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  1. Did you ever manage to get your license back? And how are you enjoying your new rig?
  2. It is absolutely mind blowing that you have created a mod so resilient that it has needed little to no changes over so many game versions. Well done!
  3. How badly does this conflict with Shuttle Lifting Body? I like the looks of this one, but i can't give up the MMU parts in SLB.
  4. Real stupid question here, but just to be clear, does this add Mechjeb to the game WITHOUT the need for the MechJeb mod, or do I need to download that as well?
  5. Perhaps you could rip apart the mod and make your own version?
  6. Sorry for the zombie thread, but do you know if this works in the latest version of KSP and/or have any plans on updating this?
  7. So, I am currently using a low mod play through cause my potato laptop just doesn't have the power to run a large mod list. Basics are Blue Dog Design, SXT, Mk2/Mk3 extended, Probes Plus. However, I also discovered I need quality of life mods, so I have KIS/KAS and ScanSat. Now, I just want a life support and failures added to the mod list to finish it off. So, in your opinions, which is less memory heavy. Kerbalism, or a combo mod of TACLife/DangIt! ?
  8. Since it seems mostly to affect parts from this mod, I figured I would come here first to ask. Lately, I have been getting errors in the game where in my saved crafts i am told parts are NOT available, even though they very clearly ARE there. The game version or this mod have NOT been updated recently. Has anyone else run into this problem, and how do i fix it?
  9. Soooo... have any new Teasers for that Viking lander to share for us?
  10. I am fully aware that I forgot to install the contract config mod, but would that make it so that NO aspect of the mod worked when I started a new game?
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