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  1. I sent off a rescue mission for a kerbel in a low Munner orbit. And Val had to abort the first rendezvous because she realized she would probably hit something before catching up to the target. But the second attempt went well and Calbo was rescued. And I didn't go into space.
  2. I launched the Minmus explorer to fulfil some contacts and get enough science to unlock the heaver rocketry node. I used the Mite SRB in an unusual way. Faring separation On our way to Minmus! Hilke gets her first flag on Minmus And spent a freaking long time looking for Green Sandstone. Got to visit a different biome anyway. After rendezvous Jed conducts the docking. Home sweet Kerbin is insight And back at last.
  3. Today I was clearing out the the contacts coming due and sent a satellite to the Mun And one to polar orbit. Shown here raising the AP until it is eccentric enough
  4. I sent my first interplanetary probe on this playthrough to Duna. We settle into cruise mode with our lucky comet still in sight. And the probe arrives at Duna to collect some science.
  5. Launched a recon sat to the Mun for a contract. On station looking at some stuff.
  6. I prepositioned an un-kerbeled lander in Mun orbit. And Hilke goes to meet up with it and then try to get a Mun Stone. And she returns to a lovely sunset near the beach.
  7. Allister Reynolds- Revelation Space, Blue Remembered Earth and Revenger are good starts to check out his work. I second the David Drake series mentioned. Stephon Baxter has done some interesting hard sci-fi too.
  8. I tested a new 2 seater capsule and service module. I had a tourist on board. (The marketing department assured the customer that the opportunity to participate in this historic test flight was at no extra charge) And I finally rescued a pilot after collecting 3 engineers and 2 scientists on rescue missions. And happy landings were had by all.
  9. My first science station built at Duna over several launches and 2 launch windows. My first real complex interplanetary mission.
  10. I sent some tourist on a Mun flyby.
  11. I had to send a rescue mission for the rescue mission.
  12. Coming back after a break I sent Jeb to Minmus. I then sent Val to the Mun. Turns out I made a slight miscalculation and so when Val took off for the trip home, she was stranded in a 15KM x 18KM orbit with 83 m/s Delta Vee left in the tank. So we had to send a rescue ship to bring her home.
  13. Rockets here too. I really can't fly well and rockets are a means to an end. The savings for managing SSTO's is not worth it for me. And really all I'm here for is the mission planning and execution, damn the cost.
  14. There maybe more water than we think. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190501141056.htm "In two of the five particles, the team identified the mineral pyroxene. In terrestrial samples, pyroxenes have water in their crystal structure. Bose and Jin suspected that the Itokawa particles might also have traces of water, but they wanted to know exactly how much. Itokawa has had a rough history involving heating, multiple impacts, shocks, and fragmentation. These would raise the temperature of the minerals and drive off water. To study the samples, each about half the thi
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