making History" DLC. I was unaware that it added so many parts and variants of those parts. Cool!
  2. I am trying to remove a CC-R2 connector port from a landed ship and re-use it elsewhere, but I cannot figure out how to add it to my EVA Kerbal's inventory, once it's detached, so that I can move him to another location and attach the part elsewhere. Is this not doable? If there a cheat to add more of these ports to my Kerbal engineers inventory?
  3. Apparently I need to do more investigating of KSP 1.6 part options. "Mastodon Engines on the smallest (third) variant"...I had no idea their were size variants in 1.6. "size 4 engine plate" LOL. Yep...I definitely need to take a closer look at 1.6 parts. Sheesh!
  4. Anybody have any ideas on how to use this behemoth fuel tank? There isn't a single engine or engine cluster (Mammoth) that has the power to lift a stack of these tanks. The Kerbodyne Engine Cluster Adapter Tank doesn't really seem to help as 5 of the engines with enough thrust to get a stack of these into orbit, like the Rhino, don't fit at all. It seems Kerbodyne needs to build an engine (or cluster) that fits these tanks. Hey...they can call it the "Behemoth" engine . I would like to see how others are putting these tanks to use. Thanks!
  5. I don't necessarily want to keep the legacy long as there is a new part that will perform the same function. For example, my biggest concern is my Dres mining facility. The various ships use a lot of the CC-R2 connector ports. In past versions of KAS these legacy parts were supposed to be easily replaced with the new parts...but according to some, this function didn't work so I stayed with KAS 0.6.4. So my question really is...can KAS 1.3 easily replace my existing parts (the CC-R2's, as an example), with a new part, on my ships that are in use and my saved VAB craft? Waiting until I "start a new game" may well be years away as I have just started my Jool system exploration.
  6. Does this version finally fix the "old part / new part" replacement issues? I'm not sure why the old parts, like the CC-2R, needed replacing but...if this version makes my ships unusable again, I'll ignore it.
  7. I've never had retrograde work? It just points the nose away from the landing area...doesn't do anything to set you down at it, AFAIK?
  8. OK, but can you tell me why the huge difference, in this case, in simple terms?
  9. Asking here because it really doesn't seem to fit in "gameplay". Using the Semi-major axis numbers for Kerbin, Dres and Jool, and doing a little subtraction, I find that the "straight line" distance between the orbits of Kerbin and Dres and between Dres and Jool, are almost identical. 27,239,508 km between Kerbin and Dres and 27,934,212 km between Dres and Jool. I'm obviously missing some very basic knowledge of interplanetary travel math because planning flights between these 3 planets results in a huge difference in travel times. Kerbin to Dres is around 1-2 years but Dres to Jool is 5 or more years. What basic knowledge of travel am I missing here?
  10. Very good...thank you much gpldenpsp!
  11. Can anyone translate this KAS wiki: into a simple, step by step procedure, for replacing my old KAS parts with the new ones? I would like to update KSP to 1.6.1 but doing so with the KAS version for this KSP release makes my Dres mining base unusable/ unloadable. I have read the above linked wiki, several times, and I still don't get it. What I would like is a simple step by step procedure for updating my KAS parts. Step 1: <Do This> Step 2: <do this> Etc., etc.
  12. For now, until I get a better handle on what Tonka Crash said regarding coordinates, I'm getting pretty good at manually piloting to a "close" landing to my mining base. With my fuel carrying rover having 2 CC-R2 connectors on each side, and a CB1 ground base with 2 CC-R2 connectors, I only need to get within 120 meters of the mining base to connect my fuel hauler...completely doable 99% of the time. The KAS "migration" wiki page is not very...clear...on exactly how to replace my old parts with new ones. In truth, I've only read through it 7 times so maybe 10 - 12 times will make it understandable to me. I feel like there is a language translation issue with it? I have 2 choices here, as far as I can see. Continue the Jool and Eeloo exploration with 1.4.3...or start all over after updating to 1.6.1 or 1.7 (and the recalcitrant KAS, causing all the issues). Not sure how I'm going to proceed, at this point. I don't quite get why KSP can be updated and my old stock parts automatically replaced with the new stock parts...but KAS is incapable of doing this? For now I think I will leave KSP alone and go kill things on my XBox...a good way to get rid of the stress that this attempt at upgrading KSP has caused.
  13. Thanks, TC! One issue I have is the entire "coordinates" thing? I have no idea how to find them or use them. I have completely reverted to 1.4.3 and will continue my exploration of the Jool system and Eeloo in this version. I envision this exploration going on for years so...maybe I'll tackle Eve and Moho at a future date...with the latest KSP version? I would still there some way to have parts automatically update when updating KSP to a new version? I think I know the answer as the parts in question may be mods, not stock. But...worth the ask.