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  1. Kinda upset that you didn't get an answer. I have 1.7.3 and I will let you know what happens.
  2. I was gonna just go see if the 1.4.* worked, but after seeing that, I think I will wait until I can get this update! Here is to hoping that it is coming out very very soon!
  3. I'm probably gonna be that guy who everyone tells "shut up" but i would love to start using my 1.7.3 (with both DLC!) of KSP, but I have been so in love with BDB that i refuse to play the game without it. When is the next update due out?
  4. Not having a good time with this 1.6.1 version. I have noticed that KLF is not visible anywhere in the game, and i have checked to make sure it is in the GameData folder.
  5. I have 1.6.1, and have to report that I still have the OTAV going into a spin once the winglets are deployed. How do I tell if the RLS mod is working?