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  1. One question about MechJeb's current 1.3.1 build.... is there any reason why its making the ascent sideways instead of turning the rocket after launch so that it would be even with the horizon?
  2. I dont know if its a problem with the mod, or a conflict with another mod, But i seem to be having a problem with engine effects....
  3. Mk3 Expansion - [1.3.1] Version 1.4 [1/20/18]

    wish to report that the saddletanks do not work in 1.3.1.
  4. [1.0.2] Exploration Rover System by A.S.E.T. (09.05.15)

    Does anyone know if this works at all in 1.3.1?
  5. Does this work at all in 1.3.1?
  6. [1.3.1Full v 1.2.21] SM_Stryker BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Rofl. Guess I'm the only one who has been having trouble then
  7. [1.3.1Full v 1.2.21] SM_Stryker BDA Damage Overhaul version

    Has anyone built the P61 yet? I'm looking for the craft file.
  8. [1.3.X] Feline Utility Rovers v1.0.7 (6.February 2018)

    How do I increase the hover height of the engines?
  9. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 226 After a thorough inspection, we have concluded that the base will be perfect for monitoring the planet's deteriorating condition. It will take time to bring it back up to operational status though, and lots of return visits. The big wigs also say we need to figure out other bases as well to get a better feel on the timeline of the planet eventual failure to support life as we know it. Maybe they will start understanding we cant keep wasting time on needless crap like sats that will ultimately do nothing.
  10. I will have to give that a try because it crashed for me too. This game really needs to be declared broken for 1.3, cause it took me forever to figure out that it was this mod that "works" for 1.3 didn't actually work.
  11. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 225 The world is ending and all they seem to care about is testing equipment that most people agree we will never use. The eggheads insist that it is all part of collecting data so that they can invent more stuff in the future, but come on. A decoupler is a decoupler no how fancy you make it. Regardless, today we sent our survey plane down south to the pole to investigate rumors that an old research base was still intact down there. Well, at least they sent the plane. That damn Gene wanted to use a rocket to get down there. Luckily he yielded when we pointed out that would mean no way to get back anyone who was sent. Am I literally the only one who has any rational thinking on this whole planet?!