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  1. I will have to give that a try because it crashed for me too. This game really needs to be declared broken for 1.3, cause it took me forever to figure out that it was this mod that "works" for 1.3 didn't actually work.
  2. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 225 The world is ending and all they seem to care about is testing equipment that most people agree we will never use. The eggheads insist that it is all part of collecting data so that they can invent more stuff in the future, but come on. A decoupler is a decoupler no how fancy you make it. Regardless, today we sent our survey plane down south to the pole to investigate rumors that an old research base was still intact down there. Well, at least they sent the plane. That damn Gene wanted to use a rocket to get down there. Luckily he yielded when we pointed out that would mean no way to get back anyone who was sent. Am I literally the only one who has any rational thinking on this whole planet?!
  3. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 201: After realizing that they just don't know how much time we have left, the egg heads convinced the big wigs we need to start running experiments on our own planet. Luckily, I was able to convince them that rather then waste thousands of funds on launching ballistic missions to the zones they want to check out, why not use a plane a literally drop science probes on the areas? Maybe these idiots will actually start listening to me more often as a result.
  4. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 150: Despite my extreme misgivings, we have managed to launch a small satellite into orbit, called the Gnat Probe. A piece of utterly useless hardware, but the eggheads and the bigwigs in chiefs wanted it done.... Updated Day 155: We did it again. Launched a piece of crap into space for all eternity, for very little gain. Called Gnat 2, the only thing different about this is that we put it into a reverse orbit.... I swear, its almost like they want collisions up there....
  5. Mount Helena Space Agency

    Day 101 We have spent a long period of time testing different kinds of equipment. At least it is serving as a good way to see how well certain things can be re-used. Regardless, we finally launched a rocket into actual space. Kod knows how many were killed when the damn thing came back down to Kerbin. Anyways, it carried up to space a small probe for some small experiments that the egg heads wanted to do, and it traveled 3/4s of the way around Kerbin before it burned up in the atmosphere.... we are going to have figure out a way to protect future space flights from that brutal heat.
  6. Mount Helena Space Agency

    49 Days. 49 days since I have sworn that I have started living what must be the biggest case of De Ja Vu ever recorded on Kerbin, not that anyone would listen to me.... They are too busy running around in a panic because the government has finally admitted that the planet is dying, something that we have known for decades. So now, its up to us to find a new home for Kerbalkind, even though we have never done anything like this before. All I know, is that this effort will kill more of us then will save... I can feel it in my bones. Anyways, since I seem to be the only one who can build the crazy designs that they are coming up with, it falls to me to try and save as many lives as possible. Luckily I was able to convince them that maybe the first couple of flights should be unmanned. The first effort in our suicidal march to space has been named Helena's Dawn, basically a re-purposed ICBM rocket and a whole bunch of uniguided rockets with their explosives ripped out strapped together. No one was more shocked when it flew up to 20,000 meters, and over 300 miles. Pretty sure that the original ICBM rocket itself flew farther then that, so now I have to figure out why it didn't. I see a lot of sleepless nights ahead. A/N: De Ja Vu because who of us HASN't restarted a career multiple times?
  7. Mount Helena Space Agency

    MOUNT HELENA SPACE AGENCY The Kerbin of MHSA: Kerbin is dying. Perhaps it was the violent wars from long ago that did it. Perhaps it was the fact that Kerbals had riddled the planets crust with tunnels for their homes. Perhaps it just was always meant for this to happen. No matter what, the fact remained. Kerbin is dying. Now, the handful of nations that are left on the planet have all settled on a similar plan: find a new home for Kerbalkind among the stars. One of those nations is called the Republic of Mount Helena, and they are determined to make their mark on history once and for all by saving Kerbanity. In order to achieve this goal. the government has formed MHSA, the Mount Helena Space Agency. There is just one small problem. Even though Kerbin has had a long bloody history of wars, no one had ever thought about using space to actually orbit anything rather then just a dangerous region for ICBMs to fly through. It is truly an unknown frontier... and one that must be conquered sooner, rather then later. ~MHSA~ These posts will be written from the point of view of "Bruce Kerman", the Chief Engineer at MHSA, whose job is to build (in his opinion) the rediculous designs that MHSA's famed chief Rocket Scientist Wernher von Kerman. He firmly believes that MHSA is going to kill everyone in launching "expensive fireworks" that he feels wont save anyone. Regardless, he does his job at the best of his ability, feeling that even though they will all probably die in the process, the least he can do is make sure that the grim reaper is held at bay for as long as possible. MODS USED: Blue Dog Design Kerbal Construction Time TAC Life Outer Planets Mod All Near Future mods.
  8. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Did it? Does anyone know if this works with Kerbal Construction Time?
  9. Hey Everyone!

    Hey guys and gals! My name is Jedi Ranger Kendor, and while I am not new to the forum, I am knew to starting to actively post here all the time. I have decided to start posting on here my adventures of my career mode as the Mount Helena Space Agency, and I hope that you will all enjoy reading them. I just don't know if such a thing belongs in the primary KSP Fan Works sub forum, or does it go into Mission Reports?
  10. 1.1.2 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics 2.0.2

    Damn.... I just have no luck at all and can easily see myself screwing up the whole "remove struts" thing...
  11. 1.1.2 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics 2.0.2

    I think I will wait till an official 1.3 comes out before I use this mod again.
  12. I have finally decided to start posting my adventures in KSP on here for the wider Kerbal Kommunity to enjoy (I already do it on Facebook), but I have no idea how to get the images into the initial post, and then the comments that will be following it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. [1.2.*,1.3.*] Kurrikane - A science Probe and parts v1.1

    This mod needs a desperate change: The probe needs to be available at a MUCH earlier point in the game. By the time it becomes available, its usefulness on Kerbin is almost nil, and the spaceplanes that I build can do most of the stuff that it can do on other planets and moons. I actually edited the .cfg for it to be available at basic science.
  14. Blue Hawk Industries

    The F-14 cockpit seems to be upside down. When i launch, the artificial horizon is inverted.
  15. Blue Hawk Industries

    I can confirm it does not work in 1.3.