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  1. The Duna expedition returned to Kerbin. A good morning for takeoff. I do a radial out burn to rendezvouses with the SM after leaving the atmosphere Bob brings the science over with an EVA after docking while Bill and Jeb prep the vehicle for the return home to Kerbin. And the guys head back home After a long journey they arrive with 25 KM PE. 60 seconds to re-entry the capsule is separated. And good chutes complete the mission.
  2. I went to Duna for the first time in this play through. I had several outstanding contracts for Duna so it would be a lucrative mission. The Duna injection burn. The crew transfers to the lander at Duna. Final moments before touchdown. I deployed the rover, planted flags, took pictures etc... Then it was time for a road trip. Items were scanned, things collected and rovers were flipped, then up-righted. And then after a long day (a several hour play session, more than I normally do at one sitting), it was time to head back and get ready to go in the morning.
  3. Made things for my upcoming mission to Duna A rover was tested where you always test a rover. There were doughnuts. And what is the most kerbal way to take a rover to Duna?
  4. I spent 30 minutes reverting and tweaking the launch profile for my Minmus Science return contract. I then went and did the mission. Got into orbit and got the science. And then woke the return vehicle up from hibernation and sent the science back. And got the contract completed
  5. I sent off my probe to Duna thinking things would be routine. And I get to Duna to find out I have already transmitted 2 of the experiments. I think I'll check the contract a little closer next time. So I launch a mission to return the needed science to Kerbin. Just a fly by for low orbit science because I want as much D/V as possible for a fast return back. And I get an Ike fly by too. And contract complete. The hard Kerbal way
  6. I just move a satellite from Eve To Gilly for a contract. I had to do a radial in maneuver at PE to get the science because 6 KM is still considered High Orbit. And then a radial out before impact. And I built a new probe to send to Duna to fulfill a DMagic contract.
  7. Place a satellite in orbit to fulfill a contact. And a final burn to get on station. Then there was a plant a flag on Minmus for Moving Parts so it was a good time to train up some more kerbals. I don't know why people were screaming, I missed the ridge by at least 500 meters.
  8. I rescued a kerbal from around the Mun. And then sent 2 tourists to the Mun But only Carson the pilot is cleared for EVA. And good chutes end the mission.
  9. I launched a Mun Mission to complete contacts for Maxo and Integrated Integrals. And of course I put logos all over the place. Posing for the group shot before going home. And my closest recovery yet.
  10. The DLC's add robotic parts(hinges, rotational servos, etc..) and new surface features. I find them worth while. As for installing mods there is CKAN for searching and automatic installation. It will not update or install mods that are not for your current game version. Not all mod makers support it. But old school installing mods to the game data folder still works if you don't use CKAN.
  11. I had a Kerbal Motion contract for Minmus and tested the next Mun lander at the same time.
  12. True enough. I always have to use a rocket assisted landing. But being able to slow down to about 25 m/s at 200-300 meters altitude means you don't use up a lot of fuel while landing.
  13. Duna is my go to for the first interplanetary mission. A mun lander with added parachutes will work there easily enough. Ike is nearby also. With a good launch window, it is not that much more d/v required for the mission over going to the Mun.
  14. Maxo Corporation want a small space station in orbit. Coasting up to the 150 KM orbit. And at the selected orbit with plenty of fuel left for future operations. And I like the new flags/decals!
  15. One advantage of Minmus first is that, as long as you land on the flats, a tall and skinny lander will work better there than trying the same lander on the Mun. When building a lander for Minmus you don't have to take into account the CG as much as you do the Mun. But I'll admit it is only a slight advantage.