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  1. I needed to go to Duna for a collection contract and sent a kerbaled mission. First the lander is sent. Then the crew in a service module 4 days later. Then a big adventure. We rendezvous successfully but are about 500 m/s short on d/V to get back to Kerbin. And home at last. We even have an explosion to celebrate re-entry
  2. Replaced the broken crank set on my bike and went ahead and put on a new bottom bracket while I was there. Pedals go on tomorrow. I'm waiting on a new rear cassette and chain to come in and then I can finish up.
  3. Tested stuff for an up coming mission. Used the cheat menu to test ascent options for landers. The ladder test did not go well for Jeb And while testing ascent options things took a turn. Unsafe, inefficient but the most kerbal by far. I think I'll use it.
  4. This is doable. An Apollo style orbiter and Duna optimized lander would work. Moar boosters as needed to make it in one lift.
  5. Sent some kerbels to the Mun's north pole. We are at 10 meters AGL There are some great views up here "Hey look at our shadow on the side of that cliff" And we have successfully completed the mission. And we sent an impactor to get the science from a deployed seismometer to complete a contract.
  6. I found these threads quite helpful back in the day.
  7. Duna. It is a different color than most of the other dull grey bodies. The views are fantastic. The red and orange landscape is a wonder to behold. Minmus would be it if I liked green.
  8. I had to rescue a kerbel in an orbit around the Mun. We ditch the core before coasting out of the atmosphere. Sight seeing is done while waiting for the intercept burn. The target orbit is 10.6 km X 4.2 km and I want to rendezvous with the target while it is climbing up to the AP of it's orbit. And there is an eclipse happening on Kerbin here. "Stop playing around and get over here!" We also collected our scan data from Laythe with the semi-broken satellite.
  9. I had a launch window open up for Duna and I need to practice multiple launches in the same window. I also need to scan and map out Duna and Ike for future missions. In addition both carry a better relay antenna. First to launch is the Ike mission. Trans Duna burn. The next day we launch the Duna mission. The Ike mission arrives first and conducts a burn in Duna's SOI for capture at Ike. Collecting high orbit science over Ike. Capture burn. And on station. 4 days later the Duna Mission arrives. And on station passing over Duna's south pole.
  10. I unlocked a SCAN sat module that will scan for anomalies so using a new medium lift vehicle I put a satellite up around Kerbin, Mun and Minmus to find them. And then I had taken a contract to land on Edna and I had a satellite around Dak. It wasn't designed to land but what the heck I sent it over. 2 km AGL 100 meters 10 meters. ~1 m/s decent rate Touchdown! We are balanced by SAS and the two solar panels touching the surface. And now back to orbit.
  11. I see KSP has having a long life. For one there are Mods. For me personally, KSP 2 will have to wait a bit and it will be awhile before I buy it.
  12. I had a launch window for Jool and told the engineers to come up with a plan for a grand tour for the Jool system. This is what happens when you leave them unsupervised. With care I think I can get to Jool with my solar panels by controlling my orientation and remembering to fold the panels when maneuvering. Arrival at Jool. And a time warp incident at Tylo caused me to squander enough D/V that I had to cut down my plan to a fly buy of Tylo... Shortly after that I staged without checking my orientation or stowing the solar panels, so I lost one one but I still made it to a Val fly by And then on to Laythe Where we go into orbit for long term study.
  13. It was a busy day in KSP today. Sent a satellite to Minmus. On station at Minmus. Next was a routine rescue. My name is.....Tim. Then I sent my rover to Duna. Arrival at Duna and prep for EDL. And a serious error was noted in the design as the twitch engines did not have the thrust turned down and I pogoed because I couldn't control the the thrust levels fine enough. And then.. I cras..... Wait what? Nailed it. All apart of the plan. Asteroid scan And Blue berry scan
  14. I did some test driving. Power to transmit all the science. Check And the anomaly is still there.
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