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  1. Just maintenance on the space station. Deorbited a cargo vessel giving a light show over KSC. Then sent 3 of the crew home. And splash down A new crew arrives. And a cargo vessel is launched. (I'm sending one up about every 250 days of game time.)
  2. A resupply mission was conducted for the KSS-1 Those kerbals sure go through the snacks. And the Duna core arrives at Duna. We insert into a polar orbit. And after discovering that there was not enough d/v to go into the planned orbit. It was decided to get into a 1,000 km x 875 km orbit and get refueled on the prepositioning missions. Then move to the planned 150 km X 150 km orbit.
  3. A course correction was done for the Jool probe. Then we launched the core of a space station to Duna. We will build it out robotically and then pre-position supplies for an expedition. The transfer burn And on the way to Duna.
  4. I had a window open up for a Jool transfer so I sent a probe off Booster separation Finishing up the transfer burn to Jool And costing until it is time for a course correction.
  5. Clean up day. The garbage was taken out.. ..and was disposed of properly. The SM docked ventrally moves back to the hab module. A supply mission is launched. We arrive at sun set. And snacks were had the next morning
  6. The space station was resupplied with an upgraded cargo vessel. It carries a 1/3 again as many snacks as the previous version. This will cut down on the launches needed for pre-positioning supplies at Duna. Then I took the Duna rover out for a spin after it charged up in the morning. Then some blueberries were found. Sparking scientific debate over whether or not blueberries were good with mint ice cream. We tool along to the highland biome. Stop and pay our respects to the only pieces of the sky crane to survive. And reach the highlands. Time to charge up and get some science.
  7. 3 of the KSS-1 crew were sent home. 3 more were sent up to the KSS-1. The Duna rover arrives at Duna. I have continued a fine tradition of forgetting that regular parachutes are useless on Duna. I can propulsively slow down though. After dropping off the rover, the sky crane moves off to crash down range. We set up shop. And we are not too far from another biome. (And I also contemplate how the next version of the rover will have the bandwidth and/or battery power to transmit all of the science collected.)
  8. It was just a chill day as Alice went on EVA The job was to place hand holds, re-arrange the thermal control system and, move the 2 solar panels from the core to the trusses. Moving the solar panels. And the finished job. now it is time for a well deserved snack.
  9. I hate farming KSC for science after doing it for so long so I give myself 350 sci. Turn science gain down to 20%. "Personal settings" Never use Kerbin surface Biomes for sci unless called for by a contract. Always go orbital or beyond for gathering science. Never use the Science Lab for anything other than cosmetic proposes , unless called for by a contract. Never use the headquarters where you can trade resources. And then see how far we can get before going bankrupt. Goal (not full filled as of yet in career. I did it in Sci sandbox) Land a kerbal on every surface where it is safe to do so. And then return them to Kerbin, alive. Preferably.
  10. Undeterred by the failure by the Eve rover. A rover to Duna is launched. It will try a sky crane arrangement for the landing so it cannot fail like the the Eve rover. I'm sure a different failure mode will present itself. On the way to Duna. Course correction scheduled in about 180 days. We then send up a supply module to the KSS-1. We identify our parking spot. And while it was a hairy docking, no paint was traded.
  11. I rotated 3 kerbals from KSS-1 with a new set bringing up a new Hab module. After a few days I launched a rover to Eve. All was going well until separation from the transfer stage in preparation for entry. I (re)learned that the rover SAS not only has no hold retrograde, it is very weak. And I lost all control of the orientation of the vehicle. At least there were explosions to watch.
  12. Chores were done and the supply module was undocked for disposal Deorbit burn Then 3 more kerbals were sent up with a new Hab Module The second stage is dropped Station approach And we attach the Hab Module. We also pause during Rover testing for a moment of silence and remembrance.
  13. I sent up a Kraken free truss to my space station. Undock the SM and go get the truss. Nothing violently shakes the truss apart this time as we attach it. And we then move the SM back and put the truss into service. Finally the truss bus is deorbited.
  14. I sent up some truss sections for my Station. The Kraken strikes! Punishing me for not noticing a clipped part. Well half a loaf is better than none.
  15. For a PC user. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/34-add-on-releases/ It is advisable to play the base game for a bit before going for mods. And do not try too many at once. That said they can really enrich your game. But there are things to keep in mind. For example there are auto pilots. but they are not prefect so having some piloting experience is important. Some of the informational mods are helpful, they just show information you can use to improve your play. KER for example. But they are a firehose of info that can overwhelm a new player. So play for a bit more and think how you want to play the game before diving in. The tutorial and gameplay forum is extremely helpful from personal experience. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/16-gameplay-questions-and-tutorials/
  16. The Core Station was joined by the prototype supply module. Target in sight. And it docks without incident. The first of the crew goes up. Titop the engineer " Did you know that if the rocket exploded right now the explosion would be so large we would all be atomized? isn't that COOL!?" Mory the Pilot"....""You know this is why you don't get invited to parties right?" But orbit was achieved safely. And the crew docks with their new home.
  17. I launched the Core section of a Space Station which will study techniques needed for a mission to Duna. And we are on station waiting on the first modules and crew.
  18. Nope. Snacks!. Starting on the easy side of things.
  19. I did some flight testing of a new Service module. Mostly getting the ascent optimized. I'm playing with a life support mod for the first time and sending a manned mission to Dune now takes some more thought and planning. 238 days duration with 3 kerbals @ 3 snacks per day. Now to build an orbital station around Kerbin to see what strategies will be needed to build one at Duna (With 2 to 3 years worth of supplies for 6 kerbals. looking at pre-positioning, re-supply launches, recycling and possible manufacture via ISRU as options)
  20. An ambitious mission to Minmus was launched. Multiple Biomes were targeted. And we meet up with the lander launched ahead of time. Jeb undocks. And he becomes the first kerbal on Minmus. After hopping the lander3 biomes and collecting the science, time is taken out to Wheee! And time to go home Jeb brings the science over And home in time for breakfast.
  21. A probe was launched to Eve. And into orbit. The mission was a partial success. I was cavalier about the transfer window and ended up running out of delta vee before getting into a good scanning orbit. I should get most of the surface scanned.
  22. I shifted my Duna Probe over to Ike after finishing the biome mapping. Arrival at Ike And on station mapping Ike's biomes.
  23. A quick mission to Duna today. And after circularizing around Duna, we start scanning.
  24. The first Munner landing was conducted, Starting with the pre-positioning of the lander. Waiting for the crew. Jeb and Val head up next. Coast phase after the trans-injection burn. After docking Val heads to the lander. And Val plants a flag. And a good chute to end the mission.
  25. While on a mission to Minmus the crew records a partial eclipse of Kerbin by the Mun. Alice while on EVA. And Tomdo from inside the capsule a half an orbit later.
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