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  1. I don't really post on the forums often, or at all. However, I'd much like to show off the smallest mission I've ever done I did this back in 2019 but I hope it's still worth posting now Could be wrong, but I may or may not hold some kind of record here it's one of the longest missions I've ever done too, in fact when the mission elapsed timer shortened the time to fit the years I actually thought I had somehow broken it Tell me your thoughts I suppose I'm still not super sure how posting stuff like this works so any guidance on where to put stuff like this in the future would be nice
  2. Can I have my display name changed to Bohij It'd be nice to have my ksp forum name match my steam one
  3. I hadn't really considered that it would suddenly stop working in 1.10, I suppose I'll wait until the mod is updated.
  4. Is the HEKV flying off in a random direction in orbit a known bug? I swear it used to work perfectly, but just pointing at the target and spamming rockets has been more accurate than the missile that's supposed to work in vacuum.
  5. Just the 10m stock one, been trying it every so often, with no results so far
  6. I still got the same error when importing, interestingly, without the armature this time
  7. I thought the addon was working fine when I created community colours, as you do when you make a new file, then imported a new craft, until it threw this error at me and created this "Shield" armature thing? The craft file has a 10m heatshield if that has anything to do with it No sign of any models being imported, the shield armature is completely invisible or very far from the origin as far as I can tell
  8. Oh my god, that worked, I can't thank you enough, I'm gonna have a lot of fun rendering with this, since i've figured out deploying the landing gear and deleting certain parts to get it to look like the part of the mission I wanted to render
  9. Well, I tried with both material preview and rendering, still no luck on getting anything more grey with bumps. It does show the yellow tint on the ends of the RCS nozzles which I think might be the only actual coloured texture it's showing. All the other parts that ingame appear to not use a bumpmap for extra detail are black. Which leads me to believe that it's not showing the diffuse textures.
  10. First time participating in the forums, I have a little problem where I follow all the steps like the gamedata stuff in the addon settings and the community textures and all that, but when I import (my tylo lander in this case, it's pretty neat) It imports the model, it imports some of the textures, and by the looks of it, I think it somehow imported the normals and the specular textures, but there's no diffuse textures, it's all grey with shading and shinyness. I did manage to delete the shroud on the wolfhound engine to get the renders looking nice once it has all the textures edit: blender 2.82, windows 10 if you needed to know.
  11. I keep getting this glitch, or function or bug, (I don't know really.) where when I pause, things continue running. So, let's say I was landing on the Mun, I pause the game to get something to eat. When I get back, I'm a pile of debris on the surface. Even the mission report menu thing doesn't pause time. Any suggestions or ideas on what to do? Sidenote: it may have something to do with Stock Extension conflicting with KSP
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