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  1. OK, TWP latest version does cause this issue and has several reports of it at TriggerAU's forum in "Add On Releases", and he is aware. VoidSquid, you were correct, TWP is newest "previous" version of TWP. I removed TWP and installed and...all is again right in the Universe!
  2. Has anyone heard if KSP2 will continue the Wiki, with all the valuable information there? Biome maps, celestial body info, etc.?
  3. Well, I figured out what I was doing wrong on trying to add the old CC-R2 ports to my inventory and removing the new ones from the hauler. Now the Kraken appears all the time and destroys my Dres mining base. I'm way over it. This is why I left other simulations...lots and lots of hard work...only to be rewarded with total destruction of one type or another. See you in KSP 2.0...maybe.
  4. Never mind, figured out what I was doing wrong. I was holding down the "G" key instead of just holding it long enough to grab the item then releasing the "G" key. Once the key is released the item goes right into my inventory.
  5. You are right, of course...but now I have this "situation" on Dres. Guess I'll just let my engineer "hump" CC-R2 ports, 1 meter at a time. I'm NOT starting over, LOL! Like I said, also...just "venting".
  6. I always feel like I'm missing something if I don't.
  7. I have to vent a little here, that being said, feel free to move on. The entire KAS, KIS and "new" vs. legacy parts is probably the single biggest reason I am so aggravated with these mods, and KSP in general, at this point. I am in the middle of a year's (real time) worth of work to explore the Jool system and Eeloo. This involves 10 ships, a stop at my mining/refueling operation at Dres, and getting these ships refueled and ready to explore Jool's system and Eeloo. I had to change my Dres fuel hauler, which brings fuel from the mining operation into orbit and unloads it at the various orbiting stations, because it was way under powered and totally inefficient. Much to my chagrin, I find that this ship, now landed at Dres, has ports called "JS-1", and not the "legacy" CC-R2's I need to connect to the rest of my mining operation. OK..."My bad"...I get it...but the entire KIS-KAS "upgrade" instructions, which I have read and tried to understand several times, remain clear as mud to me. Add to that my possible "fix", which is my engineer on Dres moving CC-R2 ports and connecting them to the fuel hauler not working...he can't seem to pick up disconnected items and put them back in his inventory, so he can replace the current ports on the hauler with the legacy ports that I have disconnected and now have laying all over the surface of Dres...and maybe you see my aggravation. Since I can't add anything to my engineers inventory, for some reason, I am stuck with "grabbing" an item, moving it 1-2 meters and dropping it...repeating that, over and over, to try and replace "new" parts with legacy parts from those available at my mining operation. At this point I have to be completely honest...the constant "upgrades" and waiting for my few mods to also be upgraded has done nothing for my enjoyment of KSP. I think "upgrading" can become a detriment unto itself, at some point? Can we not just enjoy the darn thing, as is? Must we spend many months on complicated missions only to find that we can't enjoy the updates that "break" our ongoing efforts, that have mods not updated? OK, I've vented. Move along, there is nothing to see here.
  8. Anybody else know if this can be done? I'm currently grabbing objects and dropping them 2-3 meters away at a time...VERY tedious way to move things.
  9. Yes, I am an engineer with both tools. The parts are detached and just laying on the surface of Dres. I don't know...the inventory window that opens has wrenches and electric screwdrivers?
  10. Yes KIS and KAS for KSP 1.6.1. I can open the Kerbal's inventory window and I can "grab" the part in question with the "G" key...but I cannot get it to go into the inventory window? If I bring the item to the inventory window and "release" just drops back on the ground.
  11. I'm trying to figure out how I can have a Kerbal on EVA pick up various parts and add them back into his inventory. For some reason this continues to escape me? For an example, I have several CC-R2 connectors and a couple of CB1 ground bases I would like to pick up and put back in my Kerbal's inventory.
  12. Just keep it real, people. More "eye candy" is fine, but not at the expense of performance (see Microsoft Flight Simulator X for an epic fail, IMHO). I'm pretty stoked about this! Why no "Squad"? I'm not sure I like that?
  13. Alas, with all the changes (I'm still on 1.4) I have decided to start from scratch with 1.7.2. The main reason is that I'm currently using KAS parts (connectors mainly) that are no longer in KAS. Also because the changes to KSP, Making History and my plan to also DL the Breaking Ground DLC just seem to make my current saved career keep. I don't mind, really. I will be keeping my crafts and sub-assemblies but removing any KAS legacy parts before copying them over to KSP 1.7.2. I am also anxious to try MechJeb in lieu of KER. Here goes nothing...LOL. Wish me luck!
  14. Thanks to all of are the best! This is my first go around with "Making History" DLC. I was unaware that it added so many parts and variants of those parts. Cool!
  15. I am trying to remove a CC-R2 connector port from a landed ship and re-use it elsewhere, but I cannot figure out how to add it to my EVA Kerbal's inventory, once it's detached, so that I can move him to another location and attach the part elsewhere. Is this not doable? If there a cheat to add more of these ports to my Kerbal engineers inventory?