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  1. When my kerbal is on ladder on Vulture doors - he cannot take science data from cockpit or put gathered data in there. So I can't manage science - to put some science in there and other copies for example to other command module or science container to get multiple copies. Science moves to cockpit only when kerbal boards from door and copies of data are deleted then. Only "Set as target", "Open Docking" and "Lights Off " are available commands in right click menu on door. I dont know if its range or other issue - but from stock command module ladders can always put science in and take out.
  2. Hi! I have some issue with transfering science from Mk4 Vulture cockpit with with stock game science transfer - can't get it from both doors ladders with kerbal scientist. Craft: Full album: http://imgur.com/gallery/4GXrs Otherwise I love Mk4 and have it always included with game.
  3. Thanks! I took save file editing path, had two other landers also on the way with same baloon - so all have now kerbin's balloon versions. Dont know if they are even useful in gas giants tough ....
  4. Somehow 125BalloonS is now missing for me after upgrade. Should I replace it with kerbin125BalloonS ? Craft is on its very-very-very long way to Neidon (Outer Planets Mod).
  5. I have 17.3 Rosa with MATE 1.12.0 (with latest updates). Got around this by changeing resolution from game main menu, fortunately I have 1920x1200 display so 1080 height leaves some room for menu and other things. I recall same issue from 1.1beta days, maybe something just did reset to saved resolution. 1.0.5 sure had maximize button. Thanks for help!
  6. 1.1.3 wont show maximize button any more in Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04 based). Its serious error - because Kerbals need to be run in window to be allow to do other things on computer also at same time during long nuclear burns etc. On mods side - missing alarm clock and outer planets are show stopers for me. No ships missing during load, yeah! Unfortunately forgot this time to make own separate copy and steam "last stable version" is not 1.1.2 this time
  7. Thanks! 0.9.16 (15,7 MB) was much smaller than 0.9.15 (24 MB) also. 0.9.17 is a bit bigger at 16.3 MB. Switchback has short base, I used it for station docking facility (instead HubMax) and it seems to be missing from new parts when editing - probably deprecation feature? Only new long base Switchback 2 shows up. But great to have it working still for ships already in flight!
  8. After last update from CKAN my main spacestations wont load: "WBI.Switcback" is missing. Any help to solve it (by savegame editing or downgrade)? Seems to be quite important fifth element of station. Edit: managed to do it by downgrade to 0.9.15. Unfortunately: it was not mentioned in 0.9.16 changes - can I just edit and change WBI_Switcback to WBI_Switcback2? Seems that WBI_Switchback is deprecated.
  9. I experienced it also in prerelease 1.1 version, but its somewhat random fashion - some rare times happends, but not alwas even when exactly same ship. So I managed to load game and land fine afterwards.
  10. I have two separate issues with heavily modded game (CKAN lists 76 mods - http://utoopia.eu/img/test.ckan - list by Ckan). 1.0.5 worked well with around same set of mods. 1. Stations issue - One issue is with space stations only - and stations use some Near Future Construction 0.5.5 mod (cant upgrade because some parts are removed from 0.6 - maybe need to make new station - change central part with big docks to some alternative mod - and do savegame edit - but this is last resort). Currently sometimes station wobbles, trusses will go to infinite length, game wont allow depart from station
  11. Strange option in Steam Beta channel - NONE - opt out, and Previous - previous stable release? Edit: oh, not yet available. Have to use Steam for launching then (used CKAN launch button lately to be up to date with mods) and tar.gz whole directory sometimes - to hold a copy version with mods and 100+ flights in progress sure working.
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