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  1. I sent a mission to Niven consisting of a surface probe and a satellite to fulfill a contract. We insert into orbit then separate the two mission packages. The landing package. And the orbiter. Entry. We collect science while descending and then noticed we are landing on the slope of a mountain. It did not go well.
  2. We went back to Iota to rescue a Kerbal and to place the correct science instrument for a contract. The kerbal is collected after an embarrassing delay due to coming out of time warp without electricity. (The engineer had to get out and push the nose around) We head for one of the last biomes left unvisited, kind of a chip shot to get in the 'hole'. Important science was performed. The view of the LZ from 500 meters away. And we home go with the science.
  3. A mission was launched to Iota with a new lander and launcher for it. The crew expresses their usual enthusiasm for flight testing new hardware. And the mission ends with a morning landing.
  4. 2 Solids and a liquid core, with the burn time on the solids such that the core has a T/W of 1.5 or better at separation.
  5. I had a contact for a Geo stationary satellite, on a retrograde orbit? Well the customer's money is good. And on station.
  6. Yes it is GPP and I'm using no scaling on this one.
  7. A complex mission involving 2 rescues and a docking to complete some contracts. First up a rescue mission. Poody and Katley are the last to land.
  8. Another repair job, around Iota this time. We have a nice view for fixing stuff. And many happy returns were had.
  9. If you don't run out of fuel occasionally, you may be over building. Just my thoughts from learning the hard way. The most important thing IMO is to get a handle on transfer windows and Delta V maps/the transfer window planner. Most Delta V maps give a delta V cost assuming the most efficient transfer window. You can use the in game planner or a mod (KER, Mech Jeb etc..) to find what time that window opens up in game. Check out the Gameplay questions and tutorials for some really good tips if you are a beginner. I learned a lot there when I first started out. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/16-gameplay-questions-and-tutorials/
  10. For some reason I went into the astronaut complex, saw this and had to ask: Why is it only the pilots haven't figured out the program doesn't hire out of the astronaut complex. (I mean that is what rescue contracts are for. And that is the first time I've seen only pilots on the roster before) As for the space stuff. More maintenance work. It's a long way to the job site though. On the way to Ceti. 2 other kerbals are along for the experience points. And here is the sat that needs the solar panels repaired. A satellite was launched for the cash.
  11. Just a couple of rescues. One happy customer. At least until the bill is presented. And an evening landing to round out the day.
  12. I went to Ceti with a new 3 place lander, Here we are finishing up the transfer burn. We land and deploy science experiments and gather surface samples. Time was taken out for a photo. (The lander being on it's side is expected and nominal) More important science being collected. Your tax dollars at work. But after adventures in rocket sledding UP hills. We make it back to Gael. Happy Holidays!
  13. More Rescue missions and crew training for an engineer. This time 2 kerbals in orbit around Ceti. The first one goes routinely. The second one ... "Why so close to the ground?" "Never mind that just let me get on board!" After a long and weary trip the kerbals make it back
  14. I had 3 contracts to rescue kerbals stranded in orbit around Iota. It is probably time to go get them. The fairing separation reveal's the new Rocket Rescue 3 person autonomous capsule. The ship is finishes up the trans Iota burn. I go for the one kerbal, whose orbit is retrograde to the other 2, first. I then changed my orbital direction and collected the other 2 kerbals. One was picked up during an eclipse. And the rescued kerbals will be happy to home very soon.
  15. We first had a rescue at a fairly high inclination. And we bring home the new employee. Then it was time for the first interplanetary mission to Niven. The first thing I did was to launch a reference satellite for using the transfer tool to find launch windows and D/V requirements for transfers. The mission to Niven launched when the window opened up. The Transfer burn to Niven was able to use the last of the fuel in the 2nd stage. And after a couple of course corrections we arrive and complete the contract.
  16. More satellites, one to Iota. And one to Ceti.
  17. New scanning tech, New contacts to fulfil. This one for Gael.
  18. Poody was sent to Iota. Were she found a crater. She then went to Ceti on a brand new rocket. We have stage separation and fairing deployment. And Poody is the fist Gaelen on Ceti. On re-entry it was discovered that the fuel tank was attached to the heat shield and not the de-coupler. Explosion's ensued. Everything but the engine and fuel tank exploded on the lander section and they were very close to doing it also. But a safe landing was achieved.
  19. I sent the first manned mission to Iota. We packed Galileo up and sent him om his way. The best explosions are on stage separation when the core comes out unharmed. We settle in while costing out to Iota. Using the the transfer stage Galileo de-orbited and then separated the lander from it. After extending the legs he gets ready for landing. The first Gaelan on Iota! The lander looks so small from here. We then head home. And happy landings were had by all.
  20. I sent a Science probe to Ceti. Gael peeks around at Ceti. I then sent a rescue mission to collect a kerbal stuck in orbit half way to Iota. Is there anything happier than a rescued Kerbal?
  21. A Kerbal was rescued. "Do not Fling the old capsule at the rescue vehicle Please!" And I somehow forgot to send science experiments with all my contract satellites to both Iota and Ceti. So here we go, dedicated Science satellites to both. \ In orbit around Iota.
  22. I launched a bunch of satellites. One around Gael. Then I sent one to Iota. And finally one to Ceti.
  23. I was busy. A rescue mission was undertaken and Poody the pilot is pumped up for this. And a kerbal zips over to the ride home. Then a satellite was launched for a scanning contract with Ceti as the target. And on station finding all the high and low spots.
  24. I approve of Duna as a next destination assuming you have the antenna tech for it. I think sending a probe first to get used to transfer windows is a good idea. Then go for a landing on Duna unmanned or manned. A rule of thumb I heard somewhere was If Duna is in the 12 o'clock position and Kerbin is at the 2:00 to 2:30 o'clock position you have a open widow. And Eve is also good for unmanned probes and landers. Some folks go there first before Duna. (If Kerbin is in the 12 o'clock position and Eve is in the 2:00- 2:30 position you have a window.) There are mods (and out of game calculators) to get more accurate transfer windows, add a D/V map and the solar system will just open up for you.
  25. Just did some tourist missions. This is the closest I got to KSC in 3 missions.
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