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  1. That is a Mod, JNSQ . A nice challenge after playing the stock version a while.
  2. Time to send a lander to Minmus with a newly upgraded booster. Upgraded to a Skiff on the second stage. Now to inform the blue marble we are in orbit and ready for crew.
  3. A Material science lab and Mystery Goo containers combined with a fuel depot is sent off to Minmus. Finishing up the trans-Minmus burn. And now it waits in orbit for Kerbals to come get the science and fuel.
  4. A Mun mission was launched. Jeb does the PR bit. Shepbart grabs some science from a an un-kerbaled science lab orbiting the Mun. And a good omen during re-entry back at Kerbin.
  5. KSC started the next Mun mission off with a launch of the upgraded Mun lander. Waiting on the Kerbals
  6. My first try at a Mun landing under Kerbalism. Started out by pre-positioning a lander at the Mun. The lander settles in to orbit to wait for the crewed part of the mission. Then Jeb and Val head out. Val pauses doing science for a selfie. And happy landings were had back at Kerbin
  7. KSP 1 for a while. The GTX 960 with a whooping 2 GB VRAM is getting long in the tooth with no replacement in sight.
  8. I'm excited about going interstellar with new engines and colony building tech
  9. Val and Bill go to Minmus for some exp. In orbit around Minmus. And re-entry at Kerbin
  10. The upgraded K2 closes on the Sci Stop for a docking attempt. Docking is successful and fuel transfer is conducted successfully. Bill just chills for a bit after getting the science. And the test flight is concluded with a night time return.
  11. The Pit stop was deorbited and an attempt to dispose of it occurred. I launched a replacement with many upgrades including recoverable science experiments. On station waiting for kerbals to arrive, refuel and gather the science. A kerbaled mission went up to test an upgraded K2 vehicle and dock with the Sci Stop.
  12. The second attempt at going to Duna is launched In cruise mode. And capture at Duna, Waiting on a decision to go for Ike orbit or stay in orbit and act as a relay.
  13. The first Minmus orbiter is launched. Jeb and Bob light the candle. We get the science at Minmus and head back to Kerbin.
  14. To be fair it is the first time in this play through . It is the first time I used this Mod, which makes it a very different game.
  15. The first attempts at going interplanetary started with a launch to Duna. Then off to Eve. Which goes well. The probe made orbit and sent back some science. The Duna probe not so much. We lost contact well before it got there (My antenna tech is not good enough for Duna. Apparently)
  16. Infrastructure for future missions was put into place. Starting with Kerbin, Relay satellites were put into a polar orbit. On station. And at the Mun. Minmus is not left out.
  17. A probe was sent to the Mun. I was worried about not regaining contact before the landing but it worked out. And easy does it on the landing
  18. Race Track 1 was launched. This is a Kerbeled Munner Orbiter Mission. In orbit coasting to intercept burn for rendezvous with Pit Stop Trans Munner Injection burn. After arrival at the Mun, science is got. On the way home after 2 orbits around the Mun. Re-entry And looks good from here.
  19. The Pit Stop mission was launched. On station waiting for the Race Track mission to dock with it.
  20. During a Docking attempt we had an engine failure. We had enough RCS to lower the PE to re-enter. And happy parachutes were had.
  21. Val went for a fly-by of the Mun. Plans are made and tests are done for a better long duration vehicle. The first test flight And in orbit.
  22. After much fiddling, The Science Return Mission team tries again. Launch is good and coming up on booster separation. And a successful return was had.
  23. First attempt to put a materials sat into orbit and recover the experiments. Engine failure on the satellite. Failed to make orbit. On the second attempt. One of the booster engines failed seconds after liftoff. Third times a charm? Got the Science We successfully de-orbit and separate the science return module for return. And promptly burned up during re-entry shortly thereafter. Going back to all of the drawing boards.
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