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  1. New scanning tech, New contacts to fulfil. This one for Gael.
  2. Poody was sent to Iota. Were she found a crater. She then went to Ceti on a brand new rocket. We have stage separation and fairing deployment. And Poody is the fist Gaelen on Ceti. On re-entry it was discovered that the fuel tank was attached to the heat shield and not the de-coupler. Explosion's ensued. Everything but the engine and fuel tank exploded on the lander section and they were very close to doing it also. But a safe landing was achieved.
  3. I sent the first manned mission to Iota. We packed Galileo up and sent him om his way. The best explosions are on stage separation when the core comes out unharmed. We settle in while costing out to Iota. Using the the transfer stage Galileo de-orbited and then separated the lander from it. After extending the legs he gets ready for landing. The first Gaelan on Iota! The lander looks so small from here. We then head home. And happy landings were had by all.
  4. I sent a Science probe to Ceti. Gael peeks around at Ceti. I then sent a rescue mission to collect a kerbal stuck in orbit half way to Iota. Is there anything happier than a rescued Kerbal?
  5. A Kerbal was rescued. "Do not Fling the old capsule at the rescue vehicle Please!" And I somehow forgot to send science experiments with all my contract satellites to both Iota and Ceti. So here we go, dedicated Science satellites to both. \ In orbit around Iota.
  6. I launched a bunch of satellites. One around Gael. Then I sent one to Iota. And finally one to Ceti.
  7. I was busy. A rescue mission was undertaken and Poody the pilot is pumped up for this. And a kerbal zips over to the ride home. Then a satellite was launched for a scanning contract with Ceti as the target. And on station finding all the high and low spots.
  8. I approve of Duna as a next destination assuming you have the antenna tech for it. I think sending a probe first to get used to transfer windows is a good idea. Then go for a landing on Duna unmanned or manned. A rule of thumb I heard somewhere was If Duna is in the 12 o'clock position and Kerbin is at the 2:00 to 2:30 o'clock position you have a open widow. And Eve is also good for unmanned probes and landers. Some folks go there first before Duna. (If Kerbin is in the 12 o'clock position and Eve is in the 2:00- 2:30 position you have a window.) There are mods (and out of game calculators) to get more accurate transfer windows, add a D/V map and the solar system will just open up for you.
  9. Just did some tourist missions. This is the closest I got to KSC in 3 missions.
  10. I sent up a radar altimetry satellite around Gael. On station. And I sent another satellite to Iota to fulfil a couple of more contracts. After an unfortunate incident involving the off center CoM on the Trans-Iota injection burn. (The terrier at full thrust over came the gimble and SAS authority and the space craft was cartwheeling) We arrive at Iota. And on station mapping away. Next session I have a bunch of tourist contracts to do for the cash.
  11. Started a new game. I had been playing in 1.10 so I thought I would try out the feature complete 1.12. I went with Gallio's Planet Pack for a different, more challenging solar system to fly around in. My first orbital mission. In flight at 80 km And a warm reception.
  12. I sent a Tanker to my Duna station to place assets for the upcoming expedition. Arrival at Duna. Docking approach. And now to wait for the next piece to launch. Which is the Duna expedition lander. Arrival. Approach, And after re-fueling the lander and putting the excess fuel left in the station's tanks. The Tanker un-docks and moves to a holding orbit. We will conduct seismology experiments by de-orbiting the spacecraft later on.
  13. I started sending stuff for a sustained Duna expedition, starting with the core to a habitat. Really big SRB's On our way to Duna. We separate from the transfer stage and finish tuning up the orbit. And now the hab/sci lab is ready for for the expedition. it sits in a 200 km x200 km polar orbit awaiting a Duna lander, a fuel tank, and 2 SM vessels carrying the expedition. They will attempt 2 landings on Duna and one on Ike. (the science lab is RP/looks only I don't use them)
  14. Today we went to Lindor (In JNSQ the next planet out from Jool) I went with a Nuclear Transfer stage. And was reminded of the price of all that delta V was long burn times. Almost 18 minutes if I wanted to eject from LKO in one burn. Needless to say I took it in chunks. Arrival at Lindor. Now for a flyby tour of the moons. first up Krel. then Aden.. Huygen,, Riga and Talos We then go back to Huygen to map out the biomes. I should have enough fuel after that to use the probe as a relay..
  15. Launched a rescue mission to collect 2 kerbals in LMO, both in orbits 10 km x 4.2 km to 4.5 km ish. Just at a critical point in the rescue of Gadson, I get the news(The 3 messages in the Commo tab) that the other contract failed due to a kerbal's death. I presume because the PE of his orbit was 4.5 km and eventually he found something taller. We press on and conduct the rescue of Gadson And bring her home.
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